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Subject: Re: Do you prefer Butter or Margerine?

Forum: Do you prefer Butter or Margerine?
I grew up with butter. And now that I think about it I think I grew up with salted butter.

However my husband is a vegan so we don't use animal product butter any longer. We use a plant based butter that's total vegan.

I like to add a little extra salt to this butter when I'm cooking. I prefer it to have more flavor than what it provides.

Happy cooking.

Subject: Re: Do you exercise?

Forum: Do you exercise?
Yes, I try to exercise at least 3 days a week.
I'm currently working through a beginners weight training program from muscle fitness.

This program is only 28days long with lots of rest days. My kind of slow workout. I don't like to make my workout so hard on myself that I cannot move the next day. But do want to feel it and I want to have a good sweat going.

I'm probably 35pounds overweight still but I'm not in a huge hurry to take the weight off. I'm just hoping to get healthy enough to run a few 5k's and at least one half marathon.

Good luck in your workout journey.

Subject: Re: What is the last thing you do before bed ?

Forum: What is the last thing you do before bed ?
Just before bed I make a quick bathroom trip. And end that with a nice brushing of my teeth. I work in the pubic in sales so my smile is one of the first things people see of me.

But once I get under the covers I try to unwind by reading the news or scolding through Facebook. But just before I turn off my phone I make sure my calendar and my alarm clock coincide. Meaning I need to make sure I wake up with plenty of time to enjoy a cup or two of black coffee with breakfast before needing to run out the door for my first appointment.

Happy evening

Subject: Favorite dessert?

Forum: Favorite dessert?
Do you have a favorite dessert?

Growing up we didn't have dessert on a regular basis. Sure we would have sweets throughout the kitchen. We typically had Oreos and licorice.

But cake was for bigger celebrations and homemade cookies were also for special occasions. As an adult though in my marriage things are very different.

My husband loves cake. He now makes an amazing vegan chocolate cake at least once a week. It does not last long. And cookies are a couple times a week snack.

In fact there is a tradition with us for having milk and cookies after the first day of school. So we can sit around the table and talk about the new things happening at school. And begin a plan for the entire school year.

Looking forward to a sweet dessert tonight!

Happy Friday

Subject: Re: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?

Forum: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?
I don't like to have any lights on near my bedroom. I do keep a light on in the kitchen however just in case I need to get up or if someone in the house need to get to the kitchen with sleepy eyes. The last thing I want is for my guest to stumble around just to get a drink.

I do have to have some noise while sleeping though. I keep the bathroom vent fan for some background noise. It keeps my focus away from the tennitus or ringing in my ears.

I wish a goodnight rest to everyone.

Subject: Re: Are you "Hooked on a Feeling"?

Forum: Are you "Hooked on a Feeling"?
Hi MaryJP,

Really only 5 people won yesterday? I didn't think they have determined since It says those winners were from 1/11 the previous week. I'm hoping there was just a glitch and the winners for last week will be notified today.

Back to your topic.

I agree it's hard to keep the "woe is me" people in your life. Life is so short to be miserable and I have a hard time even being around someone that is negative. Good on you to support these women and discussing with them they will have support if they decide to make the change to get become happy again.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was in a terrible abusive relationship. He treated her like crap. He was/is a drug user. But he had a good job and provided for their two girls.
She would come to me with bruises and tell me it was the last time and she was going to move out but alas she went right back to him after he would beg and plead.

I finally had to tell her to not ask me for advice. I had to tell her I would support her with her choice but he was not allowed near my house because all I would think about was what he had done to her.

It took a couple more years of her being unhappy and she finally realized her life and her kids lives are more valuable than what he was supporting. She left him in the dust and is happier than ever!

I don't think I really had anything to do with her leaving him but I think she just finally realized it's true life is short and everyone deserves to have a big smile all the time and fighting isn't normal.

Good Luck and keep supporting those women they will see you and eventually wake up. I hope.

Subject: Re: Pancakes or waffles?

Forum: Pancakes or waffles?
I grew up with pancakes on the weekends. But they were not your typical pancakes. My dad made them with cans of creamed corn and lots of sugar and milk. He called them corn fritters. They are very sweet and scrumptious.

But other than my dads corn fritter "pancakes" I don't particularly care for pancakes. I prefer waffles.

But in a kitchen already overflowing with gadgets, I don't have a waffle maker. It's sad.

However it allows me to really enjoy a nice self made waffle when I stay in a hotel that has a continental breakfast. I always seem to gravitate toward the waffle iron and top it with the fresh fruit.

Thanks for the fun question.

Subject: What's your favorite movie?

Forum: What's your favorite movie?
Do you have a favorite movie?

Do you find yourself quoting your favorite movie?

I think there are too many favorites in the realm of movies. But I love a great comedy. I find myself still quoting Tommy Boy.

It's one of the funniest movies ever, to me. "That's gonna leave a mark!"

I also love love love Moulin Rouge! I have not watched the new La La Land, but I imagine it will be one of my new favorites.

I love musicals and singing and dancing. Even though I am pretty bad at both. I enjoy doing them but I'm not a professional by any means. I just like to let loose and enjoy life.

I'd like to hear what your favorite movie is and a quote to go with it.

Have a great day friends.

Subject: Re: Do you prefer Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar?

Forum: Do you prefer Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar?
If I have to use something sweet, I use full sugar.

I blame the artificial sweeteners for my headaches, completely self-diagnosed. But it seems to me when I cut them out completely the headaches don't happen.

I don't bake that often so I hardly use sugar in my diet. Some of the Asian meals I create or make call for sugar or brown sugar so that's typically the only time I get the giant bag of sugar out of the cupboard.

I like my coffee black each morning.

Have a sweet day.

Subject: Re: How many hours do you work being a student?

Forum: How many hours do you work being a student?
Hi bikeshmdr,

I started out college just having a work study job working 10 hours a week and studying full-time.

Once I got my feet wet and understood how to handle a full load of classes I began working off campus part-time.

It wasn't until my Senior year that I took an internship and kept my part-time job so it looked like I worked full-time while going to school full-time. This was also my best year in school. Maybe that's just what I needed was no free time for distractions. I had no choice but to stay focused.

Good luck in school and working

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