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Subject: Re: Oh wonderful sleep!

Forum: Oh wonderful sleep!
Hey J.L,

I have no rights to even post in this forum.

My belief is to have long deep sleep for at least 6 hours daily just once. But I end up having so much irregular sleep that I am forced to take short naps here and there, especially during boring classes and silent situations.

Sleep can also be dangerous sometimes.


Subject: Re: first car?

Forum: first car?
Hey Reema,

I still don't have a car of my own. I hope the day I can afford a car by myself is near.

Let's hope!

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Forum: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!
Hey yb2017,

You are right, we do have to celebrate life. In that spirit, my heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday!!! :) Have a blast! Keep smiling like the sunflower in your display picture.

@Kuuleialoha, Belated birthday wishes to you too. Hope you enjoyed it!!

I'm feeling bad after seeing this forum. Should we have an option to know people's birthdays in here ? Some extra functionality like greetings that can be more than limited 5 postings on birthdays alone. Won't that be a cool feature?


Subject: Voting code- SMS trouble? Late delivery yesterday?

Forum: Voting code- SMS trouble? Late delivery yesterday?
Hey guys,

Is it just me or did you all experience trouble with voting yesterday? Was the server down or something in the evening.

One of the members in my family plan in T-mobile had paid the bill late. So, I was wondering whether the problem was with the cellular service and went on to talk with department after department of customer service as they kept forwarding me to this expert or that and kept putting me on hold as I had to hear their not-so-pleasant repetitive music

This went for nearly 3.5 hours. I had pressed on send voting code more times and the messages were coming late, like 3 hours after but by then I had gotten signed out. So I tried and tried and waited for the SMS.

Did any of you have this problem as well? Any T-Mobile users?


Subject: Re: Can you tell time on watches? Analog vs Digital

Forum: Can you tell time on watches? Analog vs Digital
I obviously prefer the digital one. Though I'm comfortable with both, the digital one kind of spoon-feeds you and I'm a lazy guy to be honest. Plus it comes in handy when you are in a crisis situation or right before an important presentation when you are preoccupied thinking about something else. Digital watches don't need that much attention as analog and you can even get the time when you are half awake.


Subject: Re: What are 3 things you have to do everyday?

Forum: What are 3 things you have to do everyday?
Hey all,

Okay my third thing to do is going to be something you all do but probably missed out.

1. Shower and cleaning up.
2. Attending to emails and appointments
3. Post on CollegeNet and see what's being discussed and vote on cool posts.

Okay, the third one is not been there for a long time, but since it started, it has been sort of a habit. Not really a "have to" but something I enjoy, so end up doing anyway.

But an actual "have to" would be eating food


Subject: Re: Most Useful Apps??

Forum: Most Useful Apps??
Hey I think you may have left the bold still on! Let me just see if this takes care of it.

Alright, the one I love using the most is Whatsapp. I have all my different class groups in there and people text whenever something important is happening and I can prepare such. We also use the group to ask questions and discuss subject matter.

I get to also connect with family through groups, voice and video call. So that's pretty cool.


Subject: Re: How many times a day you get on Facebook?

Forum: How many times a day you get on Facebook?
Hey Fhr,

I have set my settings on important notifications only. So every time, something important comes up and I find it interesting, I go inside Facebook and spend some time checking out all the activity that has been accumulated till then.

I guess my habit of going into Facebook only for selective notifications is caused by how slow the app loads in my phone. Plus, each time I go in, I spend a lot of time scrolling through the news feed and end up wasting a lot of time.

To answer your question, it maybe around 0-5 times a day. (really just depends on notification, friend's activities, etc.)


Subject: Are you a confident singer?

Forum: Are you a confident singer?
Hey guys,

All of us listen to music. We will hum some song maybe when we are alone or in the bath or some of you may even be a professional singer.

Let's see, how many of you are okay if suddenly someone calls you up on stage in a function and hands you the microphone. Will you be confident enough to sing your favorite song ?

I think I may not be. Unless I prepare for days and I'm sure that I can pull it off(at least not kill the song), I won't get on stage impromptu.

Curious to see your replies!

Subject: Re: Dark Discussion: Suicide

Forum: Dark Discussion: Suicide
Hey Bry,

I'm sorry for your loss. It's hard to get closure when a friend commits suicide when you thought the person was so happy. Suicide is a terrible thing to do when there are loved ones who care about you.

I guess it's selfish in most cases and not respecting others. Only case it can be okay is when a strange scenario where them being alive is going to affect the person's loved ones in a adverse way. We have heard of some cancer patients opting for euthanasia. This is definitely different than assisted suicide and both these are legal in some places.

As of June 2016, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, and Luxembourg. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Canada, and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC, and California.


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