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Subject: Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

Forum: Do you rather write essays or exams ?
Hey, Allan and all!

I agree that it depends on the subject. I'd much rather take a test on math than have to write an essay on it! Tests on right or wrong answers like math or science make sense to me. However, with writing or history or other liberal arts classes I think essays are the way to go. I feel like essays make the students think harder because they have to put what they learned into words instead of just recognizing the right answer. I love to put my own opinion into things as well. Plus, usually for essays professors will give you more time to do them so I can correct my own work as much as I want. Essays get way more refined and detailed than exams. If given the choice, I'd rather have essays over midterms or finals. Unless it's a math or science class haha.

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: M&M"s or Peanut M&M's What's your Preference?

Forum: M&M"s or Peanut M&M's What's your Preference?
Hey, JeneluRose and all!

I love peanut M&Ms! I just really like the crunch, I could eat them whenever!

Have a great one.


Subject: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

Forum: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?
Hey, Everyone!

My first day of this semester is today so I'm thinking about how my schedule will go! It made me wonder: do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes?

I personally prefer morning/midday classes. If it gets too late in the day, I run out of energy and my brain doesn't want to work haha. Afternoon classes will put me to sleep! It's really hard to get through them. I haven't had any night classes, but this semester I have one from 7pm to 9pm. I imagine it won't be fun for me because that's the time that my brain turns off. However, the rest of my classes are in the morning and get out by 2pm. I think that's ideal. Although it may be hard to get up for my 8am class, it's still better for me because I know my brain will be on!

What about you? Do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes? Why? What's your schedule like this semester?

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Favorite Disney movie?

Forum: Favorite Disney movie?
Hey, Samantha!

We have similar taste! I love Mulan, I think she is so powerful and inspiring. That movie can make me cry because I get so proud of her for saving China! It sounds silly, but it's true. Plus, who doesn't love Mushu?

I'd also have to say Hercules is high up on the list as well. I love the musical numbers in that one and how sassy Hades is! Plus I love Meg because she doesn't want to fall in love. All around it's a wonderful movie.

I'd have to say my all time favorite Disney movie is a Disney/Pixar crossover- Finding Nemo. My mom and I will quote that movie all the time! I think it's funny and endearing and has wonderful characters. That's the movie that I could watch for the rest of my life and never get tired of it!

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Family Game Night

Forum: Family Game Night
Hey, Emma!

I love game nights! I love playing games with my friends, we all get super competitive and into the game. We often yell like normal people do at football haha. It's always fun because we get to all be a part of something even though there's so many of us!

My family, however, don't have game nights haha. My brothers have always been too young for all of us to enjoy playing together. It takes forever to explain everything to them! However, they're getting old enough now to where it could be fun. I hope we play some soon because it would be really nice to spend time with the whole family.

Have a great one!


Subject: Do you use Skype/Facetime?

Forum: Do you use Skype/Facetime?
Hey, Everyone!

I was wondering: do you ever use Skype or Facetime to talk to your friends that are far away?

When my boyfriend was in Florida over Christmas break, we tried to Skype each other every night. I think Skyping is nice because you can see the other person and sometimes it's like they're there with you. I like being able to put their voice to their image. It's nicer than calling because you get to enjoy facial expressions and even see what they're doing! However, Skype is kind of wonky sometimes, the audio or video gets messed up quite often haha. I'm not sure if Facetime is better.

What about you? Do you use Skype or Facetime? How often do you use it? Do you prefer it over talking on the phone? Has it ever been faulty for you?

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Love don't cost a thing

Forum: Love don't cost a thing
Hey, HisChosen1

I don't think that material things are what shows love. Someone can buy me something very expensive but that doesn't mean they love me. I prefer sentimental gifts and homemade gifts. My current boyfriend and I haven't bought each other anything super expensive. I think the most we've spent on gifts is like $50. Instead, we make each other gifts and I love that so much more. Homemade gifts are so much more sentimental and heartfelt. Plus, he's made some amazing things for me that show me how much he loves me!

The amount of money we have doesn't matter so much either. We both understand each other's financial situations and we come together to make it work. What matters is showing that you are giving effort towards the relationship and making each other's lives better. If one person makes significantly less, but they are looking for other work or they do a lot of housework in their free time, that shows that they're giving effort towards the relationship. It's not about how much money someone makes, but rather about what they do for you and how they make you feel. I would definitely date someone who made significantly less than me if I loved them and as long as I wouldn't have to support them. Supporting someone without them contributing is another topic and I don't see that as love. But in the end, it's about how this person impacts your life over their financial situation.

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Would you recommend College Net to a friend?

Forum: Would you recommend College Net to a friend?
Hey, Regina and all!

I was also recommended by a friend to do CollegeNet. She explained it a little to me and it sounded like it could be helpful. 2 or 3 weeks later after she mentioned it, I got on and started figuring things out. Although it did seem like some work, it also seemed pretty fun. I started over the summer so it was nice to have something to do and be engaged while I was on break.

I have also recommended CollegeNet to a lot of my friends! Only a few have picked it up, though. I think a lot of people don't do it because it is work- I know I spend at least an hour a day on CollegeNet. It takes some time and you don't always see the reward right away. However, if you work hard and stick to it, the payoff is amazing! CollegeNet has helped me so much so far. With CollegeNet, I don't have to ask my parents to pay for my school and that's a blessing. I can live in a nice apartment and pay for school without stressing. That's why I recommend it so often!

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Where do you do homework?

Forum: Where do you do homework?
Hey, Alex and all!

I usually do my homework at home, on the couch. It's not the optimal way since I often lose things or have things piled up around me haha. However, there's not a lot of light in my room where my desk is and we don't have a dining table haha. Sometimes I'll do my homework in bed too. It's just easy to do it that way for me. If we had a big table I might like to do it there. I sometimes do it at my desk, but like I said there's not a lot of light and also my back can start hurting from hunching over. Sometimes, if I have simple homework I'll do it at a Starbucks. I guess it depends on my mood and where I am, but I usually do my homework on my couch.

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: What do you do on a day off?

Forum: What do you do on a day off?
Hey, Jessica!

I've had a lot of days off recently so this is the perfect question! Mostly, I like spending time with my boyfriend and friends on my days off. I feel like I don't see them often enough when school is in session, so I like to catch up on my time with them. I also love to binge watch Netflix! I feel after a heavy week of work it's so soothing to not doing anything for a couple of hours! However, as relaxing as that is, I can't do it for too long or I'll start to feel lazy. I like to do a few errands to get ready for my next week when I have days off. I like to organize my room, do laundry, get groceries, and catch up on assignments. If I do too much work on my days off I'll feel fried, but if I don't do enough I'll feel lazy. I like to do a bit of both and find a balance on my days off!

Have a wonderful day!


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