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Subject: Searching for jobs? Updated LinkedIn profile?

Forum: Searching for jobs? Updated LinkedIn profile?
Hey all,

I have been trying to get an internship opportunity for the summer and one of the very first thing I had to do was to hone my resume and LinkedIn profile. So how about you guys, do you keep an updated LinkedIn profile always or just when you are looking for a job?

Are any of you currently looking for jobs or internships? Have you tried the LinkedIn premium? Any tips for job search, contacting recruiters and building profile ?

I hope this forum helps all those who are looking for summer internship or other full-time opportunities and will be graduating this semester and yet to land a job. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

Have a happy weekend :)


Subject: Re: What is your daily morning routine?

Forum: What is your daily morning routine?
Hey Kyle,

My daily morning routine is pretty much like yours as well. But then I'm even lazier. I sometimes sleep in so late that I have to skip breakfast. There have been days when I have to just brush my teeth and go, so like Regina I do take a bath before hitting the sack the previous night.

Nowadays, I'm surprising myself with a newer low. Sometimes, when I think that I can't sit through class fully without having breakfast or am too sleepy, I just sleep back in and wake up later in the afternoon and watch the lecture as it gets uploaded online. Well, the main reason for my disrupted morning routine is that I just am a night owl and not sleeping in the night has its own negative impact I should say on the start of the next day. I'm trying to change this though.


Subject: Re: What other Scholarship opportunities do you take?

Forum: What other Scholarship opportunities do you take?
Hey all,

I have one other scholarship other than CollegeNet. It's Achievement Award Scholarship for New Engineering Graduate Students that includes a partial tuition waiver awarded in view of outstanding credentials exhibited during undergraduate degree. It's provided by Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at UF and amounts to $4500 ($1500 per semester for 3 semesters). This I could get due to my performance in undergrad being meritorious and only a few of us got this one.

But even after deducting the scholarship amount, I still have a large fee to pay. What really helps then is the fact that I'm trying for scholarships at CNet which I feel is one of the best opportunities for scholarships.


Subject: Re: Amazon Prime

Forum: Amazon Prime
Hey Alex,

I somehow am not using Amazon a lot these days. During my undergrad I used to have an Amazon Prime subscription but then nowadays I find Walmart cheaper and better for my needs as they have this option of pickup which can be faster than Amazon at times, like same day pick up which I think is cool for people like me who are lazy and impatient to wait and have a tight schedule.

I still use Amazon but a bit sparingly, in fact the laptop that I'm typing from right now was bought from Amazon only.


Subject: Re: What is your favorite Pie?

Forum: What is your favorite Pie?
Hey Jenelu,

My favorite pie would have to be the mushroom spinach pie. It's just so delicious from a shop I used to buy, a french shop called 'AuroBakes'. I remember this specially because my English mam used to make a variant of this with sweet corn added too and used to come give us in our hostel while I was doing my undergrad. The love with which she used to cook foods and give is just overwhelming.

Subject: Re: Longest Work Day

Forum: Longest Work Day
Hey the wintersun,

I haven't worked at part time for such long shifts as I had had a basketball referee role. But when it comes to working in the lab, I pull all nighters all the time and have gone up till 19 hours with the help of caffeine and troublesome code bugs that needed to be fixed before a presentation.

In these I have a lot of experience, by attending hackathons a lot.


Subject: Re: Test Taking Tips

Forum: Test Taking Tips
Hey Alex,

First of all, have some faith in yourself and stay calm as you have put in the hard work. It's not going to help if you worry. I agree with both Kyle and Regina that you should't second guess, as most times I come out and discuss that paper with friends to find out that my initial answer would have been correct and it was a foolish move of me to have changed the answer.

Next to some general tips. Finish early and just revise on the morning of the exam and don't keep reading till the last minute. Always take easy questions, the ones you know answers for surely first. Then go ahead with the harder ones. Always keep track of time, never let it too late. If you have many questions and it's a long paper then make sure you pace your answers such that you get enough time for all questions and don't spend too much time writing just one question that you know a lot about.


Subject: Re: What do you think of makeup? Do you wear it, why?

Forum: What do you think of makeup? Do you wear it, why?
Hey Elisa,

Nice question. First of all, I beg to differ in my views. I don't like makeup. Let me correct myself, I don't like makeup on myself. On girls, I don't like too much make up. Maybe most men might not like to have it on themselves. May be it's just peer pressure. Girls see other girls, their friends maybe wearing really beautiful makeup- fall for it, ask the person wearing them about it and they too wear it the next day. Guys don't care much about fashion sense unless they are trying to woo a girl. There is not going to be "I want that style from tomorrow" attitude in me mostly because I'm lazy and sometimes shy to go ask others where they got a haircut, plus nor will I feel jealous or threatened if someone does something fashionable. Most of the time, the way guys cope up with someone trying something new is a sadistic way of discouraging the person who did try something new by commenting how bad it looked or something. This is just few people who will mock you for everything.

As to this:
"I have gone to class before with no makeup on in the past, and people would legit tap on me and ask me if I was sick."

Well you made it a habit to wear makeup I presume, that when you don't wear people tend to see something off about you and ask if you are sick. Say you don't wear makeup for a month, do you think they would after that, it's just what you do that forms people's perception of you.

Maybe some people are too self conscious at a unisex gym and don't want to look bad while they work out. It's their choice but my doubt is won't all the makeup get washed with all the sweat and make you look more of a mess and worse than normal or do they don't workout as hard as I do and don't sweat that much?

You might not have expected these answers nor a guy to answer in this forum first but then, these are my views on makeup.


Subject: Re: Geofilters

Forum: Geofilters
Hey Emma,

I personally don't use Snapchat but I believe that Gainesville being a university town and with so many students using Snapchat, it should have a Geofilter.

Coming to your issue of no Snapchat Geofilter for your home town, you can create one yourself easily according to this site


Try it out and everyone from your home town will be happy because of you.


Subject: Re: What is your LEAST favorite food?

Forum: What is your LEAST favorite food?
Wow, tough question. I am stumped, Kyle.

I just realized how nice a kid I have been from childhood. I used to eat everything. I mean even the bitter vegetables which were my least favorite once, became a favorite when mom made bitter gourd chips roasted crisp and hot. That's what my mom does, gives the least favorite food of mine in a very appealing way and ta-da, I'm a fan suddenly. Well, it's not just that. My sister has always had a different plan on her own. Whenever she didn't like anything, she just found it easy to dump it on my plate and I ended up eating more of her least favorite food as well. So I guess, I really don't have a least favorite food to point at. I'm a foodie and somehow love to eat everything and somehow manage to as I have kind of got conditioned from childhood not to complain while eating as there are so many in this world who don't get food. So being choosy or not eating due to liking and wasting food is in a way injustice to those people who starve for days without food and hence I turned out to just like all food. :)

Have a great day!

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