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Subject: Re: Which ride is safer ? plane, car, boat or walking

Forum: Which ride is safer ? plane, car, boat or walking
Hello guys!!!

I love to fly!! I think cars are very unsafe! I like boats but only cruises and if we are on the lake on a pontoon or something! I enjoy walking the most though because froma visual side sometimes you can see and observe more when your actually passing by and can stop and take a moment to see what's up.

Have a awesome day!!

Subject: Re: 1000 posts!!

Forum: 1000 posts!!
Hi Ashley!

Well I just joined the Cnet Family a few weeks back but I love this site and I love being able to speak to others about life and our own thoughts that sometimes we may not be able to discuss with certain people! I believe this website is an outlet for all of us to speak our mind! With that being said I haven't reached your status but I sure hope so!! Congratulations on your accomplishments!!

Have a great day!!

Subject: Re: Where Do Your Un-needed clothes go?

Forum: Where Do Your Un-needed clothes go?
Hi Iman!

I'm all for community service and giving back to those who need it. I love shoes a lot so I'm not that hard on them but I do give away shoes at least once a year! My clothes on the other hand I have some tshirts that are just so precious too me I can't give them away! Stains and all! But the rest of my clothes my family and I either drop them off to Goodwill, in my city we have areas all around the city where you can go and drop of clothes and shoes. We give to yard sales and hand down clothes and shoes and furniture and etc. I think giving back is an expression of ourselves! It shows humility and the willingness to want to help others that may not have the same opportunities as you or I may have! It's a free country and we should all be able to live it as we want!

Have a awesome day! Good luck to everyone today!!!!!

Subject: Uber driver/riders

Forum: Uber driver/riders
Hey all my scholars!!

I drive for Uber on the side for extra cash and I hear good and bad things about it.

Do any of you guys drive or use Uber? Did you like your experience?

Have an awesome! Good luck to everyone!

Subject: Re: Whats my favorite number and color? Get a vote!

Forum: Whats my favorite number and color? Get a vote!
Your favorite number is 7 and favorite color is yellow

Subject: Re: Do You Keep Your Old School Work?

Forum: Do You Keep Your Old School Work?
Hi Jason, I'm just like you I like to keep some of my old school work! You never know the references you may need or get a great idea from if you reference some old work. Plus it teaches us and makes us more appreciative of our education and how far we have grown as individuals intellectually.

Have a awesome night everyone!

Subject: Nursing moms covered vs. uncovered

Forum: Nursing moms covered vs. uncovered
So I nursed my son for 11 months, during that time period it was very hard to nurse him when necessary and I never really had much luck with the pump. I see so much talk on social media and in the news about people feeling so uncomfortable when they say women nursing their children. I don't see the problem or sexual issue behind a women nurturing her child. It kind of angers me when people comparing nursing to women wearing more revealing or form fitting clothing and say that this is ok. I'm all for showing off a good body hey you worked hard for that but at the end of the day people need to understand that nursing is natural and I'm sure people would be even more pissed if there was a screaming baby in the area because he or she is hungry.

My question is have you ever had an experience where you witnessed a mother nursing if so how did it make you feel? Do you feel like women should cover themselves while they nurse in public?

Subject: Re: Spankings - great to discipline?

Forum: Spankings - great to discipline?
Hi all!!

I am at a crossroads with spanking my son. When I was growing up my two older siblings received spankings but I was born almost 11 years later so by then my parents were kind of just over it with spankings. Fast forward 25 years and I have my own son and he is only 1 but we are going through the hitting, not sharing, saying no, and etc stage. My hubby was raised pretty strict so he's all for giving spankings but I think my son is a little too young at 1 years old. I do believe my son or all children for that matter, have a since of right from wrong but I don't agree with spankings in public. My hubby and I agree that public spankings only makes the child feel embarrassed or some may not even understand why they are spanked and continue to act out.

All in all I think there is a time and place for spankings. I do believe there are other forms of discipline for children besides strictly spankings.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Which do you use more: laptop or phone?

Forum: Which do you use more: laptop or phone?
Hi Guys!

I use my phone for everything! I literally let my son play in our laptop or I only use it for typing major papers for class or for work. Outside of that my iPhone is my right hand man! It's just quick and convient and user friendly!

Hope everyone has a awesome night!

Subject: Re: How do you eat vegetables

Forum: How do you eat vegetables
Oh my goodness!! Loving all the response I got!! Thank you guys so much for your help!!! Got some great ideas for your posts!!

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