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Subject: Re: Do Secret Settlements Enable Sexual Predators?

Forum: Do Secret Settlements Enable Sexual Predators?

I think that it is up to the victim what they decide to do about the sexual harassment that they have encountered with that public figure. It is their decision ultimately since they were the victims and not the public who needs to be informed of the type of person that predator is. Going public with the case is not so simple as some may think. The unwanted attention on the victim and whatever the public has to say about him/her. The people paying attention and watching might not give the support the victim needs.

It is smart to inform the public about the people out there that are sexually harassing those around them. But it should not be done at the cost of another victim. It would be very brave for the victim to step up in public and say something to share his/her tragic event with the public. But ultimately, it is their decision. Instead of arguing if the non-disclosure agreements should be allowed, we should be giving more support and attention to the victims and more warnings of possible sexual harassment in work environment. We should work on improving our system for people who are targeted and have been a victim. We should not focus in on what the predator can and cannot do since that is also limiting the actions of what the victim can and cannot do.

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Subject: Re: Share a fun fact!

Forum: Share a fun fact!

Sorry, I meant to say that people accused Jewish people of stealing and eating babies. They also said that they kill crucified them. These are some of the accusations others said of the Jewish people.

It's crazy to think what people used to believe. Also sad that we haven't stop racism in 2018 when it's pretty clear that everyone is equally as valuable.

ps: English is my 3rd language, sorry if it came across wrong.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


Subject: Re: Rise In The East, Fall In The West

Forum: Rise In The East, Fall In The West
Hi Song,

The most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen was when I was in Duluth Minnesota looking over Lake Superior. It was around 5:30 in the morning and the sun was coming up over some fluffy white clouds. The sun reflecting off the clouds and shining through them. There was the shades of blue and purple all around the view and as it got closer to the sun, the shades got lighter and lighter turning baby blue and white. But below the sun near the lake, it was orange and light shades of red. The colors shining through the clouds were yellow.

It was the most beautiful colors I've ever seen all at once. Since the sun was behind the clouds, I was able to stare right into the clouds without feeling like I was being blinded. For some reason, the clouds were also beating to my heartbeat as I was looking through them. The colors seemed to pulsate, it was breathtaking. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!


Subject: Re: Back to work?

Forum: Back to work?
Hi Tom,

I am starting to do the stuff I need to do for the summer. It isn't a job but it is work. I get more in the long run from this. But, I need to do collegenet first!

Havea great Day!


Subject: Re: Share a fun fact!

Forum: Share a fun fact!
Hi Karleynelson,

I love doing fun facts!

Jews used to steal other people's babies and eat them! That is part of the reason why they got kicked out of so many countries because their culture and religion did not fit with the rest of the developed countries during that era.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Craigslist Credibility

Forum: Craigslist Credibility

Hi everyone, Selina here!

How trustworthy do you feel the people on craigslist are? Is there more good people that are trying to make a honest trade or more sketchy people trying to scam others?

I'm not really sure because I never used craigslist but I know a few people who have and it seems no one has been scammed. So I feel like through my friend's experiences, there is probably more good than bad on craigslist.

Thank you for reading and watching this post, have a great day!


Subject: Re: House Rules

Forum: House Rules

Hi Song,

Short version:

I had rules but never followed the rules because I didn't have respect for my mom. Knowing she didn't want the best for me, I didn't listen to her much.

The video cut out before I finish.

Thanks for watching, have a great day!


Subject: Spirits

Forum: Spirits

Hi everyone, Selina here!

Do you believe in spirits? Something that is not of this world, humans or animals that have died and "haunt" or wander around spirits.

I'm not talking about aliens! I did talk about aliens but I mean my question isn't about Aliens.

Thank you for watching and reading, can't wait to hear your response!

Have a great day.


Subject: Re: Do you have an imaginary friend?

Forum: Do you have an imaginary friend?

Hi NjBr,

Short version:
I never had an imaginary friend and never would want one.

Thanks for watching, have an awesome day!


Subject: Re: Favorite album of the year?

Forum: Favorite album of the year?

Hi Matt,

My favorite album 2017 is Lana Del Rey's Album "Lust for Life".

Thanks for watching, Happy holidays!


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