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Subject: Re: How many partners have you had?

Forum: How many partners have you had?
Hey Policy Maker!

I am 18 and I have had zero. I've just been cruising in the singles lane and I honestly think I'm too comfortable because it's a very simple and easy life to live!


Subject: Re: Rewatch

Forum: Rewatch

I will rewatch a lot of movies. One that I am always down to rewatch thought is Ferris Bueler's Day Off. In terms of TV shows I'll just rewatch my favorite episodes and I'll do that for the usual popular sitcoms i.e. How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Parks and Rec, The Office.


Subject: Re: Your toothbrush?

Forum: Your toothbrush?

I just changed out my toothbrush! It was purple but now I'm using a green one. I don't think I'd want one that's too had on my teeth, something in the middle would suffice.


Subject: Re: Do you play the Lottery in any way?

Forum: Do you play the Lottery in any way?
Hello Mary!

I do not. I recently turned 18 so I can legally participate in it now and buy my own but I have yet to do so. I think I'll but a cheap scratcher just because I can buy it on my own now, but I don't plan to actively participate.


Subject: Re: Do you delete email?

Forum: Do you delete email?

I only delete ones that I don't need to save. So a lot of ad or subscription ones!


Subject: Flips and tricks

Forum: Flips and tricks
Hello all!

Do you know how to flip?

Last night my dance club went on a group excursion to the local gymnastics center and went to their Open Gym, where you can basically run free on all the equipment or get impromptu lessons on how to do cool flips from the advanced students.

I learned how to do a front flip! I never thought I could ever do that but they taught me from ground zero within 20 minutes, it was crazy! Some other's from the club learned how to backflip, that's a little beyond my power, but I just learned how to front flip so maybe I can!


Subject: Re: Last Time You Splurged?

Forum: Last Time You Splurged?
Hey Kendra!

I never really splurge. I rarely spend money so when I do it has to be a big deal and I may or may not cry when I hand m money over to the cashier...

My last splurge was the first in a really long time actually. I really needed to invest in some good walking shoes cause I got a neuroma last quarter from walking around campus in such bad shoes. So I splurged on some really quality walking shoes this quarter and I honestly am so happy with my purchase. My shoes fit my style and are insanely comfy. They'll also last me a very long time which is awesome because I hate having to shop. So one slightly expensive purchase is all I'll have to make for the next few years and I think that's a real win.


Subject: Re: Do you recycle?

Forum: Do you recycle?
Hey Jordan!

I do recycle. Back home our trash company would sort out the trash from the compost from the recyclables so we could throw everything away in one bin. Here at college, we have to sort all of it on our own and I had to learn what gets classified as what and it was a process to learn but I did!

I think that working towards being green is a super important trait everyone should have. We need to take care of our earth if we want to keep living on it!


Subject: Re: Have You Ever Visited or Lived in Another Country

Forum: Have You Ever Visited or Lived in Another Country

I was born in the U.S. but my parents are both from Lebanon and 4 years ago we went and spent the summer there. It was a very hot and very interesting 2 months. It was the first time my brother and I had been outside the U.S. and it was super cool to be living in the place where my parents grew up. I'm going back for a few weeks this summer and I'm pretty excited for it!


Subject: Re: What do you do to exercise?

Forum: What do you do to exercise?

I love getting to exercise! I usually do a small ab workout every few nights a week but I haven't lately and let me tell you, I can see my progress slowly decreasing so I need to get back into it.

Other than that I am dancing 9 hours a week with my dance club and that's how I get the most of my exercise in!


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