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Subject: Re: Recycle?

Forum: Recycle?
Hi Cheyenne,

I lived in Seattle for four years before moving across the water for school. We recycle like crazy in the city proper... outside the city it's a bit more relaxed but I'm stuck in the full-on recycle mode. It doesn't take much effort to recycle and compost and it does so much good. I think doing both those things could be a great resolution!

We compost and feed worms in a little farm we have in the backyard. That's cool too, maybe you could have some pet worms like us! :)

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: What turns you on in other person?

Forum: What turns you on in other person?
Hey Sammy!

Dominance is a huge turn-on for me, in men. I value intelligence as well, in both women and men. Women specifically I love to be tall, and have a great smile. I think for all genders and anything in-between a person with honor and kindness in their heart is essential.

Thanks for readin',


Subject: Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

Forum: Extrovert of Introvert?
Hi Dakine,

I find that I'm an extroverted-introvert. I prefer to spend my time alone or in the presence of my small, close-knit circle. But, when in a new environment, I can mimic the other person, like you do. I also make it a point to talk as little as possible. People love to talk about themselves and I make it easy by asking them inquisitive questions. Seems to go well. :)

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: Meaningless Advice...?

Forum: Meaningless Advice...?
Hey There,

I find that some people (especially those you don't know very well) will give advice simply to hear the sound of their own voice. It's fairly easy to spot. I think friends who mean well sometimes also think their way is the right way, when I may not agree, so it can go in one ear out the other. Advice should always be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: How do you make friends on campus?

Forum: How do you make friends on campus?
Hey CNet!

Happy Wednesday! Fresh start and ringing in the new quarter, all at once. :)

Today was my second day in college, and I'm already feeling sorta excited about the potential friends. Although, I'm a bit older than most high school grads that are in my classes. I'm worried that I won't be able to find many mature people my age that I like to spend time with on campus.

So, how did you go about making friends when you first started at college?

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: What is your definition of a friend ?

Forum: What is your definition of a friend ?

Yea... College has officially started, right after my holiday too. So I'm super busy. But Wednesday means another chance at a scholarship! Happy Wednesday! lol

My definition of a friend, is simply, loyalty. Never giving up on someone. Loving them, always. Through all their annoying traits and choices. Being there for them. Never betraying their trust. Really, I think loyalty covers all of that.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: personal qualities

Forum: personal qualities

If I could, I would be less stubborn. I can get wrapped up in my mind and forget to listen (really, actually listen). I would love to be a more patient, mature friend and partner.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: 10 more years to live OR 1 million dollars?

Forum: 10 more years to live OR 1 million dollars?
Hey Sammy,

No contest! I would take the money. Who knows, I could be dead tomorrow. I want to live to the fullest and make amazing memories with those I love, and hopefully, make a positive impact on the world in the process.

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

Forum: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?
Hi Kate!

This raises more of a question about the connection someone has with their companions. Love is a drug, and drugs make us make decisions not easily understood by anyone else. I personally believe our (Western) society has shifted away from the connectivity of being human and into the technology age where someone would rather fall flat on their face than drop their phone.

Personally, my dog has been more consistently a part of my life than literally anyone else. No one has supported me more than her. So, you can bet money that I'd save her before some stranger whom I don't know. Someone that may or may not be worth saving. Call it inhumane, but humanity errs on the side of selfishness, and I selfishly care for a being that gives me so much happiness I couldn't imagine life without her.

Maybe we're devolving. Or, maybe we're shifting. Maybe we're going crazy. But, to be fair, Harambe wasn't even threatening that kid. #RIPHarambe

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: O Christmas Tree O Christmas tree

Forum: O Christmas Tree O Christmas tree
Hey Chasity,

I haven't had the opportunity of having my own tree, but when I do, I'd like it to be:

1. A real tree,
2. Decorated with minimal ornaments all related to a single theme (animals, snowflakes, etc),
3. and one color of lights, probably white.

I've thought about it before, it just sounds classy to me!

Have a happy holidays,


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