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Subject: Re: Who suffers most in a divorce?

Forum: Who suffers most in a divorce?
I think it's the kids who suffer most when parents are separated due to divorce. I think we need to spread awareness as a society the bad effects of a divorce on kids and ask spouses to adjust as much as possible and resort to a divorce only in the worst case scenario when there's no way of the marriage working out.


Subject: Re: Can someone with low IQ accomplish anything?

Forum: Can someone with low IQ accomplish anything?
I agree with bluesapphire7, it's absolutely possible to work hard and achieve in some cases. But as she has pointed out it depends on the job and the effort the person is willing to invest. After all, haven't we heard of the story of hare and the tortoise?


Subject: Re: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
I myself work 40 hours a week, 20 hours in my research lab and 20 in library where I help organize a museum collection.


Subject: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
Hey everyone,

Simple question today. Do you work somewhere? Is it part-time or full-time?

How many hours do you work?


Subject: Re: How do you tell someone?

Forum: How do you tell someone?
This is a delicate topic, I guess a polite way would be to offer them a deodorant and ask them their opinion after trying it out. It's a subtle method but can be hurting if it's not taken in the right sense. So one has to be careful regarding this method.


Subject: Re: Do you go to the movies alone?

Forum: Do you go to the movies alone?
No I don't, I would rather watch it later when friends or family are around. Going to movies has somehow always been a group activity for me and that's the way I like it to be as well.


Subject: Which browser do you use? Why? Is it the fastest?

Forum: Which browser do you use? Why? Is it the fastest?
Hey guys,

I use Google Chrome on my laptop as I feel that it's very fast and has really cool extensions as well. It also has this cool feature of restoring windows in case it crashes and has extra security when entering malware sites.

In my iPhone, I use Safari as that's the default one; that works seamlessly on iOS. I have an iPhone 5c, which is pretty old and the memory is pretty scarce too with just 16 GB, that I can't really download the Google Chrome app.


Subject: Re: Favorite fast food place?

Forum: Favorite fast food place?
Hey Mary Kate,

I do love to have pizzas from a very famous local restaurant here in Gainesville called 'Blaze pizza' known for its thin crust and unlimited toppings! Unlimited toppings guys, seriously! By just that standard, Blaze is the best fast food restaurant in town, not just for pizza.

So due to Blaze pizza I really don't go for anything else other than the restaurant ordered one. This is because the pizza is so good that you really don't even want to consider other options and also that the restaurant is pretty nearby, it's like just behind my apartments.I prefer thin crust because for someone who's thinking of dieting even, thin crust is healthier when coupled with unlimited toppings due to the fact that we could eat more vegetables or protein rather than flour and also the fire burned taste in thin crust is somewhat better.

My favorite picks for toppings are spinach, jalapeno, mushrooms, roasted garlic, green and red peppers, parmesan, pineapple and mozzarella cheese (the best) with red sauce dollops. I know it's a lot but that's because we have unlimited pizza toppings at Blaze pizza !!! (which is my favorite fast food place from when I started living at Gainesville)


Subject: Re: Brush Your Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?

Forum: Brush Your Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?
Hey Eddie,

I have it before having breakfast because though I might brush in the night, the thing is it's not very healthy to not clear the germs that have been sitting there all night. Especially because there will be very less saliva in the night and we can't be sure that the brushing that we do before sleeping will be 100% effective.

I also don't like to eat anything with morning breath. Maybe because I was brought up with the idea that bed breakfast is a lazy thing to do that I think like this.


Subject: Re: Dinner with your favorite fictional charactter?

Forum: Dinner with your favorite fictional charactter?
Wow, this is a tough one. I think I shall go with Batman. He's a fictional character but he's still a human being that could be one among us. It takes courage to make a principle for yourself and keep following it against all odds.

Batman is not powerful like Superman, Thor, and Hulk.
Batman does not have an armored suit like Iron Man.
He is not experimentally modified like Captain America.
He is Batman. He gets hurt. He bleeds. He takes a blow and suffers. But then he rises again. His enemies took away his parents,the love of his life and tried to take away his life on numerous occasions. These reasons can be more than enough to tempt any HUMAN to fight back evil with evil, to kill every villain he can find and to seek revenge through whatever means.
Batman decides not to do that.

Humans are tempted in breaking rules. Even though they make rules for themselves, they try to break it. When it is difficult to follow a small principle on our day to day lives, he stand by his rules for every minute of his life.

After all he is just a human. I just would like to ask him how he does that and what fuels him to keep going ahead.

My next option would be Sherlock as well. Nice choice @bluesapphire7!


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