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Hi anna,

I budget by month using an app on my phone that links to my bank accounts and my cards. I include bills that I have to pay and some small allowances for eating out and entertainment. I try to stay in my budget that way I have "extra" money that isn't designated for a specific bill. I can use this money for paying school bills or paying off my debt from previous semesters. I have been considering paying to use the everydollar plus app since it connects to all of the same things as my current app, but I would also be able to see how much money I should have after my bills. I can then sort out my left over money and assign it to a new bill. This would be a better motivation to stay on budget because I would be able to see how much money I should be sending to my debts. It would help me stay on track with my budget and fulfill my debt sooner.

Subject: Credit or Debit?

Forum: Credit or Debit?
Hi everyone,

How do you feel about using credit cards over debit cards? Are you worried about going into debt if you use a credit card?

I am not worried about myself going into debt using a credit card. I do have a credit card and debit card, but I use my credit card as a debit card. I never spend more than I have even if my limit allows it. I like not having even more debt and having a good credit score. I use the credit card for the cashback and other rewards, not because it gives me access to "more" money. I think that credit cards can be useful tools if they are used properly, but they can be very dangerous if used improperly.

Subject: Re: Productivity - Morning or night?

Forum: Productivity - Morning or night?
Hi Kamrin,

I am definitely more of a morning person than I night person (yes I know I'm doing this at night). I have more energy when I wake up and I am ready to start the day. At night, I am just looking forward to looking at the inside of my eyelids. I also like to start work at 7 which is an hour earlier than most people at my company like to start. It gets me going earlier, I get to miss most of the bad traffic during rush hour to and from work.

Subject: Re: Seafood!

Forum: Seafood!

I like some seafood, mostly fish and lobster. My favorite would have to be tuna and salmon. I really like sushi, even though its only like 1/5 seafood. I like grilled salmon too. My uncle makes some at just about every family cookout and I always look forward to it. I do not like shrimp even though it is a popular seafood. I feel like it is like a flavorless gummy worm.

Subject: Re: Did you have BRACES?

Forum: Did you have BRACES?
Hi Julia,

I have never had to have braces. Many of my friends have had braces and are a little envious of my naturally straight teeth. My teeth have always been pretty good although I do have a wisdom tooth coming in (even though I'm in my 20's). It is coming in straight though so that is pretty nice.

Subject: Re: What is your all time favorite sitcom?

Forum: What is your all time favorite sitcom?
Hi Kasey,

I would have to say that my favorite sitcom was Big Bang Theory. I liked Seinfeld when I was younger, but as I got older Big Bang Theory became more interesting and enjoyable. I'm a little bit of a science nerd (being in engineering and all) so it was always cool if I could tell what they were talking about and noticing if something was not right. Also, I'm pretty awkward sometimes so I could definitely relate to the guys sometimes.

Subject: Re: What is your favorite phone?

Forum: What is your favorite phone?
Hey there,

I just want a phone that makes calls, sends texts, and can access data pretty easily. Normally, that means that I would have to buy a new smartphone that is super expensive and I would have to update my phone every couple of years. I don't really care about the brand, although Apple is becoming more disappointing by the day.

Subject: Re: Where does your phone sleep at night?

Forum: Where does your phone sleep at night?
Hi MotivatedOne,

I don't like having my phone too close to me when I sleep because I like to let it charge. It can get pretty hot when it charges so I prefer to keep it on something that has a higher ignition temperature. I like to put it on a little stool by my bed during the night that way it doesn't have any chance of burning something and it's close enough for me to hear my alarm go off.

Subject: Re: How do you feel about the new Walmart gun policy?

Forum: How do you feel about the new Walmart gun policy?
I almost feel like this is cheating, but I didn't want to make the original post too long.

I doubt that this step will help the mass shooting epidemic. I don't think that guns or ease of access to guns has made us more violent. In fact, as gun ownership has gone up, murders have gone down. Also, the weapons that are being removed are just scary looking, but they are less dangerous than other guns that are staying on the shelves. I don't think that emotional reactions are going to fix the problem we are facing. Last time I made an important decision based solely off emotion it didn't turn out well. It would be the same for our country. I think there are other options that would work better and allow those that aren't dangerous to keep their firearms.

Walmart and Dick's actions are completely lawful and can't be challenged by the Second Amendment. Just because they are pulling certain firearms and restricting ages in their stores doesn't mean that people cannot legally purchase firearms elsewhere. I think that this action will only polarize their customers. Some will be grateful for the policy changes while others with be pissed that their favorite store is removing guns from the shelves.

Subject: How do you feel about the new Walmart gun policy?

Forum: How do you feel about the new Walmart gun policy?
Hey everyone,

Two major stores have reacted to the most recent mass shooting in Florida by changing their gun sales policy. Dick's is removing "assault-style" rifles, high capacity magazines, and it will not sell firearms to people under 21.

Walmart has also changed its policy recently. Walmart already does not sell modern sport rifles, high capacity magazines, handguns, bumpstocks, and now they are changing the purchasing age. Walmart has announced that anyone under the age of 21 may not be able to purchase firearms or ammunition. They have also decided to remove look-a-likes from their website such as non-lethal air soft rifles and toys.

Do you guys think that this will help end mass shootings? Do you think that this violates the Second Amendment?

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