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Subject: Re: what do you crave when you're feeling sick?

Forum: what do you crave when you're feeling sick?
Hi Court,

When I am sick I almost always crave Chicken and Rice soup. I always pair it with some ice cold orange juice. I think a big part of getting better when feeling sick with a cold is keeping a positive mindset.

When I get the chills from a fever I always catch myself making a nice hot cup of black tea with some honey!

Have a wonderful day,

Subject: Re: Soda or Nah

Forum: Soda or Nah
Hello Anna,

I grew up in a household where one of my parents could not go a single say without drinking soda. As a child I was never interested in soda because I did not like the carbonation. As I grew up into a young adult I became very thankful that I did not drink soda. The amount of health problems that soda causes is ridiculous.

I think that children should not be drinking soda. Soda has addictive ingredients and I do not believe it is beneficial to their mental or physical health.

Subject: Re: Name Your College

Forum: Name Your College
I currently attend Arizona State University!!!! Hands down one of the best places ever. I have never felt more blessed in my life, ASU is the perfect university. It is November and I am still able to go to the pool, it is amazing. On top of that, ASU is the largest public university in the United States!
Go Sundevils!

Subject: Re: Road Trips

Forum: Road Trips
I've taken millions of road trips! Most of the time I am the one driving, which I love because I have power over the music. I also love being a passenger because when the adventure is over I can take a nice recovery nap.

Most of the road trips I go on is to the lake or a rad hiking spot. The last road trip I had was to the lake with one of my sorority sisters. We jammed out so country music and just laughed at all of the funny memories we share. I think one of the best ways to strengthen friendships is to take a spontaneous road trip.

Subject: Re: Did You Have Braces?

Forum: Did You Have Braces?
All I can say is that I did have braces and thank God. I had braces on for about a year and a half when I first went into high school. My teeth wee not super bad, but braces was a good idea. I personally feel that once I got my braces off my self confidence increased dramatically.

Shout out for my parents to telling me to get braces and for always making me floss. Now that I am much older I can not even begin to explain how blessed I feel to have "nice teeth".

Subject: Re: Yellow Light: Speed Up or Slow Down?

Forum: Yellow Light: Speed Up or Slow Down?
I always speed up when it comes to yellow lights. I tend to have need for speed and enjoy to live life on the edge so the yellow light always gives me an adrenaline rush. Now that I really think about it, I do not this thank I have ever actually slowed down for a yellow light. I understand we are supposed to slow down, but I was always taught to speed up because life is too short to wait another 2 minutes at a light.

Subject: Re: What can adults learn from children?

Forum: What can adults learn from children?
I love this question. I have worked with kids the past two years and personally I have learned so much. I learned that sometimes we need to relax and smile for a second. We can't forget to laugh even when it is about something small. Life goes by quick and we can't just get stuck in a rut.

Sometimes I forget that life is short and we must ensure we use every second to the fullest. I feel that having a seller imagination is also important. Shout out to all the kids this past summer that highlighted these key components.

Subject: Re: Do you manage your schedule or.........?

Forum: Do you manage your schedule or.........?
I've come to the conclusion that if something is not in my planner, it will NOT get done. I plan everything for about a month and a half ahead of time in order to stay organized. I just started to color code everything and I really feel like that has helped me.

For example, everything highlighted in yellow is an assignment. Everything in green is work related and everything in blue is sorority related. I used to be super unorganized, but now I think I have it somewhat together.

Subject: Re: What Did You Want When You Were A Child?

Forum: What Did You Want When You Were A Child?
Oh goodness, when I was a kid it was almost impossible to have me leave the grocery store without a wonderball. I hope I am not the only one who was obsessed with those candies! I remember giving my mom the puppy dog eyes every time we walked by the candy isle.

I'm laughing because even now I can't leave the store without getting a little candy for myself. I guess some things just never change.

Subject: Re: Should vaccines be mandatory?

Forum: Should vaccines be mandatory?
I grew up with parents, grandparents, and uncles all in the medical field and they have always pushed for vaccines. Now that I am older and have looked up information about the topic I could not agree with their view points more.

I believe vaccines SHOULD be mandatory. At the end of the day if you are not vaccinated you are not only putter yourself at risk, but thousands of people whom you come in contact with. I have always had my vaccines and I will always stand by this view point. Thanks for the awesome question!

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