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Subject: Re: What is your Greatest Strength?

Forum: What is your Greatest Strength?
My greatest strength is my biceps!

They are super powerful and muscley!

But actually, I am very good at remembering things and coming up with clever solutions when working on cars. I am also really good at scheduling group projects and making sure things get done.


Subject: Re: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?

Forum: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?
I absolutely sneak food and drinks into the movie.

Most recently, I was able to sneak in 2 pepsi bottles, a box of cheesits, and a box of gummie snacks. My favorite sneak in was panda express.

It's really really expensive to buy food at a movie theatre, but I do buy popcorn occasionally.


Subject: Re: Favorite Super Hero?

Forum: Favorite Super Hero?
Hey Cory, I have to err on the DC universe side.

I grew up watching cartoon network shows like Justice League and Batman Beyond.

And my favorite was always Batman by far. He is a badass, and I don't think DC movies really do him justice. He's basically the world's greatest detective that also knows how to take down anyone, break into anything, and basically do anything to get the job done.


Subject: Re: Deer Wasting Disease

Forum: Deer Wasting Disease
Hey "Wames",

I haven't heard of the deer wasting disease. I had no idea that there was such a terrible thing impacting deer in North America. More than likely, it is some sort of mutated virus. I think that means that eventually the deer without natural immunities will probably die out, but the surviving deer probably wont have that type of problem.

The same thing happens with human diseases. There are some living people that are naturally immune to the AIDS Virus and Ebola.

Thanks for the post

Subject: Re: !!!One Word the describe your day!!!

Forum: !!!One Word the describe your day!!!
Sadly, Cnet requires at least 10 words

Subject: Re: In two words...

Forum: In two words...

"Making Robots"


Subject: Re: Do you fall asleep easily?

Forum: Do you fall asleep easily?
It really depends on how mentally exhausted or physically exhausted I am.

If I am physically exhausted, I am sore and tired, and I fall right asleep.

If I am mentally exhausted, I am tired, but I can't fall asleep. Sometimes I lay awake for a couple of hours before I can finally fall asleep. It's because scenarios or problems I have been working all day just won't leave my head. So I don't make any more progress on the problems, but they won't leave me alone either!

Besides that though, I usually fall asleep in about a half an hour.

Subject: How often do you exercise?

Forum: How often do you exercise?
I don't exercise at all really. I bike a mile to and from school every day, but that's pretty easy.

Do you guys work out? What's a good way to start a routine?


Subject: Re: Why do we have public education for 13 years?

Forum: Why do we have public education for 13 years?
I think that public education as a whole kind of sucks.

I agree with you that it could be significantly shortened and that there is a lot of "fluff" in the education system. I think the point of public school should be to teach kids real world applicable skills, and that should include things like woodworking and metalworking. Additionally, however, I think schools should give much more focus to prepare students for jobs and real life after high-school. I think it would be a great idea to have students be able to get a part-time job as a substitute for some of their classes and then go over in class some of the legal obligations of having a job and the benefits.

In short, a lot of public education is a waste of time. Our current education system is pretty much based on the factory model from the industrial revolution. It's dated, and its relevance has largely been lost. I think high school can definitely be shortened, and that could help people grow up sooner too. People used to get married at age 13 in biblical times.

Subject: Re: Shower Gel or Bar Soap?

Forum: Shower Gel or Bar Soap?
Hey Julia

I personally have always used bar soap. I haven't ever tried shower gel, but that's because I thought it was more expensive. I'm not sure if it is or not, or how they compare.

I always use Irish Spring bar soap. And I forget the type of shampoo I use. If I use too much bar soap, it does irritate my face though. I will have to look into shower gel more.


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