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Subject: How many pairs of shoes?

Forum: How many pairs of shoes?
Hi everyone,

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Do you have any duplicate pairs?

I don't have a lot of shoes myself. I have never really been a big shoe person so I don't really pay attention to my shoes that much. I have a pair of tennis shoes, dress shoes, work boots, yard work shoes, and maybe some flip flops. Even now, that list seems long to me and I kinda feel like I have too many shoes, but I know that I use those pairs each for their intended purpose without having duplicates pairs.

Subject: Re: Have you ran a red light before?

Forum: Have you ran a red light before?
Hi Kamila,

I haven't really run a red light. I have been close on some yellow lights, but I haven't run one. I have however run some stop signs. They were accidental every time. Mostly it was me seeing the sign at the last second and not being able to stop. Fortunately, they were all empty intersections. There were all at night and the lighting was terrible which explains why I had a hard time seeing them. I would always get worried when I accidentally ran a stop sign, there would be a cop hiding behind a nearby shrub just waiting for an idiot like me to run said stop sign.

Subject: Re: M.C. or Written

Forum: M.C. or Written
Hi Jess,

Now that I am in all engineering classes, my answers are "short answer" math questions. I like having some multiple choice on my exams because they are typically easy for me. The answers are very black and white. I hated how essays were up to the teacher's preference. I would sometimes write what they wanted to see, just not the way they wanted to see it and I would lose points. I like it when answers can be black and white and not left up to interpretation.

Subject: Re: Sunburns

Forum: Sunburns
Hi Nancy,

I haven't gotten a sunburn this summer. I don't get burnt too often anyways, but I have not spent a lot of time outside this summer. Work has been hot and humid and so has this summer. I like to stay inside after work because it feels like I spent all day outside after I've worked all day. I typically don't wear sunscreen because my skin hands the sun pretty well. I have a red tan which looks a little like a burn, but it isn't a burn. It isn't warm like a burn and doesn't feel like a burn either. Just a weird tan shade.

Subject: Re: Most or least?

Forum: Most or least?
Hi Kate,

I typically use the cheapest type of gas, the 87 octane rating gas. Not only is it the cheapest, most of my cars have run better on it. I check the fuel efficiency of my car every time I fill up my car. I have tried out the other octane rated fuels and they have not made my car run better. In fact, they made my car run worse every time. I have not tried out my newest car yet, but with the lackluster findings of my previous test I am not considering it.

Subject: Have you ever played paintball?

Forum: Have you ever played paintball?
Hey everyone,

Have you played paintball? If you haven't would you be interested in it?

I have gone paintballing a handful of times, but I loved it every time. It is fun to play such a competitive and physical activity, especially since you don't have to practice for it. It is almost like a sport, but without the almost incessant practices. Plus, if you are good, you get bragging rights when you destroy your friends. Even though my budget is a little tight right now, I wouldn't mind playing a day or two sometime soon. It has been a few years so I would like to go at it again.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Subject: Re: Has your facebook feed gone nuts?

Forum: Has your facebook feed gone nuts?
Hi slynch,

I honestly wouldn't know. This may be odd, but I haven't used Facebook in about four years. Yeah, kinda odd, but it was really just annoying me. I don't like putting my information out there a lot or constantly posting personal stories or info. Yet, that's what Facebook seemed to thrive on at that time. Now it seems like the most outrageous stories are what get all of the attention on Facebook. I don't really want to be part of that either so I'm just going to stay off Facebook, probably forever. If I do ever get back on, I will probably just close down my account to only the friends that I want to stay connected with through the site. I wouldn't really use it other than that.

Subject: Re: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Other

Forum: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Other
Hi Jess,

I really only use Chrome. I can't stand to stumble and meander through the other browsers. Chrome is really the fastest and most useful search engine for everyday use, in my opinion of course. I don't like how lackluster Google is when it comes to privacy, but they really are the most efficient search engine. It's a little frustrating because I am not a huge fan of Google, but it's hard to argue against their success. As much as I would like to be able to use another search engine, it just wouldn't be worth it.

Subject: Re: How do you take your eggs?

Forum: How do you take your eggs?
Hey Alexander,

I really like my eggs scrambled. If I get a choice, that is the way that I go. I really like how fluffy they are. Also, it's easy to add things to scrambled eggs before or when you are cooking them. They are similar to omletes so I guess that those would be my second favorite style. Really, I am willing to try just about any style of eggs. It's really interesting how many ways there are to cook eggs.

I can't believe I almost forgot the actual best style of eggs: Deviled Eggs. I love the spiced, whipped yolk sitting inside the cooked whites. It is a great style of eggs and I get frustrated that people don't bring more Deviled Eggs to social functions.

Subject: Re: Tap water or bottled?

Forum: Tap water or bottled?
Hi Kate,

I usually drink some sort of filtered water, but I don't use plastic bottles very often. I might use them for when I am working on a jobsite because they are durable and cheap. I really like drinking out of glass, even to the point where my travel water bottle is a glass bottle. I don't really drink straight tap water because the tap water is not exceptionally great where I live. There is a bit of flavor to it, and it's not even an enjoyable flavor. It's that nasty, old pipe flavor. I used to live in a city (suburbs now) and the water there would even be brown for a couple weeks out of the year. So I have had a hesitance to use tap water for as long as I can remember.

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