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I use lyft rather than Uber. Lyft tends to be more wheelchair friendly.

Subject: Re: Do you look more like mom or dad?

Forum: Do you look more like mom or dad?
Hey motivated one,

I inherited a lot of things from my parents. I inherited my dad's sense of humor, my mom's obsession with cleanliness for example. My mom and I both tend to be OCD in terms of germs.

People say I look most like my dad and I tend to agree. That's nothing to be ashamed of. I just hope I don't turn out with a receding hairline like my dad. I like my full head of hair thanks.

– Joey

Subject: What's your favorite soda?

Forum: What's your favorite soda?
Hey guys,

I am a soda addict. It is basically my go to beverage. I know it's probably not the healthiest thing the world, but it is basically my favorite beverage in the entire world. Besides, I'm already in a wheelchair... Haha.

Anyways, my favorite soda is Mountain Dew. More specifically, Mountain Dew voltage. It tastes amazing.

What's your favorite soda?

Did anyone see that Morgan Freeman Mountain Dew commercial last night? It was my favorite commercial last night.

Anyways, I look forward to reading your responses.

– Joey

Subject: Re: Anticipated Graduation Date/Graduation Date?

Forum: Anticipated Graduation Date/Graduation Date?
Hey James,

Congratulations on being able to graduate with your nursing degree next year. I think it's awesome. I also think that nurses get a bad rap. Doctors usually get all the credit for saving lives, but I know nurses make quite an impact too. Without nurses, our healthcare system would fall apart.

I graduated with a bachelor of science criminal justice degree and a criminal profiling certificate in January 2016 from the University of Central Florida. I am currently enrolled in graduate school at nova Southeastern University, where I am pursuing a Masters degree in forensic psychology. I hope to one day work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I am set to graduate with my Masters in forensic psychology in August of this year. So I'm super excited.

Thanks for reading!

– Joey

Subject: Re: Are you afraid of the dark?

Forum: Are you afraid of the dark?
"Oh you think darkness is your ally, you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it." (This is my favorite quote from Bane in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises).

To answer your question, no I am not afraid of the dark. I sleep in complete darkness, otherwise I cannot fall asleep. Besides, I basically have my house memorized where I can navigate without light. It is not the dark that I fear. When I was little, I used to be. But as I grew older, I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. When I was little, I used to watch the old show called, "unsolved mysteries" and then try to sleep in the dark, needless to say it was difficult. But now I know better. I'm not afraid of the dark. And if something lurks in the darkness like a monster or a armed robber, I I can defend myself now.

Great question.

– Joey

Subject: Re: Choose one! Plane, train or road-trip it?

Forum: Choose one! Plane, train or road-trip it?

if I'm traveling long distances, chances are it's by car. I'm a wheelchair-bound person, and traveling with the wheelchair is used by car. It is a pain to fly when in a wheelchair. Sometimes I have to go to Washington DC for work, and the last time I did when they put my wheelchair in the cargo area, they broke it. Needless to say I was very angry with the airline. So I would definitely prefer road trips. Besides, they're more fun. I love listening to music and playing car games

Subject: Re: Are you a seafood fan?

Forum: Are you a seafood fan?
I love shrimp, fish, lobster, gator tail too!

Subject: Re: What do you wear to sleep?

Forum: What do you wear to sleep?
Hey I got hot at night. So I usually just wear boxers. Usually superman and Batman ones. Haha

Subject: Re: What time can you eat breakfast food?

Forum: What time can you eat breakfast food?
I can't eat early in the morning. It messes up my stomach but I love to eat biscuits n gravy, I just usually have brunch

Subject: Are you religious?

Forum: Are you religious?
Hey guys,

Hope you're having a great Sunday morning. Are any of you religious? I was raised Christian, but never go to church. Can you be a Christian and not go to church? What do you think? Sundays are usually my only day off work, and I usually like to sleep in. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. I do read the Bible, and I feel that Jesus isn't going to penalize me for not going to church. What religious affiliation are you guys?

Are you actively involved in your religious practice? What are your beliefs?

I look forward to reading your responses. Have a great day.

– Joey

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