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Subject: Your morning routine?

Forum: Your morning routine?
Hey guys, what is your morning routine, and how much time do you spend getting ready in the morning.

I'm a guy, so I get up and go pretty much. I shower the night before, so I can just wake up, put clothes on, and go do whatever it is I need to do. If my hair is messy, then I usually just put a hat on. This works for me, and I progressively fix things I see as I go about my day.

What about you guys?

Subject: Re: Escalator / Elevator or walk?

Forum: Escalator / Elevator or walk?

I like to walk unless there's more than 2 stories I have to go up. Then I would take the Elevator. I have never ridden an Escalator that could go faster than I could walk up using the stairs, but Elevators can haul.

Subject: Re: What have you done to earn money?

Forum: What have you done to earn money?
Hey Jenelu,

I'm just going to list out the jobs I've been paid for as I can remember them
1.Summer camp staff
2.Paid by my uncle to help remodel his house
3.Worked as a Machinist at a Bullet Manufacturer
4.Worked as a Lab Technician/Bookkeeper at a R&D Company
5.Paid by my cousin to dig a 30ft hole in the ground(this was a lot of work and I did it with a wimpy auger)

Those are all the jobs I've been paid for so far.

Subject: Re: 3 things you wish you knew 10 years ago?

Forum: 3 things you wish you knew 10 years ago?
Hey Sammy, this is a really big question for me.

1. The little things don't matter
-There were many times that I felt self-conscious about little details about myself. Part of it was teased about having an oddly shaped chest, and I concluded that people would notice and tease me about anything else that was different about me. So I was worrying about little things that nobody really cared about, and I wish I stopped caring about the little things sooner.
2. Be more spontaneous
-I find that I make plans to do something or accomplish something, and then I never end up doing it. So I realized that the way I get things done is to really be spontaneous, and I don't always learn or do what I plan to.
3. Go out of your way to help people
-There are times that I would have helped if people had asked me to, but I really should have just stepped in and helped out without being asked to.

Those are my thoughts!

Subject: Re: What's your fav chapstick brand?

Forum: What's your fav chapstick brand?
Hey Tyraa

Burts Bees Lip Balm is the way to go for me yo.

That stuff is amazing, and it doesn't have any weird artificial flavors or smells that give me a headache.


Subject: Re: How's your day going?

Forum: How's your day going?
Hey Abby, my day has been kind of hectic.

It all started at the fire station,...- because I live there as a volunteer resident.

At 3:00 a.m., we got a call for a possible stroke victim. So, we rushed over only to find out it was nothing. Then, at 7:00 a.m., we got another call, but this time it was a car accident. By the time I was done helping with that, I drove to school and arrived an hour late to class. There are some battles I lose, and being on time to class today was one of them. Then, as I was leaving a school, a classmate who was fasting collapsed in front of me, and I stuck around until he felt well enough to walk again and someone else drove him home. Then I made an offer to someone for a truck on craigslist. He said yes, and then an hour later when I was getting ready to go get it He said no. And then he said he would think about it, and the suspense has been killing me ever since. And now it's time for Cnet and homework, and also Pizza night!

Yay Pizza night!!!


Subject: Mocking fads and then becoming a part of the fad

Forum: Mocking fads and then becoming a part of the fad
Hey Cnet,

What is a fad that you started out mocking, but then you ended up doing it like everybody else?

For me, it's all of the modern "abbreviations" like tots or lolz or suh dude.

I started out saying and texting these things to mock them because they were so stupid, but then I also found I couldn't stop doing it. My mocking turned into something else, and I became a part of the fad.

What's your story.


Subject: Re: How many hours do you work being a student?

Forum: How many hours do you work being a student?
Hey bikeshmdr

Last year, I was working 20-30 hours a week while being a full-time student. I was also taking around 18 credits a term. It was not fun. This year, I was fortunate enough to get enough scholarships so that I don't have to work, and it's awesome! Don't give up. If you try hard enough, you can make more money through scholarships than any part-time job you can get.


Subject: Re: What makes someone good or bad?

Forum: What makes someone good or bad?
This is a super duper huge question about life.

Personally, I believe that we all have a set of morals given to us from God that helps us determine what is right or wrong. I also believe that we can rediscover many of these morals by studying the bible when we are unsure about things, but there will always be a grey area for humans.

For the extremes of good and evil, it's pretty easy to make a decision, it's the grey area that I really struggle in. I think you are a "good" person if you follow your morals for what you think is right and just, and that you also correct your actions when you are in the wrong.

Thanks for the post

Subject: Re: Can you believe in reincarnation and Christianity?

Forum: Can you believe in reincarnation and Christianity?
I don't really buy the reincarnation thing either. I'm also a christian, and that doesn't really make sense to me. My guess is that person was one of the new age mixed religion type people. They sort of believe every religion is the same and all equally true, and that is just confusing to me.

I think there is just a Heaven and a Hell when we die. And where we go is determined by a lot of things, but above all, God is just in his judgement.


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