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Subject: Re: TV or Movies?

Forum: TV or Movies?
Hey Kyle!

I used to be a movie person because I liked seeing the start and finish of a story in one sitting. I guess I was always a little impatient! But lately (since I invested time and money into Netflix, lol) I have been going through a different series ever couple of months! I really like watching the shows because they always leave me wanting more and it gives me something to look forward to. So I guess I'm more of a TV show person now.

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: What Is Your Favorite Candy?

Forum: What Is Your Favorite Candy?
Hey Eddie!

My favorite candy bar is a Take 5 bar! Sweet and salty and delicious! But usually when I have a sweet tooth, I go for ice cream. Lately I've had a craving for vanilla ice cream with mini m&m's. So good.

Have a great day!


Subject: Where do you buy your textbooks?

Forum: Where do you buy your textbooks?
Hello everyone!

I was just at school today checking out where all of my classes are located and getting an idea of how much I'm going to need for my textbooks. They are so expensive! I usually try to find them cheaper on different websites like Chegg rather than the bookstore.

Where do you get your textbooks?

Have you found any good cheaper options?

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Pizza or Pasta?

Forum: Pizza or Pasta?
Hey Abbiey!

Tough question! I love both do much. I think pasta and pizza go just fine together! They even go good mixed together. I had a mac and cheese pizza once with a cheese sauce instead of marinara and cavatappi noodles. It was the bomb, lol.

But if I had to choose one over the other, I would choose pasta. I could eat pasta for weeks. And there's so much you can do with it (although you can do a lot with pizza too, I guess I just prefer noodles!). Since I am a noodle lover, olive garden is one of my favorite restaurants! And I love trying to make their recipes at home. They never seem to turn out quite as good though.

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Do you mind?

Forum: Do you mind?

I agree with you also! I think having phones out all the time takes away moments and memories we could potentially have with our loved ones! Why spend time on something that doesn't actually interact with you when you could be spending time interacting with the people around you. Don't get me wrong, I love technology.. (I just bought an awesome new Samsung TV today).. but there comes a point when enought is enough. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to be on their phone while at dinner.. and it does bother me when the person I am eating with is on theirs.

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant

Forum: Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant
Hey Eddie!

My favorite fast food restaraunt is also Wendy's! I love their chicken and their burgers! And they are actually good quality too unlike mcdonalds or burger king. And I love their strawberry lemonade! And you can't go wrong with a chocolate frosty on a hot sunny day!

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Favorite Band?

Forum: Favorite Band?
Good morning everyone!!

So I know this question probably has been asked before, but I haven't seen it since I have been on CNet, and since I'm going to see one of my favorite bands tonight, I thought it'd be a good question to ask!

What's your favorite band or musician?

Have you ever seen them live?

The band I'm seeing tonight is Coldplay, and I'm super excited! I haven't been to a concert in years, and this was a spur of the moment thing! I just bought the tickets on Monday. I have loved Coldplay since at least middle school, so seeing them will be awesome!

Looking forward to reading your answers :)

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Cnet Burnout

Forum: Cnet Burnout
Hey Melinda!

I'm definitely beginning to feel the CNet burn! Lol. It is time consuming and sometimes tough to come up with topics to ask about.

I fight the urge to quit by thinking of how worth it it is. Money is tight right now for me, so I can use all that I can get! So I just keep going with it! It's definitely an easy, fun, and different way to earn a scholarship!

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: What's the story behind your name?

Forum: What's the story behind your name?
Hey Hannah!

My name is Kathryn. And my mom decided to name me this because it was her best friends name growing up and she thought the name was beautiful. Now I go by Kat though, and I have since I was little. My mom wanted to shorten my name to Katie, but she thought it didn't fit me, so they started calling me Kat!

Thanks for reading :)

Subject: Re: Last Movie You Watched

Forum: Last Movie You Watched
Hello again!

The last movie I watched was The Immitarion Game. And it was SO good!! If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it. It's about this guy who loves to solve puzzles, and tries to solve the Nazi's code.

Have a great weekend!


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