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Subject: Re: Would you rather?

Forum: Would you rather?
I think I would rather be loved, because true love will give way to respect. While respecting someone will not (in most cases) lead to loving them, if you love someone then you will respect them physically and emotionally. I truly do not think you can love someone and have no respect at all for them, because you obviously love them for a reason that has meaning.
I'm probably getting way to deep on this one, but I think that to be loved by someone has much more value than just respect, because being loved is also at the same time being respected.

Subject: Group or one-on-one interviews?

Forum: Group or one-on-one interviews?
I had a group interview today for a program that I really want to get into at my school (pharmacology). This was my first major interview ever, so I was pretty unsure of what to expect. The downside to the interview was that there were six other people doing the interview with me, so most times by the time it came my my turn to answer the question, a lot of my ideas had already been stated. This made it seem like I was just copying what other people had already said as an answer, and it was really frustrating for me! Still, there were some people who gave poor answers to the questions, so it made me look a little better in comparison to them. Some of the people in my group made me look like a good candidate, but others made me look much less qualified.
My question is, do you prefer group interviews or one-on-one interviews? Or, do you prefer them equally? I would have to say that I prefer one-on-one interviews, because I feel much more confident saying exactly what I think of, instead of trying to base my answers off of what has and hasn't been said yet.

Subject: Re: better stabbed in the back or the front?

Forum: better stabbed in the back or the front?
Yeah, I would have to agree with you there. It's one thing to have done something bad to a friend, but to lie about it or tell other people about it would just make things all the more terrible. When they are upfront, your initial reaction is anger and frustration, but I feel like you get over it much quicker than when it is something secretive that your friend is hiding from you. Being stabbed in the back is always worse because it is even more shocking and unexpected, in my opinion.

Subject: Re: How Were Your Online classes

Forum: How Were Your Online classes
I completely agree with you about taking math courses online. I struggle a lot with math, and having that face-to-face lecturing would have helped me out a lot more in your case.
I took Texas Gov., Philosophy, Psychology, and Introduction to Theater online last summer. The only class that I may have preferred face to face was Psychology, because there was a lot of pure content that required a ton of reading on my own to understand. If the information would have been lectured to me, I think things would've turned out a lot better in the class. All of the other classes had a lot of online "busy work" and required a lot of textbook reading, but I felt like for the most part I could grasp the content in these classes a lot better.

Subject: Re: What have you Dissected?

Forum: What have you Dissected?
I definitely did a bit more dissecting than most people in my class, because I was in Anatomy and Physiology (last year). In all of my high school so far I have dissected a fetal pig, a worm, a sheep brain, a sheep eye, and a full-grown cat. Dissections are very interesting, but the smell of the dead animals and the preservative fluids that they have been soaked in was a bit nauseating for me at times. Not to mention the lingering scent that stayed in the classroom for several days after a dissection!

Subject: Re: Do you focus on the positives or Negatives

Forum: Do you focus on the positives or Negatives
The fact that I have 4 AP tests this year is pretty stressful. In case you guys don't know, I have to pass all of these (and in fact excel in all of these) to get college credit for taking these classes in high school. Essentially, there is a 2 week window in which the AP tests are taken, meaning that I will have 4 4-hour long exams over 2 weeks to study and prepare for as best as I can. This is extremely stressful for me particularly, as I know how important these are to my future.
The positive side of this is 1) getting college credit if I do well on these exams, and 2) preparing myself mentally for the strenuous nature of college work. I will come out of this year more competant and accepting of what I will have to experience in college.

Subject: Re: suggest a show

Forum: suggest a show
If you are a comedy fan, I would recommend the well-known shows The Office and Parks and Recreation. My sister also watched and loved It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, another hilarious series that she recommended to me.
If you look thrillers, I would recommend watching the first season of Stranger Things and possibly Black Mirror. I watched Stranger Things myself and loved it, as it is sort of a horror-mystery type of show (season 2 doesn't come out until October, though). Black Mirror was a show recommended to me recently by classmates, as they said it was a sci-fi futuristic show regarding how technology is going to impact us in the future. They wouldn't stop praising this show, so if you like sci-fi I would give this series a try.
I am currently watching Supernatural, which is essentially a fantasy show about two brothers who hunt the paranormal. I don't handle scary movies well in some cases, but this show was surprisingly lacking in scariness (in my opinion), for a show that is supposed to be horror genre. Besides this, I actually really enjoy this series!
Hopefully you find a show you like- everyone has a different opinion, so I would recommend watching the first episode of a series and seeing if it interests you before committing to it.

Subject: Re: Cooking lately?

Forum: Cooking lately?
My parents are doing a special diet, so recently I have been focusing much more on cooking my own meals (because they mainly only eat fruits and vegetables). One of my favorites is oven fries.....just slice up russet potatoes into wedges or fry-shaped strips, coat them with olive oil and seasoning, and bake at 425 degrees for about 25 minutes. This is a really simple recipe that is much healthier than restaurant fries, but tastes pretty similar. Outside of that, I have been making a lot of spaghetti lately- just the simple method of boiling water, adding pasta, and cooking about 8 minutes, then draining and adding pasta sauce.
I cook for two often, because my sister rarely eats the same diet that my parents do, and even though she is older than me she has chosen not to attempt to cook anything other than simple microwave meals. I figure that experimenting with new recipes will benefit both of us, her because she gets food, and me because I gain new skills.

Subject: Should looks matter when hiring for a job?

Forum: Should looks matter when hiring for a job?
One of my friends was explaining to me recently about how getting a job in Korea is almost solely based on appearance. When applying for a job, a photo must be submitted with the application, and women go to great lengths to get their pictures professionally retouched and filtered to try and impress their possible employer. The appearance of a person is a huge part of deciding whether or not to hire them. In America, we often don't have to submit a picture, and if we do, I think in most cases employers care much less about appearance than they do about intelligence and skills. I was completely shocked when I found out that they actually used looks to decide who to hire in Korea, as I think that is a very superficial way to go.
What do you guys think about this? Should looks factor in to hiring someone at all?

Subject: Re: How was your Spring Break?

Forum: How was your Spring Break?
My Spring Break was different than a lot of people in my family, who's Spring Break is this week instead of last week. So, I didn't get to see as much of my family that I wanted to. However, I got to see all of the friends that I wanted to, which was really fun! Also, I took my second SAT and got ahead on all of my schoolwork, which were both necessities for me to complete over the break. Besides that, I got to watch Netflix, hang out with my sister and parents more than normal, finish up my knitting projects, and overall just have a relaxing week off. My immediate family normally vacations for Spring Break, but honestly, I am so glad we didn't! I'm happy that I just had the time off to do whatever I wanted.

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