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Subject: Re: When was the last time you had fun with strangers

Forum: When was the last time you had fun with strangers
Hi MotivatedOne,

I run some Nerf games on campus every year. The most recent big one was back in September and we had a group of 30 or so at one of the battles. That was probably the last time I had fun with strangers. I am not really an outgoing person so my stranger pool is limited to people who participate in my organization.

Subject: Re: Should road tests be required to keep your license

Forum: Should road tests be required to keep your license
Hi Beth,

I think that it should really just be a retest every 5 years. People drive so poorly as it is, I think having to remember the laws and keep them in mind would be beneficial. I get cut off several times a day by some idiot who thinks they are a NASCAR driver. Plus, competence can go at any time so I don't think giving younger people the benefit of the doubt is a good idea. Also, that could be an age discrimination issue.

Subject: Re: Cheating: if everyone's doing it?...

Forum: Cheating: if everyone's doing it?...
Hi Kat,

All of my professors who gave take home exams knew that we were going to look up the answers, that's why they make them harder and longer. Unless they specify what resources you can use, I don't think using old exams is cheating. It definitely isn't good for your education, but I don't think that it is cheating unless it is a restricted resource. You will use the internet when you get into the field so the only downside is that you will not get to work through the problem yourself.

I would definitely advise them that their exams are online so that they can take whatever actions they deem necessary.

Subject: Re: Pulled over by the Police

Forum: Pulled over by the Police
Hey MotivatedOne,

I've been pulled over a lot. 3 times for speeding, 2 times for plates, and at least 2 times for burnt out lights. It's pretty frustrating every time, but I've never been pulled over for obstructions. I have my parking tag on my mirror, but they've never had an issue with that.

I have to deal with the small town police a lot since I do a lot of driving in towns around Akron. They want to get all the money they can, even for the smallest things.

Subject: How do you feel about swearing?

Forum: How do you feel about swearing?
Hi everyone,

Do you have a problem with swearing? Do you think it is OK except around kids?

I personally don't like swearing, but it doesn't bother me if other people are swearing. If it did I wouldn't be able to go to work without having a conniption. Just about everyone in trade jobs swear like their life depends on it. I don't think swearing around children is good though. It's just developing a bad habit in their behavior early. Obviously I'm not running around yelling at parents who let their kids swear. It just disappoints me a little.

Subject: Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

Forum: What is an "old person" habit that you have?
Hi pancake,

My old person habit is eating dinner "early" like 6 PM and going to bed "early" like 10:30 PM. It's just much earlier than most of my peers would eat dinner or go to sleep so I get teased for being old. It's kinda funny, but I also get grumpy pretty easily and want to yell at younger people for being dumb so I guess I'm not too far off.

Subject: Re: What would be your ideal superpower?

Forum: What would be your ideal superpower?
Hi E,

Mine would be manipulation of space and time. Teleportation and the ability to control time seems like two powers, but they kinda go hand it hand. The ability isn't a mash of two abilities but it is the ability to interact with a 4th dimension. I don't know if I would use it visit the future or fix large issues in the past. I would be nervous of making a mistake in the past and making everything even worse. The future would be interesting, but I feel like I could do just as much damage there too. I would mostly slow time down or stop it along with teleportating.

Subject: Re: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?

Forum: Is it better to study in the morning or night ?
Welcome Maria,

I prefer to study in the morning. I am more motivated in the morning and I function better too. At night I get too distracted and tired to absorb any material. I can do homework at night, but even then it takes a little longer than I would like. Plus, I like waking up earlier and getting the day started sooner. I am not really a fan of staying up late, plus it tends to make me drive during daylight and that makes my insurance company happy so that's a plus.

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

Forum: What are you looking forward to binge watching?
Hi teebeetoo,

I am currently binging King of the Hill. By currently I mean I have one eye on the TV and on on the laptop haha. Once I finish I am going to catch up on RWBY and some of my other shows that I am behind on. I heard a new season of Black Mirror is coming out over break so I will definitely crush that when it comes out. I'll probably watch the new season of Daredevil too.

Subject: What is your dream vacation?

Forum: What is your dream vacation?
Hi everyone,

If you could go anywhere for vacation where would you go?

I recently just found this park up in Alaska that looks really cool. The only way to get into the park is to either walk in or fly in. You camp in the park and you can pretty much do what you want while you are there including climbing mountains or kayaking down the rivers. The only rule is to leave the park the way you found it. It seem really cool and I would love to do it in the future.

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