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Subject: Favorite pie

Forum: Favorite pie
Hello CNet!

What is your favorite pie? Do you bake it yourself or buy it from somewhere?

My family and I went on a 10-mile hike today and when we got back we had a lovely lemon meringue pie waiting for us that my aunt had baked the night before. It was nice and referencing and very tasting. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors, but when it comes to pie my all time favorite is peach pie!


Subject: Re: Do you snore?

Forum: Do you snore?
Hey Kyle!

I do not snore, thankfully, but I know that it usually comes from a constriction of air, so if you sleep with your head tilted more upwards instead of pointing your chin against your neck, it will open your airways and help you breathe better so you don't need to snore!


Subject: Re: What do you want to be when you Grow-up?

Forum: What do you want to be when you Grow-up?
Hey Nathan!

As a kid, I really wanted to work for a magazine and design it. I think I wanted to run it too. Now I'm in school for business and I plan to concentrate in management and human resources. I think I could still shoot for a job within a magazine. I could work for their HR or manage a small department. I've always been into the arts and grew up reading magazines. I always found them to contain such interesting material so it would be really cool to get to help manage their production.


Subject: Re: Favorite type of bread?

Forum: Favorite type of bread?
Hey Jordan!

I really dig dutch crunch rolls! Though last night I had some pulled pork in Portuguese Sweet Buns and those were amazing.


Subject: Re: Do you like your name?

Forum: Do you like your name?
Hey Logan!

One of my good friends is actually a girl named Logan! I've never met another so this is pretty cool.

I actually don't like my name, I think it's way too common. Every year, in every almost every single class I've ever had, there is always another Emma. It gets a little frustrating at times.


Subject: Have you dyed your hair before?

Forum: Have you dyed your hair before?

Have you ever dyed your hair before?

I've only dyed my ends blonde and that was about two years ago. I think I'm going to dye my ends purple soon, I'm in need of a change!


Subject: Re: Do you have your wisdom teeth out?

Forum: Do you have your wisdom teeth out?
Hey Riley!

I had mine taken out last summer! I don't think I was totally asleep because I remember hearing the doctor talking, and I could feel all the tools in my mouth and them chipping away at my teeth but I didn't feel any pain which is what's important!


Subject: Re: Moving cities

Forum: Moving cities
Hey Mariah!

That's super awesome for your brother!

I have only moved once in my life and that was my move from the house I've lived in for 17 years and into my college dorm in another state. It was a big move and I loved it every step of the way! It was like taking a big step in the direction I wanted my life to be in.


Subject: Re: Last Song/Album you've bought?

Forum: Last Song/Album you've bought?
Hey Kendra!

I buy music very rarely as I have to really really like it to want a physical copy and the last time I did this was DNCE's new self-titled debut album. They're one of my favorite groups and I seriously dig their music so I had to get myself a copy of their album.


Subject: Re: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?

Forum: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?
Hey Emilie!

I used to sleep with a night light till I was about 14 or 15. I was always on to wake up at odd hours to go to the restroom and I needed to find my way there. Now I sleep and never wake up so there's no need for one anymore. So I sleep in the darkness.


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