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Subject: Re: Do women have to shave?

Forum: Do women have to shave?
I am a woman and I shave often. But, I am a firm believer in self expression. So, I guess if women don't want to shave, they shouldn't.

I'm not as open-minded as I sound. I must admit, if I saw the dancing woman that you mentioned, I would definitely take notice... and maybe even share my opinion with friends over dinner.

But, in theory, I'm open to the idea of self expression. I guess, in practice, I'm a bit of an A hole. :)


Subject: Re: Cultural Differences

Forum: Cultural Differences
I have noticed that behavior as well. I am from Minnesota, we have a saying "Minnesota Nice". Because people here are overly friendly. We even wave at people (strangers) as they drive past us. We, of course, don't wave at people in the city or on a highway, that would be crazy. But if you are driving on a back road and you come across another vehicle, you always wave or nod.

I originally came from Ohio. I never noticed this kind of behavior there. I don't think it is common in Ohio. I smile or say hello to people that walk past me. But, I never wave when I'm driving... that's just weird :)

I found an article written by an international student regarding greetings in America. His experience was different. He talked about the way that Americans greet strangers and in his culture that was considered invading someone's personal space.



Subject: Re: What is your biggest flaw?

Forum: What is your biggest flaw?
@Joey - Damn, you make us all sound so trivial :)

My biggest flaw is that I talk too much and don't listen enough. At least I'm aware of it. That's a step in the right direction right?

I watched a fantastic Ted talk about listening. It's called "10 ways to have a better conversation". Give it a listen.



Subject: Re: Do you smoke?

Forum: Do you smoke?
I quit smoking around 8 years ago. But, I still smoke occasionally. Although, I won't consider myself a smoker.

Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did. Something I found helpful was reading about what changes occur in your body within hours of quitting.

Here is an article about the changes that occur. Some of them happen surprisingly fast.



Subject: Does the way you dress affect your career?

Forum: Does the way you dress affect your career?
Hi Cnet.

I'm wearing a dress today. It's a little low cut, just a little. But, I work in a corporate office. I am always struggling with how conservative should I be. I don't want to wear turtlenecks every day but I don't want to wear something that would make someone take notice.

Do you dress conservatively when you go to work? How much do you think the way you dress affects your career?

I found a BusinessInsider article that states the way you dress at work significantly influences the way people perceive you and the way they react to you.



Subject: Re: Studying with or without music?

Forum: Studying with or without music?
I never, ever listen to music while doing school work. My daughter loves to. I used to try to get her to stop. It seems like you shouldn't be able to concentrate. But, apparently it works for some people. So, I've stopped lecturing her about it.

One summer at work, we were getting a new roof. I was on the top floor so I could hear the construction crew's music. It made me crazy. I could barely get anything done. I don't know why I find it so distracting.


Subject: Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

Forum: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway
Good point, about gut feelings during exams.

When I take exams, I always go with my gut. I'm a good test-taker, I might not remember the knowledge later, but I always perform well on tests. I am usually the first one done. Not because I am trying to hurry, but because I just go with my gut, I never spend too much time over-thinking it. When I do, I end up with a wrong answer.

My classmates tease me about testing so quickly. I have to admit, it's not because I'm extremely smart (maybe I should just let them think that) it's just my "go with my gut" process.


Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to next month?

Forum: What are you looking forward to next month?
@Sammy - where in Wisconsin is your Pug Festival? I've never heard of it. Although, I'm not a dog festival expert :)

I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. I will take Monday off, so a long weekend. We bought a cabin on the lake a few months ago. I say "cabin", it's more of a shack/lean-to but it will be fun to spend the weekend there. I am going this weekend but it won't be as fun because it's out-of-season, so the tourists won't be there yet. I'm guessing there will be some kind of county fair. Mmm, corndogs.


Subject: Re: I Got pulled over by the police

Forum: I Got pulled over by the police
It's funny that you would post this. An hour ago, I purchased a hands-free from Amazon so I can take calls while I drive. Now, I wonder if it's even legal in my state.

I took a new job this year and I have a lot of meetings. I also have a long commute home (45 minutes!). This morning, I realized "why don't I multi-task". If I have a hands-free device, I can drive home while I'm doing my last conference call of the day.

I drive a stick so it's impossible to drive and talk on the phone unless you have a hands-free device. I wouldn't make it a block before I'd get in an accident.


Subject: Re: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?

Forum: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?
I think paid vacation days are very important. Unfortunately, a lot of lower paying jobs do not offer paid vacation days. Which is counter-intuitive because this is the population that could most use paid vacation days.

I get 29 paid vacation days a year plus holidays. I think this is adequate. My last job gave me 39 paid vacation days a year and no holidays. I very rarely, if ever, used all of my vacation days.


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