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Subject: Re: How do you cheer up?

Forum: How do you cheer up?
Hey there!

Same! I appreciate the mundane but free aspects of life given how...protective my parents were lol.

Anyways, I relax by taking a walk. I'm a lover of observing your surroundings and taking in the moment, living in the now! It really is a relaxer to just notice the leaves on trees change or how the sun stains the sky or how deep and dark the midnight sky really is the more you look at it! Yeah, I may sound super corny but it's definitely something that does relax me!

I also like to wash my tub lol.

Good night!

Subject: Re: Teachers who made an impact on you

Forum: Teachers who made an impact on you

Most of my "teacher experiences" I've had come from high school. I'm not a very outgoing student nor do I participate in after school activities because I work lol, but my teachers, though not their favorites, are pretty cool. They're definitely "hip" (did I just lose all street cred?) and pretty easy going...even my math teacher.

And I hate math.

Anyways! I didn't realize just how involved and invested teachers at my school were for their students until some of the best students were selected for this scholarship. I was in the top three rank in my class yet I was not chosen. It wasn't until a few days later that I was chosen at the last minute. And I can definitely say that it was the best thing ever! It opened my eyes to just how important "saying yes" really is!

And I didn't find out until recently that my math teacher was the one who held out for me and built me up to be selected.

I was so touched!

Good night!

Subject: Re: If you were to write a book...

Forum: If you were to write a book...
Hey there Ashley!

I'm actually writing a book, possibly a series! It's something I've been working on since I was...thirteen? It started as a dystopia after the big Hunger Games period, but quickly evolved into this fantasy, time traveler, horror, historical, dark romance thing where pretty much everyone is screwed lol! I can definitely say Game of Thrones has influenced me to never have a "safe" character!

Things I would include are:

Character deaths

Tragic Romances (not a big fan of romance in general in literature/entertainment

War/fighting (I'm a gal who prefers to embrace the darkness of our current situation. Plus, what better way to emphasize the lack of winners than a war?)

Lots of dark...sex lol. In literature, I prefer that sex be used as a means for a character to further its development or to unravel the theme of the work.

And I'd be lying if I were to say that I wasn't heavily influenced by two Jqpanese series. I don't read manga nor do I have watch anime but Kara no Kyoukai and Pandora Hearts play a big role in this twisted...atmosphere I have. As well as Fate/Zero!

Have a good night!

Subject: Re: Do You Like Massages?

Forum: Do You Like Massages?
Hey there!

Sigh...I would love a massage from a nice spa with a glass of cool water and atmospheric music in the background.

I've only ever received massages from my mom and they're pretty painful. My mom presses down with a closed fist and drags her hand down. Says she's straightening out the tension! I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable with a massage because I'm pretty "eh" about people touching my body. And anyways, I think I'd rather spend the money on a nice fancy dinner. I don't know, I feel like a warm bath or those old electronic massagers (my mom's) still works pretty fine.

Then again I've never been to a massaeuse so I don't even know if I'd feel the difference let alone want it....

But I'm poor, so I just lay on the hard, straight wooden floor with a water bottle and the Game of Thrones soundtrack playing in the background. Yeah...lol.

Have a nice day!

Subject: The Scary Movie Games!

Forum: The Scary Movie Games!
Hey guys!

Slightly inspired by MaDonna's "let's play a game" post, this forum will be dedicated to all the great (and not so great) scary movies out there!

Let's start! Basically, you have to briefly describe an iconic scene, line or character. The next poster will have to guess the movie and then post their own hint!

I'll get it started:

Twins holding hands in a hallway.

"Come play with us."

(Guess the movie!)

Thanks and happy Halloween!

Subject: Re: What's Your Favorite Holiday?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Holiday?
Hey there!

I'm really into Halloween! I use it as my excuse to go all out and finally let that inner creep? Spook? Come out! I also like to celebrate it alongside Dia de los muertos! I guess I just love the spirit of it all. From the deco to the cheesy movies that play on rerun and all that free candy...yeah, it's a pretty awesome holiday for me!

My second would be Christmas. We don't really celebrate Christmas but I really want to get to the point where I can celebrate it freely and go all out! I just really like taking care of others and what better way to care for someone than to dedicate an entire holiday to just enjoy each other's company?

Happy Sunday! Good night!

Subject: Re: LET'S HAVE FUN!!

How cute!!



Never been there 'cause there aren't any near me, but I'm always down for a quick chicken sandwich!

Happy (almost-over) Sunday!

Subject: Re: Most ridiculous thing that you convinced others?

Forum: Most ridiculous thing that you convinced others?
Hey there!

I once convinced my cousins that there was a murderer in the woods by their neighborhood! It accidentally almost prompted an investigation before I um....came clean.

(Got into a whole lot of trouble, I'll tell you what!)

Anyways, there were these little red flags left by construction a looooong time ago and I made up a lie and said they were put there to mark the bodies of victims.

I was a creative child then. Dark, but creative.

You'd be surprised by how many parents actually believed that lie! I partially blame them for the way the situation escalated to this day lol.

Happy Sunday!

Subject: Re: +|- Vibes ツ

Forum: +|- Vibes ツ
Hey there!

Oh man, do I second MaDonna's last statement...

I do feel other's energy! I'm not trying to sound...hippy-ish? But as an introvert, I do feel out others before inserting myself in the group. Almost like a wallflower, I like to observe people before I go all in and make conversation. And it's usually worked! With my brother's girlfriend, I had a feeling I wouldn't like her too much (she's too much of a "princess"). And guess what? I was right! No one in my family likes her, though they don't say anything lol!

First impressions I think are generally a good base to start on. Obviously they can be deceiving, but your gut is often right!

And I don't take energy with me, but it's hard to not be annoyed when you're around someone who is annoying... I like to keep life positive but we all have our moments! It's good to have your ups and downs but dwelling on them is where people lose themselves!

Happy Sunday!

Subject: Ever let money come between you and a loved one?

Forum: Ever let money come between you and a loved one?
Hey guys!

For this past whole months I've been juggling two friends who had a falling out. They don't talk anymore, they hate being around each other (which is hard because we all share the same circle of friends) and all because my friend refused to pay for my other friend's ticket at this show we were all going to see. Everyone else chipped in to pay for the ticket but I guess old tensions got the better of them...

Would you ever let money come between you and a friend? Have you ever? Did you regret it? Is it ever worth it?

As much as I hate to say it, money is a huge deal-breaker sometimes. There's a reason why it's one of the primary reasons people get divorced... But I wouldn't let money come between a loved one unless they're just mooching off, and even then I'll talk to them. I'll have to draw the line somewhere but all I know is that if I live my life true to who I am, I won't have regrets, only "what if's" and wishes for a different outcome!

Thanks guys and happy Sunday!

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