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Subject: Re: Who inspires you?

Forum: Who inspires you?
Hey all,

We all will have that one person we might respect and revere in life because they may have made an impact on us through their actions. It may be a celebrity like Keanu Reeves for some. I really respect him for his down to earth nature and how he has taken so much grief in life and has just battled on. He's a great inspiration to many who are facing a hard time in life.

For me it's not just one but both my parents. The strife that they have gone through to put me in a good position which is so contrasting to their childhood and college life (my dad didn't even have college life as he chose to work instead for the sake of his younger siblings' education) is so selfless that even as I type this I have a lump in my throat right now.

How they have worked hard and sacrificed and made my life better is not just it! Everything from how they help others to how they do what is right and how they manage and excel at work in an outstanding manner are all reasons for me to give my best in what I do.

They are my inspiration and will be the reason why I would want to do well. Putting a smile on their faces whenever possible is one persistent ambition though there maybe ups and downs like arguments and fights.

I'm also inspired by Yousafzai Malala, Nelson Mandela, Veera Pandiya Katta Bomman and Elon Musk.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: For yourself

Forum: For yourself
Hey Melinda,

Sadly no. It's been so known a fact that I don't watch movies that people comeback to me whenever T-Mobile gives that offer for cinema tickets. The most I have done for myself in the last few days is to try and work to progress on projects and my subjects. Other than that it's been pretty uneventful. I do sit and watch a game online while the code is running in the background or see some funny show .

That's pretty much it. Hopefully summer would be better. :)

Cheers ,

Subject: Re: How many different homes have you lived in?

Forum: How many different homes have you lived in?
Hey Riley,

Like in Harry Potter, my number is 7. I have lived in six homes before this. Four of them with family of which two were in different places. Two were like with friends in hostel and the very last one was the most fun as I was in final year of my undergrad. Now too, it's a different type of fun and my seventh house is with 6 people in total. All are grad students like me, so we don't get much time to have fun but when we meet, we make it count.


Subject: Re: Longest work day

Forum: Longest work day
Hey Melinda,

What a coincidence, it was yesterday for me as well. I slept for nearly 10 hours after that.

I had gone in to my lab day before yesterday around 10 am or so. I returned yesterday around 10.30 pm. Sure this was roughly around a 36 hour marathon of coding and debugging.
There was a time when I napped on my computer desk for about an hour or so around 5 am yesterday, but that's all.

Then when I came back, I just collapsed on my bed with the laptop still on and me trying to get my program to work in vain. Finally, I think it's working now after I tried it with some changes today morning. Maybe yesternight I was too tired to think clearly.


Subject: Re: Is the Circus inhumane?

Forum: Is the Circus inhumane?
Hi Jordan,

I have been to a few circus shows before but not to the ones by Ringling Brothers. I have seen places where the trainer and the animals are in such a cordial relationship and they don't need to torture them to train them for their acts. But in most places that's not true. I don't know about the Ringling Brothers, so I can't comment on them.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals, if trained with love over a long time, they don't need to be treated badly. But some trainers in a haste to get them to perform as they are a great source of income, start using violence which is really bad for them.

This is something that must be changed in order to have circus shows but still keep them humane.


Subject: Re: How do you study for exams?

Forum: How do you study for exams?
Hey all,

I just start with watching the recorded video lectures again or if I hadn't attended classes for the first time and it turns out to be the latter one, most often than not. Once I'm done with that I read from the text or see online resources and practice problems if necessary.

If I get time, I try to take a look at past year papers to get an idea of how the question paper could look like!


Subject: Re: What Do You Usually Do On Saturday Night?

Forum: What Do You Usually Do On Saturday Night?
Hey Eddie,

No I don't have a routine. Mostly, it's just working on my projects or assignments as I'd have wasted Friday night. Saturday nights are so lame for me that I might end up pulling all-nighters in my lab or in the library and I try my best to be productive then.


Subject: Re: What do you do with old books?

Forum: What do you do with old books?
Hey Jenni,

Like Crimson, I too am a hoarder. I got into this habit mainly because my books were all usually those given away as prizes for academic achievements in the school annual day. So, they do mean a lot to me, of the hard work that I had to put in to get there. I still am in awe of incident from my childhood that kind of defined who I am today.

It was my upper kindergarten annual prize giving day.
My parents were happy that I got some prize(it was a third place in handwriting). My mother was actually upset on seeing me upset after the function and had asked me why. I was not content with just third place because we didn't get books; only the first prize winners did.

Therein, in a crazy childhood jealousy at other winners, my bibliophilia was born. My mom sat down with me (she's a teacher, left her job) and made me so thorough in a all the subjects that I won the proficiency award many a times and also went on to win the Victor award for best outgoing student. With that came loads of books that I had wanted, and I treasure them as souvenirs as they have in the first page a small chit which says for which subject's first place that I was awarded that book.

Sorry I drifted away into a story, this is what when it is about books. I do give away books that I bought and not won as prizes but the ones I got as prizes, even to lend out I'm pretty cautious.


Subject: Re: Your least successful forum?

Forum: Your least successful forum?
Hi Sammy,

My fail forum would be one to congratulate people who had won and encourage others who had lost that week like me to also cheer up and try harder the next time. I guess it didn't really become a hit because I didn't ask any question in the forum. I just assumed people would talk when some discussion has started. I guess that was my mistake.

It had no replies at all, and I looked like an utter fool :P So lesson learnt, always be clear and precise in what you want the people who read your forum to do. If it's a question it won't be a problem. If it's a statement, if it's not cheerful enough, it'd be awkward for people to continue the conversation, so beware!!!

Talk later,

Subject: Ever tear up when watching sentimental movies?

Forum: Ever tear up when watching sentimental movies?
Hey all,

Thought a forum for the Arts was long overdue. Well, here's the thing.

Do you all tear up when you see a really emotional scene of a good movie?

For me, it was in that scene in Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hanks says that he is a teacher and he just wants to get back to his home and breaks down in front of the people who he's commanding.

Another one would be that scene in the Dark Knight when these lines are just spoken by Lt. James Gordon in the background:
He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight

Even reading this does get a slight lump in the throat. Do you ever get into the movies you are watching and ever be embarrassed for being too emotional or involved?

I have this bad habit to get really into the movies but I do that only if I am watching it alone. In public, it could be up for a lot of ridicule, so how about you all?

Does this affect the way you act? Do you have any experience in method acting?

If you binge watch a particular genre of series, will it affect the way you are for the next few hours or days? (Especially want to hear responses for crime thrillers or scary movies )


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