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Subject: Would you get a tattoo?

Forum: Would you get a tattoo?
Hi all,

I recently found out about temporary tattoos that look like real ones and last 2-3 weeks. I think this is the only tattoo I would get. I have thought about getting one but I am always wary of it. I don't know how I would like the same image day to day for the rest of my life. My husband wants tattoos but I am nervous about saying yes to it. I think eventually he will get some, but I would not.

What about you, do you have tattoos? would you ever get one? What of?

Have a good day

Subject: Re: When Are You Most Productive?

Forum: When Are You Most Productive?
Hi all,

I agree with Emma. I need to have a deadline to become very productive. A few days before the deadline I am most productive. When it gets closer I get more anxious to have the thing done. I can't do this with papers though. I need to get them done early or else I will panic close to the deadline and not get anything done.

Subject: Re: Are You Saving For Anything?

Forum: Are You Saving For Anything?
Hi all,

I am saving to go back to school. My husband and I are both going back to school this semester and it is pricey. My school is around $380 a credit hour. I know I need to start picking up more shifts to be able to save more money. I also need to cut my spending. I like to get coffee out but it can be expensive.

Subject: Re: What's your relationship status?

Forum: What's your relationship status?
Hi all,

I am happily married for 4 years now. I feel that over time our relationship has improved. We know each other better and can communicate better. It is exciting and fun to grow older and share my life with another person.

Subject: Re: Whomever replies gets a vote. Would U be voting ?

Forum: Whomever replies gets a vote. Would U be voting ?
Hi all,

I voted today. I tried to look at all the sides and all the elections, not just president. I don't discuss politics openly as I find it causes too much drama. I am now eagerly awaiting the results.

Subject: Re: How do you deal with relationship conflicts?

Forum: How do you deal with relationship conflicts?
Sometimes when I am in an argument with my significant other I will go for a walk around the block to cool off. I find this helps because when I get back I've thought through what I want to say and how I want to say it. This way we actually resolve our conflict and don't say needlessly hurtful things.

With my family I tend to need to give things a bit more time and space. If I fight with my sister I might not speak with her for a few days. My family is a bit hot headed and without the cooling off time sometimes yelling starts. I have been learning how to resolve my problems without yelling and losing my cool. It is not an easy thing when that is what you grew up with.

Subject: Re: seasons

Forum: seasons
Hi all,

I love summer time the most. I get cold really easily and so summer is about the only time I go without a sweater. Spring is nice too because it is still warm and I do like to see the flowers bloom. Winter is always a struggle for me. I get so cold in my house that I have to bundle up. Then when I go to work or really anywhere public the heat blasts and I am uncomfortably warm. I always end up carrying a sweater or jacket around with me. Winter is coming up on us now so I am dragging out all my warm clothes to get ready.

Subject: Re: Turkey or ham

Forum: Turkey or ham
I actually like both. Most of my family doesn't like ham done the same way I like it so I stick to turkey on thanksgiving. I like turkey with cranberry dressing. When I have ham i like to bake it with pineapple and brown sugar. My favorite thanksgiving dish though is sweet potatoes with maple and walnuts.

Subject: Re: What is your normal workout routine?

Forum: What is your normal workout routine?
I hardly ever work out. When I do it is usually a bike ride with friends. Sometimes I go for walks or play in the park with my nieces and nephews. That is a pretty big workout. I don't have anything routine that I do to keep fit. When I do workout the only change in my diet is water. I drink a lot more water when I am active. I don't eat differently though.

Subject: Re: Minimum wage in your State

Forum: Minimum wage in your State
The minimum wage in Michigan is $8.50. I haven't worked for minimum wage in about two years. I am really happy with my current job and the pay is pretty good. I would not want to go back to minimum wage.

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