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Subject: Re: What is your guilty pleasure?

Forum: What is your guilty pleasure?
Hi jawarrior876,

One of my guilty pleasures is Grey's Anatomy, and another is any kind of really good food, especially sweets. My dad jokes that I'm on a see-food diet--I see food, and I eat it.


Subject: Re: Days off

Forum: Days off
Hi Anna,

I'm a substitute teacher, so my days off are Saturdays and Sundays (and whatever school holidays we have).


Subject: Re: Do you like spicy food?

Forum: Do you like spicy food?
Hi cramergirl,

I do like spicy food, but like you, the spice has to have a nice, natural flavor it adds to the food. I don't like Tabasco sauce and some other hot sauces because they taste too artificial and I don't like the flavor they add to the food (some just add heat). I'm dating an Indian guy, so my spice tolerance has gone way up (but still isn't as high as his), as he and his mom both like spicy food.

The spiciest thing I ever ate/drank is a toss-up between a vindaloo my boyfriend shared with me years ago (a few months before we started dating) and a shot of ghost-chili vodka (the bartender had soaked 2 ghost chilis in a mason jar of vodka for 2 weeks).


Subject: Re: Could You Go Out In Public Without Makeup?

Forum: Could You Go Out In Public Without Makeup?
Hi Unique,

I rarely wear makeup, usually just when I'm going out, to weddings and special events, and occasionally on a daily basis to cover up discolorations and pimples. I like the look of makeup, but I don't like the unnatural cakey feel of it and know that it's not good for my skin, so I try not to wear it often. So yes, I can definitely go out of the house without makeup!


Subject: Re: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards

Forum: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards
Hi Andy,

This is a deeply concerning issue, especially for me as a soon-to-be licensed teacher. I think we need to first of all teach our students to be aware of all questionable physical, verbal, and online contact with teachers and fellow students. Teachers in New York have to attend a 6-hour DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) training course which, among other things, discusses the dangers of harassment (sexual and otherwise), cyberbullying, and other such issues in the classroom, as well as the right of every student to receive a complete and equal education in a safe, nurturing environment. I think every state needs to have this, and every teacher needs to have annual training in these areas.

Abused individuals, as you mentioned, often were previously abused, and all are trying to fulfill a desire. You mentioned that desire as different for men than women, but I believe it to be essentially the same. Those seeking sexual intimacy with someone crave the deep connection, comfort, and fulfillment it brings them. Maybe on the surface it may look like just lust, but all humans crave that deep connection with another person. If they have been previously abused, feel extraordinarily alone, or have other deep-seated unsolved needs, they may become desperate enough to sexually abuse another. What abusers fail to realize is that this connection is so much more meaningful and so much more fulfilling if it's with someone who feels the same. I'm not attempting to excuse the behavior of the abuser, but rather trying to understand the abuser's motivation in order to find a solution to the problem.

I think a portion of the problem may be due to the failure of our mental health care system in the U.S. The scars of abuse often last a lifetime, but so many of the abused or mentally disturbed could have been prevented from becoming abusers through affordable, accessible therapy. Abusers may also show warning signs, though slight, that those in proximity to the abuser may be able to see beforehand. Schools should offer training courses for students and teachers to outline the parameters of appropriate conduct, prevent getting into potentially dangerous situations, and handle oneself in such situations. Having a second or third teacher in the room may also help.

In general, men seem to get more publicity and harsher punishments for the same sexual misconduct crimes, which I don't think is fair. More to say but running out of space!


Subject: Re: Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?

Forum: Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?
Hi Kate,

I like being up when the sun is up, so I'm happy to change the clock to enjoy as much of the daylight hours as possible. Although the reasoning behind Daylight Savings is pretty antiquated, I think having more daylight hours might encourage people to be out in the sunshine doing activities that would encourage an active lifestyle (e.g., going for a walk on a nice sunny day, etc.), and that may also encourage shoppers to get out. So despite the antiquated nature of the past decision to make Daylight Savings an annual ritual, I think there still are valid reasons for keeping it.


Subject: Re: When is your bedtime?

Forum: When is your bedtime?
Hi JessicaZ.,

Wow, 7!! That's pretty early. I typically shoot for about 10pm (especially weekdays when I have to get up at 6am) so I can get a good 8 hours in per night. Sleep is so important to your overall health, so I try to get sufficient sleep as best I can each night.


Subject: Re: PC vs Mac

Forum: PC vs Mac
Hi Le Penguin,

I've tried both, and am still a PC person. Macs are highly overpriced, are only compatible with Mac-specific products, and generally don't seem worth the exorbitant cost. Macs are great for picture and sound editing, and do have some fun apps, but I find PCs easier to use and purchase.


Subject: Re: iphone or android?

Forum: iphone or android?
Hi sunnysmiles,

I have an LG Aristo Android phone. This is my first phone and plan I've purchased independently on my own and I can't afford to pay a lot, so I went to Metro PCS (which I was told had pretty good deals) to get my phone and got the cheapest one they had. I'm also really not a huge Apple fan. So far I'm liking my Aristo!


Subject: Re: Do you have a middle name?

Forum: Do you have a middle name?
Hi mistervancleef,

My middle name is Jean after my paternal grandma, whose first name is Jean.

Happy Saturday!

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