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Subject: Re: What is your daily morning routine?

Forum: What is your daily morning routine?
Hey Kyle!

I usually give myself 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. Let's be really means that I actually hit the snooze butten at least once and end up with 15-20 minutes to get ready. However, I shower and dry my hair before I go to bed to save some sleep lol.

That way when I wake up it's basically... throw my contacts in, brush my teeth, straighten my hair, find something decent to wear, grab my purse, search for my keys for at least 5 minutes, throw on shoes, drive, do my make up in the parking lot if I feel like trying. Once I get to work or school I rush to buy a coffee...even if I'm late. Coffee + breakfast bar before I meet any of the crazy.

Thanks for your question!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite restaurant?

Forum: What is your favorite restaurant?
Hey Erickmed!

I currently don't have a favorite restaurant, but I do have a food place I've been craving for the last 6 months but can't access because I've moved out of state.
It's a simple fried chicken chain that originated in Oklahoma called Raising Canes. It was named after the founder's dog Cane and they have a very simple, yet delicious menu of fried chicken tenders, crinkle cut fries, Texas toast, and coleslaw. That's it. The food is served with their secret Canes sauce and it's what I've been craving so badly.

I wanted Canes sauce so much that I tried to recreate the secret recipe at home with no success. I guess the next time I decide to visit my parents I'll have to drop in and have some Raising Canes.

Thanks for your question!

Subject: Re: Favorite Dessert?

Forum: Favorite Dessert?
Hey Malinda!

I totally have to agree with you. After dinner I love to have something light and sweet to kind of complete my meal. I'm usually ok if it's just a Lindt Chocolate truffle or a small piece of Dove candy. However if I want some real dessert I either make my famous Oreo cheesecake mud pie (secret recipe from my aunt) or I go to Chilis and have their chocolate molten cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

My husband lived in London for 5 years, so our family rule is that all snacks and desserts have to be accompanied by coffee or a strong cappuccino. Haha. We take this very seriously. I feel like I'm getting a little bit on the older side now and diabetes runs in my family, so recently I've been trying to cut down my sugar intake :(. Wish me luck.

Warm Regards,

Subject: Re: Credit Reports

Forum: Credit Reports
Hey Thewintersun!

That's crazy that someone else's scores were mixed up with your own! I didn't even know that, that was a possibility. It makes me want to look over my score and do some cleaning up myself!

I haven't had any crazy issues with identity theft until this year. About a month ago, our credit card company asked if we were currently in New York, because there were some consecutive purchases there at a few gas stations. We were no where near NY at the time so we were lucky that they caught the charges so quickly. they also refunded us immediately and sent a new card in the mail.

I guess we live in a time where identity/credit card theft can happen at any time and it's such a scary thing to encounter. I think in the future we may have to pay extra for services to counter such theft.
Thanks for your question and glad you had everything resolved.

Subject: The rise of narcissism?

Forum: The rise of narcissism?
Hey Cnet...
I was listening to a talk about this earlier and it's been on my mind a lot recently.

We are growing up in an age where we are taught to concentrate on our individuality and the 'love yourself' mentality. The likelihood is that we all (myself included) have at least one social media page that is dedicated to ourselves. We try to show that we are more physically fit, more fashionable, prettier, or more motivated by uploading selfies (Facebook/Instagram) and recording all the cool moments of our lives (ex Snapchat). We're now known as "lovers of ourselves".

In fact, sociologists agree that we're more narcissistic than any generation before us, and call us the "Me Generation": Apparently we're known to be self-entitled and arrogant.

Do you believe that our culture is too narcissistic or are they wrong? Is narcism all bad or can it be a good thing?

Looking forward to some good opinions.

Subject: Re: Longest Work Day

Forum: Longest Work Day
Hey Thewintersun!

