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Subject: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Forum: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hello Cnetters

I am a waitress and one of my biggest pet peeves is when a table calls me over in the middle of a rush because they want to order. Then they sit there looking over the menu, trying to decide what to get. I'm just standing there waiting patiently, but in my head, I'm just like I could be getting table 3 water, table 13 has drinks at the bar, table 7 needs ketchup, hurry up!!! It drives me nut because on a busy Friday night, I do not have the time to stand there and wait for the person to decide! Sorry mini rant over. Anyway, what's your pet peeve?

Subject: Re: Do Profile Pictures Matter?

Forum: Do Profile Pictures Matter?
Welp, time to go update my profile and add a picture.

Subject: Re: Tax time have you filed?

Forum: Tax time have you filed?
I finished my taxes in January because I knew I was going to get money back and I really needed it at that point. It was nice to get some money back.

Subject: Re: Wedding cost

Forum: Wedding cost

Occasionally, it is the father of the bride who foots the bill for the wedding, but more often than not, the couple will pay for the wedding themselves. I haven't heard of anyone's parents paying for their wedding in a long time. Then again, my family and my friends tend to be middle to lower middle class where its not really a possibility. I do plan on getting married eventually, and in that case, I want the wedding to be as cost effective as possible. The wedding dress will probably be a couple hundred dollars, as well as the Tuxes. The most expensive part is going to be the venue and the catering. With that, plus the honeymoon, it is going to be really difficult to have a wedding for under $10,000. I plan on doing most of my own decorations, bridal bouquets, wedding favors, etc to cut costs.

Wedding rings all vary depending on size of diamond, metal type, design, etc. There is a huge markup for wedding rings that, in my opinion, is really quite unnecessary. When I get proposed to, I don't want a diamond ring. I want a ring with sapphires and emeralds, which is still expensive, but less so. On Amazon, you can find some seriously beautiful rings for under $1,000. Real gold (not gold plated) too.

Subject: Re: Is It Impossible for Some People to Lose Weight?

Forum: Is It Impossible for Some People to Lose Weight?
I do believe anyone can be skinny. It's pretty much all diet. Even for people with hormonal issues, the reason for being overweight is overeating. I don't think that people who are overweight are considered lazy, I believe they are uninformed about proper diet. In this day and age, there are tons of scams out there, the wrap, weight loss drinks, etc. There's so much incorrect information on the internet hat it makes it hard to determine fiction from fact. There are some things that can make people gain weight at a faster weight (like artificial sweetener because it basically confuses your body. If you want to read the science behind it, here is a reliable article.

Weight gain comes down to this: Calories in vs Calories out. Basically, how many calories you eat must be less than how many calories you put out (via metabolic processes, exercise, etc). Your body has an Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) that it need to mantian your current weight. This is NOT the 2,000 calories a day that used to be recommended. That study is no longer applicable. The truth is, everyone's TDEE is going to be different based on what they do every day, so there really is no baseline. If you want to lose weight, eat less than what your TDEE is. Here's a calucator in case anyone wants to figure it out.

I apologize if I sound preachy, but I used to be overweight and struggled with losing weight. I was under the notion that it was impossible and my body wasn't built for weight loss. I had a friend who pointed me in the right direction, and I studied up on all of this type of stuff. I became an expert on what I should and shouldn't eat. I found out that I grossly overestimated the amount of calories I was eating in a day. I used an app called My Fitness Pal to keep track of calories and the fat just melted off. I did exercise as well, but you don't need to exercise to lose weight. Just eat less.

*When I say you, I don't mean you specifically, I mean the general you.

Subject: Re: Which finger(s) does the job?

Forum: Which finger(s) does the job?
I am definitely a middle finger gal myself. It's occasionally problematic because I will scratch my nose or ear or whatever with my middle finger and it looks like I'm flipping people off.

Subject: Re: Name somthing or someone that makes you smile?

Forum: Name somthing or someone that makes you smile?

Everyone has really sweet and endearing responses, and I just came here to say lime hot cheetos. They are my absolute favorite and I will binge eat an entire bag. They are delicious.

Subject: Have you ever lost a pet?

Forum: Have you ever lost a pet?
Hello CNet,

I'm in a tough spot. My sweet, amazing little mini aussie is dying. She's 14, so I guess it's expected, but it's still really hard. When I was 7, I picked her out from her littler. She was the one who was climbing all over me, biting, trying to play, etc. She's been so much fun throughout my life. She's been a huge part of its. It's really hard to see her decline. She can't see really well anymore, will stand and stare at the wall all confused, won't eat, vomits when she does eat, and she has a lot of incontinence problems. I hate seeing her like this. I want her to be the energetic puppy I've know for the last 14 years, but I know that's not possible. She's lived a good life, and I'm really glad I got to provide it for her.

Anyway, my question is, how did you handle your beloved pet's decline and eventual passing?

Subject: Re: Are pit bulls really that scary?

Forum: Are pit bulls really that scary?
Hello Crimson Actuary,

I love pit bulls. I have never owned one, but I've had friends and relative who adopted the breed. I've found they are so lovable and sweet. They are truly amazing dogs. The reason for the stigma, is partially because they are protective over their humans. Many (but not all) will fight someone who attacks their human. People saw how these dogs can be aggressive, and started breeding them to be aggressive and guard dogs. They get a lot of flack because pit bulls are muscley, strong dogs and can appear aggressive, even if they are not.

In all honesty though, any dog can be mean and aggressive. It really just depends on how they are raised and brought up. If a dog is loved and paid attention to, it is highly unlikely the dog will be aggressive. However, the opposite is also true. Dogs that are abused and starved will be more aggressive in order to defend themselves.

I love dogs, and I would have no problem adopting a pit bull! They are honestly so sweet and kind. They have such big hearts.

Subject: Re: What is Your Greatest Fear?

Forum: What is Your Greatest Fear?

It's hard to narrow down fears. Sometimes you don't even know why you fear something: you just do. I would say I have a few major fears. My first one, that is much simpler, is a fear of spiders. I hate those sneaky little bastards. I avoid when possible and have my friends/ family kill them for me when needed.

However, a more important and serious fear is the fear of my loved ones dying. It doesn't really affect me on a day to day basis, or even that much. It's just something that is in the back of my mind and that I am aware of. Things like driving long distances makes me nervous for my loved ones because accidents happen all the time and you never know what can happen. I do not let it control me, though. There are things in life I can't really control. While the thought of losing my loved ones is a terrifying one, I know it is unlikely this will occur anytime soon. I guess it is a bit of denial, thinking "oh that won't happen to me." But that helps me relax and not worry about it.

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