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Subject: Re: Productive Days

Forum: Productive Days
Hey Emma!

I think you're pretty cool.



Subject: Re: Sports Tickets

Forum: Sports Tickets
Hey Emma!

How you doin' girl!


Subject: Re: Class Getting Cancelled

Forum: Class Getting Cancelled
Hey Emma!

I've been trying to be really productive this semester! Every break I get I'm doing homework so that I can get ahead and not feel too stressed when deadlines come around.

Last week I had three classes get cancelled. Two of them fell on the same day! So that one day I only had one class from 9:35-10:50. Then it was my weekend. I got a lot of my homework done and my CNET really early and enjoyed the rest of my weekend with minimal homework. It's really nice to have classes get cancelled so that I can get ahead and enjoy myself.

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Loyalty vs Honesty

Forum: Loyalty vs Honesty
Hey Wonderfulmacaroons!

Loyalty is always nice, but, at least to me, loyalty doesn't mean that your friend isn't looking out for you best interests. Honesty is better, to me at least.

I always need somebody to bring me back down to earth. I tend to get out there and not think everything through, so I need a third person perspective to tell me what's up. I have three friends that do this for me. They tell me when I'm being stupid and how I can fix my life. I don't know what I would do without them!

I think that honesty forms strong and real friendships, which in turn creates loyalty. So honesty all the way!

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Test Formats. You Choose.

Forum: Test Formats. You Choose.
Hey Iman!

Tough question! I hate all exams. I understand the point of them: to force us to learn the material and have incentive to learn it. But still, I hate them.

I absolutely hate presentations. So I would never opt to have that as my exam option. Essays would be my second choice. You can kind of beat around the bush if you don't know the answer completely and get a few points. Multiple choice is my favorite. I just took a multiple choice exam today! There isn't too much pressure to get an essay completely written out with everything that you can say. There are a few options to choose from that you can narrow down and one that is correct. I much prefer multiple choice!

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: How often do you check your email?

Forum: How often do you check your email?
Hey Wonderfulmacaroons!

I check my email quite often. I check it so often because I'm afraid that I'll miss something important.

Believe it or not, I've had a smartphone for over four years now and I never had my email on my phone. Not sure why, but I never had it set up, but I finally got both of my accounts set up on Friday. It's so convenient! I'll probably stop checking my email as often because I get notifications for it now. It'll be very nice not having to login to my gmail five times a day and my hotmail another five times!

Have a great Monday!


Subject: Re: Position In Your Family: First, Middle, or Baby?

Forum: Position In Your Family: First, Middle, or Baby?
Hey Akihan!

I'm the baby of my family. I have two older siblings, a brother and a sister. I actually had the opposite problem as you!

My parents gave up on me being successful when I was so young as they already had high hopes on my siblings and because I was such a happy kid without a care in the world. And I was pretty stupid. My sister was supposed to be the academic one and my brother was supposed to be the athletic one. I was supposed to be a "straight C student, at best." Well, I'm a very competitive person that enjoys having something to prove.

Long story short, I was on the varsity track team as an underclassman and graduated valedictorian of my class and got a lot of scholarships to attend college. Being the youngest really did have a big impact on my life. It gave me the motivation to try to prove something and be the best that I can, even if people don't have high hopes for me. It made me really independent and motivated.

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Is every day a new day to you?

Forum: Is every day a new day to you?

We all have bad days that just make us angry, sad, or frustrated. It can be difficult to leave our emotions in yesterday, but many of us do try to do it.

I've learned to separate my days. To me, every day is its own day with its own experiences. Yesterday, I had a pretty crappy day. So I woke up this morning, still fuming a little bit, but I convinced myself that today will be its own day and there is no need to carry over what happened yesterday. It makes life a lot easier to me to separate my negative emotions each day and look at each new day positively.

Do you look at every new day as its own? Do you try to separate your days?

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: What Do You Do During Your Break Time?

Forum: What Do You Do During Your Break Time?
Hey Akihan!

I have a two hour break on Mondays and Wednesdays, and a 40 minute break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It depends on the day for what I do during those times.

Usually, I make a quick breakfast/lunch and watch an episode of friends during my breaks. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I do my CNET (I'm on break right now!). Sometimes, if my lazy self didn't do my homework for my next classes, I'll rush to get it done before class.

Today was a weird day. My laptop imploded, so I had to run to the Apple Store to drop it off, then eat, then start my CollegeNet. Every break is a little different, but I try to make them productive!

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Too much homework?

Forum: Too much homework?
Hey Jenni!

It would be hard to impose a limit on homework in high school. As in college, there are so many different classes that involve varying levels of outside work in order for the material to sink in. It would also be difficult for the teachers to coordinate their homework so that each student doesn't have too much homework.

I graduated high school just a couple of years ago, so the homework is fresh in my mind. I was an honors student, so my homework load was insane. I remember that the last semester of high school for me had about seven hours of homework on average. Every day (weekdays, weekends, breaks). It was insane, but it did pay off.

I don't think that there shouldn't be as much homework as I had, but it would be hard to have a maximum limit.

Have a great day!


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