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Subject: Re: Favorite TV shows to re-watch?

Forum: Favorite TV shows to re-watch?
Hi wheninroma,

I don't watch too many shows often, but I do watch Parks and Rec and Person of Interest a couple of times over. I like Parks and Rec for the humor and Ron Swanson's political opinions of course. I really like Person of Interest for the action and the premise behind it. Outside of that I don't really watch any other shows more than once.



That's a really good question. I also like both of them. Both have really good qualities and I like the combination of a truck and station wagon in the SUV. I don't really like station wagons but I do like trucks and the extra seating is nice. Right now, I would definitely prefer the car over the SUV because they have better fuel economy and I mostly drive myself around.

Subject: Re: Renewable energy?

Forum: Renewable energy?
Hi there,

I am for the use of renewable energy, especially wind. It is the most efficient source of renewable energy and it isn't hard to harvest (on land anyways). I actually want to have a lot of land later and get a wind turbine on my land. I think that renewable energy is a great idea, but it has a long way to go. Right now, coal and oil are still able to supply us well and cheaply which makes renewable energy not as enticing to some. I think that the free market could really help renewable energy take off though if there weren't so many regulations on them. Not a popular opinion, I know, but I really do want to see renewable energy take off and advance beyond what it is now.

Subject: Re: It's Friday...Weekend plans???

Forum: It's Friday...Weekend plans???
Hi James,

I wish that my weekend was as relaxed as yours. I would love to read all weekend, but I have to work on Saturday in order to keeps some money in the bank. On Sunday, I plan on going to church and after that it will be homework. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me a lot of time to rest and relax.

Subject: When you forget your lunch...

Forum: When you forget your lunch...
Hi everyone,

When you forget your lunch for the day, what do you do? Are you the kind of person that can just wait till you get home to eat or do you have to go and get food? If you do grab food, where do you like to go?

I can't go that long without eating something so I try to always have some sort of food with me unless I'm going out for an hour or two. If I ever forget my food that means that I have to go get some. I typically like to go to Wendy's or Chipotle. Wendy's is much cheaper and the food is pretty good, but I feel like Chipotle is a much healthier option as long as I don't get a lot to eat.

Subject: Re: Favorite Type of Weather

Forum: Favorite Type of Weather
Hi there,

Your favorite type of weather sounds great actually. That is like a nice summer day here in Ohio. I prefer that it stays around low and mid 70's with very little humidity. It is great weather to be outside in. It's easy to work in or go outside and play a game with some friends. It is a comfortable type of weather that is so inviting for me.

Subject: Re: Subscription Service Craze

Forum: Subscription Service Craze
Hi bluebella,

I don't know if these count, but I am currently using Amazon Prime and MoviePass. Amazon is an annual membership and MoviePass is a monthly membership. When I use MoviePass, I don't spend more money than I would. I actually save a ton of money because I can watch several movies in theaters for just the price of one movie. However, I am sure that I spend more money than I would with the Prime membership. Rather than looking for cheaper options online, I tend to just go straight to Amazon. While it saves me money on shipping, the products can probably be found much cheaper elsewhere.

I think that it is interesting how people are interested in receiving subscriptions. Maybe it's because of the simplicity of waiting for what you want, or the ease of selection. People may like it because it's like receiving a gift that you asked for. Whichever it may be, people are enjoying their subscriptions and it is making life easier for them. It is also a great way to determine how best to please a customer and to create a customized service.

Subject: Re: At a restaurant, use a straw or lips to cup?

Forum: At a restaurant, use a straw or lips to cup?
Hi mary,

I don't really mind either way. I really don't use straws in any place other than fast food. At sit-down restaurants I actually prefer to just drink from the cup if they haven't filled it to the brim. I especially like the thick glass cups, I don't really know why, but they are more enjoyable to drink from. Germs don't really bother me so I don't feel like I absolutely need a straw.

Subject: Re: Do you buy used items?

Forum: Do you buy used items?
Hi Riley,

I normally buy used clothing because it is fairly cheap. There is a decent selection and even if some of the clothes are a little worn, they will be good for work. I am a little hesitant about buying electronics and power tools from other people though. I don't know if there are any defects or how close they are to failing. I have had issues with this in the past and I have learned my lesson the hard way. The one thing that I do buy used that falls under technology is cars. They are generally easy to take care of and it is easy for me to tell if there are issues with the car before I buy it.

I would like to sell the stuff I don't use anymore, but the truth is that I get the full use out of a lot of my stuff. I tend to just donate my old clothes that are still wearable and toss the unwearable stuff.

Subject: Do you use Amazon Prime?

Forum: Do you use Amazon Prime?
Hello everyone,

I started using Amazon Prime last year because I needed to purchase several of my textbooks from Amazon. With the Prime membership I get 2 day shipping which is great for when I need something for school. It is relatively cheap for students too. At only $50 a year, it is worth it if you ever need to expedite three packages over the year. You also get access to Prime video, reading, and music. While they weren't the benefits I signed up for, I definitely enjoy them.

Do you use Amazon Prime? If you do do you like it? Why did you purchase Prime or not purchase it?

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