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Subject: Favorite Disney movie?

Forum: Favorite Disney movie?
I have always loved Disney and the animated movies that were made by them. Though the plots and characters are often unrealistic, I love how heartwarming they are and the fact that pretty much all of them have a happy ending. Even the classic Disney movies from the mid to late 1900's still hold a special place in my heart, despite the fact that the graphics may not be as top-knotch as more current animated movies.
I honestly can't say there's a Disney movie that I dislike (I had to look through a list of movies to even try and pick one), but my favorite would probably be Mulan. There was a close tie for me between this one, Hercules, and Tarzan, but I think the plot and characters of Mulan make the movie for me. Not to mention the amazing songs ("I'll Make A Man Out Of You" is probably my favorite) and the fact that it is based on the life of the actual Mulan!

Subject: Re: Do you use pain killers?

Forum: Do you use pain killers?
This is a great point, and I completely agree with you! My anatomy and physiology teacher always used to warn about taking Advil, because it causes stomach bleeding if you take it often. Besides this, it's a terrible thing to become reliant on, or even addicted to, painkillers. Even though my anatomy teacher scared me out of using painkillers even more than I was before, I have always been one to overcome the pain with more safe, natural methods. If I have muscle pain after a run, as you were describing earlier, I just deal with it; this pretty much goes for all the little pains. The only time I really used to use painkillers was when I get a migraine- ironically though, my migraines were so painful that any type of medicine almost never worked. Now I've basically grown out of my migraines, but every couple months or so I will get a really bad one again, and I will use painkillers. I'm a very strong believer that one's body should undergo pain, and deal with it in a natural way. Of course, if the pain is severe, I do believe that relief is the most important.

Subject: Re: Favorite local restaurant?

Forum: Favorite local restaurant?
So this doesn't exactly count, but my favorite local place for beverages is called Delish Bubble Tea. It's not a chain store, so the only location is right by our house, and I absolutely love their drinks! Before I moved to where I live now, I had never tried bubble (boba) tea; now it's by far one of my all-time favorite treats. They have such a wide variety of handmade drinks, such as smoothies, slushes, and teas, as well as add-ins like tapioca, popping boba, and "jellies". I love family owned businesses, and how the owner always recognizes me when I walk in. The atmosphere overall is great!

Subject: Re: Favorite Fruit?

Forum: Favorite Fruit?
Fruit is one of, if not my favorite, snack. I would have to say that watermelon is my favorite fruit, if I had to pick, but I also love pineapple and peaches. The best fruits to me are those that are especially juicy and sweet in taste; the sweeter, the better! In the summertime, I can eat a whole mini watermelon in about 2-3 days, because they are especially ripe and juicy during that time.

Subject: Re: Do you use Skype/Facetime?

Forum: Do you use Skype/Facetime?
Yes, I do use FaceTime occasionally, for multiple purposes. I have cousins in Washington state that I will sometimes keep in contact with that way. Also, if I want to study with one of my friends, I sometimes find that face-to-face chatting through FaceTime is very effective. I still think that being able to talk to someone thousands of miles away almost like you are seeing them in person is amazing!

Subject: What is your favorite season?

Forum: What is your favorite season?
Even though it's currently winter, it doesn't really feel much like it in Texas. Most days the high is still in the 60's, which to me is more like fall or spring than winter! I always look forward to those really chilly days in the 20's or 30's, because they only come a couple of times a year here. Fall has always been my favorite season, with winter as a close second- since I prefer cold temperatures the most. One major drawback to being a Texas is the humidity and the much higher temperatures than most places in the U.S. year 'round. I always love to go skiing in Colorado just because the temperature is so much more suited to my liking there!
What is your favorite season, and why?

Subject: Re: Where do you do homework?

Forum: Where do you do homework?
Though I have a desk in my room, I prefer to do my homework at the kitchen table. I like to lay out all of my supplies when I am working, so I like the larger surface of that table over my small personal desk. My parents aren't always at home, so often this setup works great because I am not distracted by others who are in the kitchen or living room. I will resort to doing work at my desk if need be, but most often I can get away with taking over the kitchen during study time.

Subject: Re: What movie should be turned into a tv show?

Forum: What movie should be turned into a tv show?
I enjoy how detailed your question is- you're definitely making me think a bit, because there are so many possibilities here!
Off the top of my head, I would have to go with the X-Men movie series (if that counts). By making these movies into a show, more background information about each character could be given, thus developing them all much more thoroughly. I always felt slightly confused when watching the movies with regard to what exactly was going on, because some of the plots were very complicated. Devoting a whole TV series to the movies would be amazing for me, because I would like more insight into the details of each movie. Netflix is already investing in two superhero series' that I can think of, so maybe an X-Men series could be next!

Subject: Re: What's your favorite topping on your pancakes?

Forum: What's your favorite topping on your pancakes?
Though it varies, I usually go for peanut butter and maple syrup. My mom grew up in a household of peanut butter lovers, so it was only natural that she put the spread on her pancakes as well! I can't remember eating my pancakes any other way as a child. Now, though, I will sometimes put Nutella on my pancakes instead of peanut butter if I'm craving something extra sweet. I would recommend trying this if you've never thought of it, because it's one of my favorite combinations!

Subject: Re: Favorite Netflix Show?

Forum: Favorite Netflix Show?
I absolutely LOVE Netflix, but I rarely ever binge watch shows. My maximum amount of episodes per day is normally about two, because I often feel like I could be more productive with the hours I might lose watching a series.
Currenty, I am watching the series Supernatural- if you haven't heard of it, it's basically a mixed horror and action series that involves two brothers who "hunt" all things that are supernatural. My personality doesn't exactly fit with this type of show, as I am much more of a comedy fan, but a friend highly recommended the series and I'm really glad I decided to watch it! It's not exactly my typical genre, but I find Supernatural to be very addictive and entertaining. In the past, I have watched Parks and Recreation, The Office, Lie to Me, and Psych, which were all really great shows as well.

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