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Subject: Re: How are you feeling this fine day?

Forum: How are you feeling this fine day?
Hey Jenelu!

Happy election day to you as well. :)

I was feeling a bit down all week because I wasn't feeling too well health-wise, but I got some good news today so I'm choosing to think that things are looking up. At least I can keep my chin up and say "it will all work out in the end". :) So now I'm doing pretty great though I could really use a nap.

The only downside is that when I'm in a good mood, I tend to go shopping or splurge financially... so the next mission on the list is to resist that wonderful temptation. Maybe a nice long look at my bank account will sober things up for me lol.

Thanks for your question and have a great day!

Subject: Re: What is the last thing you do before bed ?

Forum: What is the last thing you do before bed ?
Hey Televia!

Sounds like our nightly routines are kind of similar :D

The last things that I usually do before going to bed are usually the same: taking my contacts off, praying, using the restroom, and saying goodnight to my hubby.

For the past few weeks my parents are also out of town so I usually text/facetime my little sister to see how she's holding up. She' been staying with my brother and they're both unpredictable lol. I also tend to look through all of my social media before I close my eyes, but recently I've been trying very hard to get rid of that habit. I end up staying awake for an extra 30+ minutes once I get sucked into my phone.

Thanks for your question!
Warm Regards,

Subject: How musical are you? Band/Choir/Instrument Lessons

Forum: How musical are you? Band/Choir/Instrument Lessons
Hey all!

Let us know how musical you are:

I'm always amazed by people who can play the guitar, piano, violin/cello. I tried to pick up all 3 and they have always eluded me. My brain doesn't work that way I guess.

That being said I love to sing and I'm pretty good at it. Harmonizing is my forte. I was in choir almost all my life, led a lot of band/worship sets in church/with my friends, and joined the university choir during my undergrad as well. In reality I just love to be surrounded by the arts and music, even though I can't focus on it career-wise. I think musical involvement at any level really helps to round a person out and also provides a great outlet for stress.

What about you?? Were you in marching band, orchestra, a rock band, choir, voice lessons, instrument lessons?
Or maybe you're not musically gifted and wish you were.

Would love to hear from you.


Subject: Re: What's your choice of transportation?

Forum: What's your choice of transportation?
Hey Allan,

That's really nice that you walk to your school. I hope it's not too far away!

I grew up in an area where there was barely any public transport available and where most destinations are pretty far (about 6-10 miles). Because of this, I have grown very used to driving everywhere and still do drive when I need to get to work or school. It's also more rare to find people walking places! I think the few times I decided to walk to a restaurant nearby (in my hometown), I got a lot of funny/suspicious looks from people driving by. It also didn't feel safe haha. I guess that's why Oklahoma has one of the highest obesity rates in the nation. No one walks or bikes! People barely even walk to the bus stands. It seem everyone does their best to own a car, even if it may be a barely functioning vehicle. People prefer this to walking.

That being said, I have been more conscious of my need to walk more to incorporate a little more exercise into my daily routine. In the near future, I hope to walk more. Thanks for your question!

Warm Regards,

Subject: Re: Pancakes or waffles?

Forum: Pancakes or waffles?
Hey Callie!

I think I would almost always say waffles, even though it's pretty hard to decide! Waffles have this slight outside crunch with and bready/chewy inside thats so much better than pancakes. I really love it when waffles have a little french toast-cinnamony flavor to them as well...perfection once you add a dollop of butter and syrup.

I don't know if you've ever watched Parks and Recreation, but Leslie Knope (the main character who has a waffle obsession) says it perfectly: “We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third.”

Thanks for your question :)

Subject: Re: How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

Forum: How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Hey Sammy!

I totally understand feeling drained with 6-7 hours of sleep.

I usually fall asleep around 11:30 and wake up around that about 6.5-7 hours of sleep which I find an adequate amount of rest for my mind and body. Sometimes I fall asleep a bit later or toss and turn for some time and the lack of sleep catches up to me, leading to a nap. On the weekends I tend to get 8 hours of sleep and that really helps me if I didn't get enough during the week or feel tired.

If I try to sleep longer than that, I usually can't sleep past 8:30 am because my mind is so used to the mental clock of waking up at 6:40. I find it so annoying when I have a day off and I wake 85 times wondering why my alarm hasn't rang haha.

Thanks for your question!

Subject: Re: Who are you? Get Acquainted !

Forum: Who are you? Get Acquainted !
Hey Kaylisa (super cool & unique name btw)!

Nice to officially meet you! I've never met anyone from the Bahamas though i hear it's gorgeous and would love to visit.

My real name is Regina which means "queen". I'm pretty sure that the meaning suits my personality haha :D
I was born and raised in American but my ethnicity is Indian (from India, not Native American). Both of my parents are indian so a lot of people assume that I'm from there until I open my mouth and my country-American accent comes out. My cousins from New York get a kick out of my country vibes lol.
I lived most of my life in Oklahoma (a state full of ranches and cows and fields of wheat/cotton) though I currently live on the East Coast!

Subject: Re: When your body aches what do U do or take ?

Forum: When your body aches what do U do or take ?
Hey Televia!

For some reason my body is sensitive a prone to aching. Especially when it gets cold I get knee pain or muscle pain. Usually I try to sleep it off for the night and hope it's gone in the morning. I think I'm more of a naturalist so I try really hard not to take anything unless I have no choice.

I usually start off by taking a Tylenol which seems to work for me more than other brands of medication...but only if the pain persists for more than a day. If it persists longer than that, I take a warm soak in Dr. Teals Epsom salt bath. You get the water as hot as you can stand (and is medically safe) and then add about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt and soak for 25 minutes or so. This seems to always do the trick and is also good for any skin problems. I try to use the lavender one when I can find it because the scent is really relaxing. It's actually a really good way to relax before going to bed though I'm sure I sound like an elderly person now.
Thanks for your question!

Warm Regards,

Subject: Re: Are you a good driver?

Forum: Are you a good driver?
Hey Jdunlap!

Oh the days of drivers ed...good times :) I hope your son is having a blast!
My dad actually taught me to drive, and his driving still scares the ___ out of me on a good day.
I would say that I'm a good driver. I've only been in a few accidents and only have one speeding ticket for going 20 over. My family is of course has been scared to drive with me, but in the past I've only driven crazy when there is no other choice.

Well to clarify, I am now a great driver.
I learned my lesson on driving safely about 4 years ago when I got into a huge accident, injuring my right knee and left ribs (which still have problems if I overstretch them or run too much...years later. Lucky me.). A few months after that I was late to an appointment and got a huge speeding ticket which I could barely afford to pay.

Since those two incidents, I have become a very cautious driver and I've learned my lesson the hard way. I no longer weave in and out of traffic, I make sure to follow the speeding laws--or at least keep the same speed as the cars around me, and I no longer stay in the fast lane a majority of the time.
My friends and family now would say that I'm a very safe driver and I've had a license to drive since I was 16 and I'm still holding onto it 10+ years later.

Subject: What was the last thing you ate?

Forum: What was the last thing you ate?
Hey all!

Simple question for today!

What was the last thing you ate? If you want, you can let us know why.

The last thing I ate was breakfast which was a peanut butter sandwich on wheat toast, a banana, and a coffee with cream and 2 sugar. I was pretty hungry this morning :)

Warm Regards,

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