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Subject: Re: What is a True Friend?

Forum: What is a True Friend?
Hi Mike,

I believe that a true friend is someone who sticks with you through thick and thin and loves you unconditionally. Someone willing to work though fights with you and someone willing to stick up for you. Someone who will defend you when you're not around and someone who is always there to offer a shoulder to cry on and a joke to laugh at.


Subject: Re: Do You Have Any Bad Habits?

Forum: Do You Have Any Bad Habits?
Hi Akihan.

When I was a kid I was riddled with bad habits like picking my nose, biting my nails and hair, sucking on my sleeves an hoody stings. But now I've mostly grown out of all my little habitual ticks. Although it is funny to note them when they do pop back up! Usually now they're a sign of stress or nerves.

Now a days my bad habits are a bit more serious haha like procrastination and laziness... I wonder if I'm growing out of those hahah


Subject: Re: biggest fear

Forum: biggest fear
Hi Melinda Diann,

If you go up two responses above me, what kristinuteee said, is literally my life. But I want to add to that because for me, what she said about loosing people and being rejected, is more of a general thing in life that would make me depressed and lonely, it's more of a dread. Not a fear. Fears are more like stuff that freaks you out, or gives you prickles down your back when you think of it.

For me, those things are being attacked by an animal (monster in the dark *cough cough* what? I'm an adult...) just generally the dark and basements/dark alleys/hallways/ doors are slightly open.


Subject: Re: Top 3 qualities you look for in a partner?

Forum: Top 3 qualities you look for in a partner?
Hi imperfect_Vessel,

Mine top three are:
1) Good communicator
2) Funny/fun
3) Caring

That's all I need. If I can have a great time with you and feel cared for AND you're straight forward and a clear communicator, well... I am yours and you are MINE.


Subject: Re: What country would you love to visit someday?

Forum: What country would you love to visit someday?
Hi Danielle02,

I would love to go on safari in Africa. My mother studied zoology in college and for many years worked with animals in Zoos. She told me that the most amazing place she'd ever been and wants badly to go back to someday, was Africa.

She went there when she was younger and brought back a ton of jewelry and pottery and a small dagger with a carved bone handle. As a small child I spent a lot of time just amazed by all those objects and the stories of seeing elephants, zebras and lions in the wild and meeting all the exotic and interesting people. I want nothing than to experience that for myself one day


Subject: Re: Do you eat batter of desserts you make?

Forum: Do you eat batter of desserts you make?
Hi futureteacher1996,

I absolutely love eating the raw batter. And actually the amount of people that die form Salmonella poisoning is 450 people a year and those are usually people who don't have access to medicine. Also that means you have something like a 0.000001% chance of dying from it...

But yeah eating cookie batter immediately takes me back to childhood and there is no better thing.


Subject: Re: Last Meal?

Forum: Last Meal?
Hi Hannah,

I have celiacs disease, which for anyone who doesn't know means I can't digest gluten, so I would go bonkers and have every food I'm never able to eat. I'd eat cake and pizza and cookies and danishes and burgers WITH the bun and I'd wash it down with a beer. hahaha That actually sounds disgusting... But yeah I'd probably just go to the cheesecake factory and order one of everything.


Subject: Re: What is an adult?

Forum: What is an adult?
Hi Melinda Diann,

I think when a person is an adult completely depends on each person. I think this is right because there are so many people who I believe never grew up... Yeah they figured out how to have a job and live life without going bankrupt, but no they are not adults. The opposed can also be said for tons of people I know. So many people are "adults" before they are legally considered so and could take care of themselves and live independently. Really I don't think our definition of adult is complex enough, because just being 18 or 21 doesn't make an adult and adult. It's not like some magic switch.


Subject: Re: What's The First Thing You Do After Class?

Forum: What's The First Thing You Do After Class?
Hi Akihan,

For me, because during class I usually try to be as concentrated and focused as possible, I like to go and decompress and completely destress. Ideally I'll get to eat something and lie down, or just veg out and watch some tv. I like to do it this way to give my brain some time to completely relax and get ready for more work later on.


Subject: Re: What's your dream car?

Forum: What's your dream car?
Hi Alexis,

Honestly I don't really care want car I get as long as it's comfy, been loved and I can take it on long car rides and travel in it. I actually loved used cars and the feeling of a car that's been places, far FAR more than the feeling of getting in a brand-new car with the leather seats and new-car smell. I want a car that feels like an extension of my house. I want people to get in and listen to my music and doze off because they feel at home.


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