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Subject: Re: Anthony Bourdain and how we perceive people

Forum: Anthony Bourdain and how we perceive people
I am so glad you brought this up, because I am really disheartened that suicide was the only thing that could stop his pain. The pain left behind is what I struggle more, especially since he had a ten year old girl. I am trying not to judge, but I have seen rape victims and cancer patients and impoverished families fight for their lives. I am in such respect of his body of work as a writer, journalist, chef, and traveler, that I am at a lost for words that someone so brilliant would commit suicide. I can't imagine what his mind might have been going through, and I am a believer that mental health is a disease that we need to address as something to help, not judge. Yet, I also think that the societal aspect will talk about mental health and the need to fix it, yet that the minute a soul is in crisis, the a natural human response to walk away, as we have been ingrained to protect ourselves or stay away. There is a great balance of helping and protecting oneself. His actions were his choices.

Where do we find the line of helping, and how do we identify the markers? The tragedy is also that the ones left behind live the questions and guilt and anger that haunt them for years.

Bourdain could have used his platform to help people with depression. I am hoping that others don't look to suicide to be glorified. As much as I am HUGE fan, we have to address that suicide is NOT the way, ever. No matter how bad it gets.

Subject: Re: Milestone Moments!

Forum: Milestone Moments!
Hey Morgan:
Nothing is more beautiful then reading a post about milestones. I love what you wrote about your baby turning one as my girls at one was my favorite stage from babyhood to toddler. I am a mommy. Each milestone is important and beautiful and bitter sweet when done.

I have two beautiful girls, one 8 and the other 7. My eldest little girl has hit every little milestone with lots of flying colors! My youngest was diagnosed with Autism at 3 years old, and her milestones are an entirely different ball game, almost like winning an Oscar award when she accomplishes the little things, like doing a button on a shirt or brushing her teeth on her on:)

I can't wait until you write about your baby and potty training and I will be there to read and vote and send love!!!

Happy Milestones!

Subject: Re: Your Monopolies

Forum: Your Monopolies
I love this subject because not very many people understand how monopolies work. Monopolies are when a corporate company can dominate a specific market which can walk on the line of both illegal and legal.
For example Pan Am airlines, as innovative as they were, also monopolized the airline market in flying international for a very long time from the 20s to the late 60s. By the 70s, competitors and oil crisis started to interrupt the monopolizing.

Now, the big ones that are having competitors and are considered legal, are Microsoft, and even Sirius XM.

A big one that I see is Luxottica, and eye wear company with 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands.

All in all, it can be scary to see a company come in and have the potential danger to monopolize and misuse it, example : Facebook.

Subject: Re: How Can You Heal A Fractured Heart?

Forum: How Can You Heal A Fractured Heart?
Hello Brenda:
I love this subject because, as emotional as the heart is spoken about, it is the one universal theme that unites all of humanity.

ABSOLUTELY ALL HUMANS ON EARTH HAVE EXPERIENCED A FRAGMENTED HEART. However, it is the individual experience and response to the aftermath that diversifies the experience.

Why do I put that in caps?
It is a positive emphasis on how the human experience is universally tied.
How I have recently seen broken hearts:
1) I watched a 6 year old girl barely making it through her chemo with a smile, and hearing her mother crying in the bathroom.
2) I felt my 19 year old nephew see his first heart break of love, and trying to find the pieces of what is left of him.
3) My mother lost her husband to pancreatic cancer, watching him slip away, missing their 50 year anniversary.
4) I know a woman who lost her 4 year old daughter and her unborn child in an accident.

How I have my heart broken:

1) i've lost love to gain love
2) I've seen death to appreciate life.
3) My daughters' defeats hurt me to the core, but her successes are that much sweeter.
4) When my youngest child of Autism gets ignored because she's flapping her hands, my heart breaks to become stronger so she knows her being different is accepted!!

I have seen what unforgiveness can do, and holding on to pain. Sometimes it is just a learning process on how to let those things go that break the heart into millions of pieces. But my biggest lesson, that I leave with all that I have discovered, is that the heart is resilient, and is at times. its own entity. I trust my heart, and let it heal and love when it needs to.

Subject: Re: Flu season!

Forum: Flu season!
I am with You!!! I got the FLU, without the vaccination, and it was rough. I had about 5 weeks of coughing and bronchitis issues on top of the fevers and aches. I forgot to take the vaccine. My kids got the flu shots but I did not think about vaccinating myself.

Get Oscillococcinum. These are pellets that dissolve in your mouth and they help to prevent the flu or soften the symptoms. Its Holistic, but it truly works.

Also, sleep, gatorade, and time. Thank God, for my hubby!

Subject: Re: What Is The Most Important Question You Ever Asked

Forum: What Is The Most Important Question You Ever Asked
Before I mention the question, i want to set up the story as to why it was important. One of the most significant moments of my life was being pregnant with my second child and I had been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, in which my body was rejecting pregnancy, showing high blood pressure, and massive water retention. Pre-eclampsia could can be fatal under stressful conditions and I have had it with my first child, who was premature.

Here was the question. As my body was beginning to shut down during the 2nd trimester, the doctor asked, "Do you want to risk the chance of losing your life for this baby as well as the baby?"

I knew that i had to have this baby. I felt that this baby was going to change my life.

So i stayed in the hospital and was watched 24/7 until the baby was born. She was and still is beautiful. Three years later, she was diagnosed with Autism. which was undeniably did change my life. As challenging as it was learning about the diagnosis and navigating through, the acceptance of having this incredible child was worth saying yes to that question.

Subject: Re: Do Guys Really Talk Like This?

Forum: Do Guys Really Talk Like This?
I had to come back on just to write on this forum. My biggest fear about this video is that there will be those who thought that there was nothing wrong with Trump said. I am dumb founded, and in absolute disgust.

I am in laughing. I am laughing at how much this man has really gone so far in this election. My question is how far can this go even with the RNC pulling out funds.

I could not even believe that he even told the media about Megan Kelly saying, "there is blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever..."

Paul Ryan couldn't talk about Trump, all he could do was support his conservative candidates.

Please people, sexual assaults and demeaning comments are all you need to see how the world would be in you voted Trump. OMG.

XO Miss you Aurora, NamasteMom

Subject: Re: One For The Road

Forum: One For The Road

"keep it coming.." will always be the my favorite line. It always meant that you like what was asked of, which also meant that if you liked it, it had to be good. That was how much I appreciated your opinion on things.

Congrats and thank you for your brilliance. You will be missed !!!!

Subject: Re: Thank You

Forum: Thank You
Hey Aurora and Mike!!

I am so excited and happy for you both, yet, I was not even supposed to go forward this week, and yet I am so glad in the midst the the Hurricane Matthew Watch, I opened my CNET to know you are finished.

First of all Aurora, I became attached to your Forums and I am so thrilled for how you have inspired us. You wrote with your heart and soul. You wrote about things that mattered and asked the most amazing questions.

Mike, you are done with CNET in the most perfect time!! You now have open wide Sundays to watch the Walking Dead!! your humor and wit were by favorite traits.

you both always had resourceful answers and informative. YOU BOTH WILL BE MISSED.

Subject: Re: Which emotion is stronger: anger or love?

Forum: Which emotion is stronger: anger or love?
I say love conquers all. It is all about the very emotions that drive me forward and anger stalls me. All anger does is spin me into a ruminating circle. Sometimes love and anger go hand and hand!!!
Anger is also an emotion that is healing, not accepting pity or rudeness. However, love-especially unconditionally-is the all encompassing breath of living.
XO NamasteMom

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