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Subject: Re: Personal Space

Forum: Personal Space
Hi Karly!

I've noticed that my mood directly affects whether or not I want to be touched. I'm an introvert at heart but I have no issue socializing, I just need my personal time to recharge. If I haven't gotten a lot of alone time, I tend to get irritable and when someone touches me while I'm irritable I can get somewhat angry.

Thankfully, I've learned that my irritability is directly linked to my alone time so I usually take a good chunk out of my day to eat a meal on my own or lay in bed listening to music without any human contact.

Other than that, I really enjoy going to concerts and being in the crowd where you're body to body has never really been a big problem for myself.

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: Dorm room 101 ?

Forum: Dorm room 101 ?
Hi Animal Lover!

I moved into a dorm for the first time this past fall and I was about as worried as you seem right now. My university offered a roommate matching service based on our living habits that we selected while filling out the application. I didn't know my roommate before moving in but we ended up being a pretty good match. We aren't best friends but we get along well and don't rub against each other in any way.

Our room is a double and as an introvert that's been a bit of an issue for me. I didn't get my first option to live by myself but my roommate is quiet so I never have trouble studying in the room.

I think the best thing to do is to go in with an open mind and to keep communication open. If you have a roommate or suite mate, let them know how you feel about your food and ask them to respect you by not eating your food. I'm sure they'll have some requests too so be willing to compromise with them and everything should run smoothly.

Best of luck!


Subject: Re: Your 2017 jam(s)

Forum: Your 2017 jam(s)
Hey eduardh0e!

This year I actually listened to a lot of musical soundtracks! I kicked off 2017 blasting Hamilton and then listened to American Psycho, Heathers, 21 Chump Street, Be More Chill, and my most recent favorite, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet 1812. If you're into musicals at all, I would seriously suggest listening to a few of those!

Aside from musicals, I've also really gotten into old Alt-J music and Brand New's new album Science Fiction. I've also gotten into DJ Khaled, Post Malone, and Logic which I never would have pictured myself listening to. Overall, I think it's been a really great musical year!

Here's to great music in 2018!


Subject: Re: Do you like lemons?

Forum: Do you like lemons?
Hi Tom!

I love all things lemon! Lemon squares, lemon drops, lemonade, white wine and lemon sauce, lemon on fish, you name it and I probably like it. The only thing is I couldn't ever eat a lemon alone, that's way too sour for me!

I also love limes! Limes on tacos and on avocados are my two favorite ways to have lime. Both lemon and lime just make food a little more "exciting" to the tastebuds

Thanks for the question!


Subject: How have you been?

Forum: How have you been?
Hello all!

I took a bit of a hiatus from CNET but I'm excited to be back sharing my thoughts and ideas.

So how has your past couple of months been? Has anything exciting happened like getting that job you wanted? Or maybe you went on vacation somewhere recently? Or maybe life has been a little bit difficult as of late?

I just started my first quarter in college and I couldn't be happier with my life. I've had to adjust to a new city and new people but the adjustment is going well (I actually can't wait to go back).
I'm excited to hear a bit about your lives!



Subject: Re: Best Pizza

Forum: Best Pizza
Hi Anna!

My favorite is probably Papa Murphy's! I used to not like it very much but it's the only pizza my family would ever buy so it really grew on me. I love having the fresh pizza smell throughout the house and pulling it right out of the oven and serving it.

A close second would be Pizza 51. It's a Kansas City location where you can buy a slice about as long as your forearm for only $5. It's fresh and always has just the right amount of cheese and toppings to sauce ratio. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: How do you eat avocados?

Forum: How do you eat avocados?
Hi monicam,

I looooove avocados! I can eat them on practically anything, toast, burgers, and tacos are a few of my favorite things to put it on. I also love guacamole with chips or on my burrito bowl.

My favorite way to eat an avocado if I'm not looking to have a full meal is right out of the skin! I'll cut the avocado in half, score the flesh of the avocado in a grid style so I can scoop out little squares with a spoon. I top it off with seasoned salt and dive right in.

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: Natural Healing Favorites- Mine is CBD Salve

Forum: Natural Healing Favorites- Mine is CBD Salve
Hey Megan!

Glad to hear you were able to recover so quickly! I'm not an athlete so I don't know much about remedies for pulled muscles or injuries. Something that I do love to use is coconut oil!

I'll apply some to my face each morning to moisturize my skin and at the end of the night to remove makeup. It's also been said to help reduce cellulite and stretch marks, but I haven't tested it. I sometimes use it as a hair mask; I bleach my hair so the coconut oil helps moisturize it and keep it strong.

Really, coconut oil does so much for my beauty routine, I'm not sure what I'd do without it!

Thanks for your question!


Subject: Re: Why Food waste makes no sense

Forum: Why Food waste makes no sense
Hi Animal Lover!

I've worked in a bakery at a chain grocery store for the past 3 years and the amount of waste we create each day is staggering. It's tragic and one of the things I hate the most about my job. Each night we throw away near to 100 donuts and while they don't contain much nutritional value, giving them to someone who needs a little more food could mean life or death.
We have also recently started selling freshly baked bread that "stales" after one day. Since the bread can't be sold the next day, we throw away shopping carts full of perfectly good bread every day. Bread is the food of life! It hurts my heart to do it but I learned that corporate has us in a tight grip.
The reason, we are not allowed to give away our bread and donuts is because they are "expired" after 1 day. If someone were to eat something that was expired and got sick, they could sue the company. So it all comes down to legal issues and losing money in the long run.
It's tragic but in my time working at this store, there doesn't seem to be any movement against it.

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: Best movie in the theatres!

Forum: Best movie in the theatres!
Hey Mariah!

I just saw Lego Batman a week or so ago and I thought it was pretty good! Lots of funny adult humor to still make it entertaining even though it's for kids.
Just yesterday I saw Logan and I'd have to say that I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was a little too violent for me and I guess I've never cared much for the X-Men plot anyway but I would say it's a pretty good story line.

I'm hoping to see Beauty and the Beast soon because I hear it's pretty good!

Thanks for the question!


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