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Subject: Re: How do you prefer your BEC

Forum: How do you prefer your BEC
Hey Tyra,
You know that is crazy because I just had the BOMBEST BEC I have ever made without burning up the house...

Thick cut bacon, eggs with pepper, garlic salt, sea salt, and cayenne, and feta cheese. Try it !

I promise you will be more than satisfied Tyra :)

Subject: Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

Forum: Do you keep a diary/journal?
Hey, Samanthawood!

I really like your topic because it helps open us up emotionally. I'm with that.

My journal consisted of many inventions that I wanted to do when I "grew up" when in fact these inventions were already made. I actually use to think that I would be a super cool architect. I've written fictional stories of characters from far way worlds and even thoughts that crossed my mine while growing up. One was "I wonder what life would be like if we all traded instead of having money" and also "what if pizza was made as a delicacy dessert"(in which I still think that is a great idea)

Subject: Re: Online Dating

Forum: Online Dating
XUE! Hey, what's up :)
I have had an interesting history when it comes to online dating. I have never used an online dating site but, I have had multiple relationships made via Instagram. I am a firm believer that there is potential from online dating. In my defense all of the girls, I met through social media, had facetimed me so we both could be certain that this wasn't a catfish. I can't speak for online dating sites but, online dating in general has the potential to reach fruition; a great relationship.

Thanks for all who read and Xue great topic!

Subject: Re: Meat Eater or No

Forum: Meat Eater or No
What's up J,

Bro I actually came off of not eating any red meat. I love eating meat when it is free of chemicals which are becoming harder and harder to find in this day and age. I love eating meat due to my love for working out.

I am more than positive you care about your health and lift that iron, so we both know that meat is vital due to the protein to build muscle.

Thanks for reading this, #teammeat


Hello :)
Lengthy papers are a burden. I have had papers that were 5-7 pages and the research was excruciatingly extensive! I try to stay optimistic about all things but, I do agree with what you said. I do believe that only the strong survive when it comes to who wants that A grade. People like you and I are willing to put in the long hours to get to that height of success but, sometimes I do not see the relevance to super long papers, to be frank. As you said how you put fluff(Nice word, haha. I liked it) and I do too sometimes! IT BE LIKE THAT SOMETIMES MADONNA. I understand because sometimes the stress of other classes can overwhelm and overflood our thought process. it is understandable but, we will make it and we will be successful soon because we have the secret weapon MaDonna; work ethic.

Thank you for reading this :) and stay blessed fam,

Subject: What is your favorite book and why ?

Forum: What is your favorite book and why ?
Hello Everyone,

What is your favorite piece of literature and why?

I love to read and learn about anything really. My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I love that book because of the life principles that I learned from that book; Diligence, Perseverance, Faith, Determination, and much more.

I would love to know your favorites because the books you read can say a lot about a person.

Thank you for sharing


Subject: Re: Disputed memories

Forum: Disputed memories
Hello, bluebella.

What you said was quite interesting to me and the question even made me think that I haven't taken the time to just reminisce in a while.

I vividly remember when I was at soak city with my mother and we were in the main pool with the waves. While standing there holding my mother's hand, I saw this man drop his wallet. He did not feel it drop as he kept walking so I remember running to it, picking it up and looking in it. I saw a lot of cards but, also a hundred dollar bill. As you know I am sure, as little kids if we had $5 we thought we were rich and when I saw the hundred I thought I would be set! I also thought to myself "I really do not want a whooping for stealing and my mom would not like this" and yet my mother still does not remember when I ran away from her and ended up finding the man in some line for like churros or something but, when I gave it to him and my mom saw me do it I vividly remember her picking me up and holding me. She was crying and still to this day I only remember being held by her while she cried, nothing more.

One place I remember would be my grandparent's house because of all the events that happened there. Family Christmas parties, Many Thanksgivings and Easters, and , unfortunately, death. Many memories were made here and I thank God for allowing me to be apart of the good and bad times I have experienced with my family and friends there.

Thank you for using your time to read my comment

Subject: Re: What News Do You Gravitate to...

Forum: What News Do You Gravitate to...

As I am in college and self-educating myself about bylaws such as privacy, incentive, credibility, and ignorance, I am finding it harder and harder to gravitate to any news because so many are biased in what they want to let us know or what they think we want to know when in fact they are journalists meaning they should be neutral and share the good and bad of every story they decide to cover.

Subject: Re: Post your favorite quote!

Forum: Post your favorite quote!

This comes from the ISIS attacks in Europe and Police Brutality and Civil Outrest in certain parts of the world.

"There is crazy in every culture, radicality in every race, radicals in every religion, and pathetic people in every political process." -Oleg Nad

What do you think ??? I would really like to know what you guys think about that.

Subject: Re: What distracts you?

Forum: What distracts you?
Yes, I get distracted Riley. My distractions consist of:
Wandering thoughts
Mancester City Football
What else I have to do in the week or in the month
How I am going to manage my time the most efficiently
DEFINITELY what I am going to eat next as well :D

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