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Subject: Re: Forgive and Forget?

Forum: Forgive and Forget?
Hey hey!!

I think forgiveness is the key to freedom for yourself. But it doesn't necessarily mean that we forget what happens. It means that we let go that the past could be different now. Great post! :)


Subject: Re: How do you react when you're driving and see a cop

Forum: How do you react when you're driving and see a cop
This is a funny post! I definitely freak out even though I am a good driver and don't even speed other than maybe 5 over the speed limit. It is so funny to see everyone slow down when cops are around!


Subject: Re: How do you de-stress?

Forum: How do you de-stress?
I really like to hang out with people who love me and bring out the best in me. The best way to de-stress in my opinion is to be around people who know and love you and know how to make you laugh. Best of luck with your stresses!


Subject: Re: Have you ever had surgery?

Forum: Have you ever had surgery?
Hi!!! Yes. I've had two hip surgeries :) that's another story for another time. Peace,

Subject: Re: What’s the right age to get married?

Forum: What’s the right age to get married?
This is different for each couple and so determinant on the couples stage of life. I am curgently engaged to be married at 22 years old, but it was right. When you know you know?! Peace,

Subject: Re: Do u prefer 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays'?

Forum: Do u prefer 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays'?
I don't see anything wrong with saying happy holidays, but never at the expense of people being able to say Merry Christmas! It's a holiday like many others, it would be against secular society to not only favor a certain religion but also to only take away aspects of certain faiths.


Subject: Re: Christmas caroling... THOUGHTS??

Forum: Christmas caroling... THOUGHTS??
Hi hi! My family is super musical and I have gone to carol door to door. I enjoyed the experience and I think even if people aren't religious, they enjoy the singing :)


Subject: Re: Your most heart-touching movies

Forum: Your most heart-touching movies
Hi Harish!

A walk to remember is a classic one haha. I also like a little bit of heaven on Netflix! Best of luck in your search :)


Subject: Family fun

Forum: Family fun
What is everyone's family life like? How many siblings? Who are you closest to and why? If you aren't close to one or some, how do you relate to them?

Hope everyone has had a great Sunday:)


Subject: Re: If you could...

Forum: If you could...
Ahhh you took my idea! I would definitely want to sell coffee! Maybe with some gelato! That'd be a cool mix :)


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