I'm sorry about your long shift. I don't think I could handle a shift that long and collegenet as well. Props to you!
I've done 12 hour shifts which are really not that fun. When I was I undergrad, I did an EMT course over the summer and did some crazy shifts in the ER, Ambulance, and fire services. I also worked as an EKG tech for 2 years and my shifts were from 6 am to 6 pm. I honestly don't like shifts longer than 12's because they really run you down.

I think my longest shift was in 2014 when I was doing a 12 hour shift in an Oklahoman hospital when a huge tornado tore through my city, completely destroying our sister hospital. Because of that, the hospital declared a state of emergency (code black) and we were not allowed to leave our posts. I think I worked an extra 6 hours that day helping with patients that were pouring into the ER. I saw a lot of crazy things that day and I spent 18 hours at the hospital before I was allowed to go home. The highway was shut down so driving home through the crowded smaller roads took an extra 1.5 hours.

Luckily a disaster like that is usually a once in a lifetime experience so I don't really regret it. Thanks for your question!
Warm Regards,

Subject: Re: Test Taking Tips

Forum: Test Taking Tips
Hey Alexclevy!

It's cool that you're doing as much as possible to do well on your exam tomorrow. I also agree with getting to the test taking site as early as possible. I used to be one of the weird people that would get to the site as early as possible...usually an hour before hand and study outside the room. It just made me feel relaxed that I was already there and ready to go.
Another tip that I have is that once you read the question well, go with the answer that you think is correct first. Don't second guess yourself. Statistics show that your first choice is usually the right choice. I've made a lot of test blunders by overthinking the questions and erasing my first answers (which were usually the correct ones).
Last of all, I would bring some hard candy to eat while you are doing the exam. It will help you concentrate and keep your brain fueled so you won't get exhausted.

Good luck tomorrow and thanks for your question!

Subject: Tell me about yourself!

Forum: Tell me about yourself!
Hey College Net Friends!

I've been here since December and I realized that I don't really know anything about you all. If you could drop your first name, major/career, and an interesting fact about yourself, I would be much obliged!

-I'm Regina, my friends call me Regi.
-I majored in Zoology and work in Cardiac Ultrasound.
-My goal for the next 5 years is to find a financially viable way to help girls in African slums stay in school by helping them manage menstruation. It's a project run by my friend Rachel in Uganda. We applied in a grant competition but didn't win unfortunately. We won't give up yet!

Would love to learn more about each of you!

Subject: Re: Your go-to, pump-me-up song!

Forum: Your go-to, pump-me-up song!
Hey there!

I have to say that my real go-to, pump-me-up song is so super embarrassing haha. I used to listen to it whenever I wanted to get a good run in on the treadmill or if I'm really angry and needed a song to distract myself.

It's called: "Till' I Collapse" by the best rapper ever-- Eminem

Haha. Here's a link to the 'clean' version if you're interest:

I used to be a huge fan of Eminem and I guess I still am. Good song. No regrets haha.

Subject: Re: Do you smile a lot?

Forum: Do you smile a lot?
Hey Yamona!

I'm known for being a superbly smiley person. It's really quite odd because even if I'm really frustrated I tend to look somewhat pleasant. It's nice in some ways because people know me naturally as a really nice person and I seem to have a slight smile on my face at all times even though it's unintentional. My sister is just the opposite and looks bored or annoyed most of the time so it's a funny contrast.
When I get feedback from other people, they usually mention how nice and positive I am, which I find baffling. On the inside I can have an array of emotions and my sense of humor is pretty cynical, but for some reason it doesn't show.

I once went to camp with my church and got horrible food poisoning. So bad that I was throwing up every 20-30 minutes. One of our church members was a doctor so we asked him for some advice and I remember his first comment was "She's been throwing up all day and she's still smiling!".

Beats me? Maybe I was blessed with a pleasant face haha.
The only downside to being known as a smiley person is that people don't expect you to get annoyed or mad. I've had a few instances where I knew things wouldn't change unless I showed my colleagues "who's boss" and in those moments its really hard to have influence or respect unless you make it known that you're not kidding around.

Thanks for your question!

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