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Subject: Re: Shopping ONLINE or IN THE STORE?

Forum: Shopping ONLINE or IN THE STORE?
Hey Julia!

It depends what I'm buying. If it's something I'm going to use, like laundry detergent, or a TV screen, I don't care if it comes from online or in the store. The only thing that really matters to me when buying something online vs in-store are clothes. But once I've bought from the brand in person, I usually trust them enough to shop online.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Millennials... are you one?

Forum: Millennials... are you one?
Hey Kendall!

Hmmm... I'm not really too sure if I consider myself a millenial or not. While I did grow up in the early 2000s, I grew up a lot around my relatives who grew up as 90s kids. As a result, I've kind of grown to be a mix of them and other millenials. I guess I would call myself a hybrid of the two!

The most stereotypical thing I can think that a millenial does is probably be obsessed with avocado lol.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Roughing it?

Forum: Roughing it?
Hey Wames!

I've never really had to rough it before. Whenever I camp, I at least have the luxury of gas stoves and my phone. Not sure if I'd ever be up for roughing it haha, maybe just for a couple of days!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: College Courses

Forum: College Courses
Hey cholmes!

It depends what kind of student you are. Are you a dedicated student that will teach yourself material outside of lecture videos/discussion forums? If so, then online courses are the way to go. Are you a student that needs that human connection, face-to-face to be able to learn? If so, then you should consider physical courses.

Having taken both online, on-campus, and even hybrid options, I feel that hybrid options are the best for someone working a part-time job. You have the comfort of doing most of your assignments online, and you only really attend class once a week (in my case)!

- Kyle

Subject: When do you call it quits?

Forum: When do you call it quits?
If you're attempting to do something that's nearly impossible, but definitely doable, do you ever give up? If you do, when? If you don't, why not?

I'm the type of person that likes to see results fast, so it's hard for me to keep dedicating myself to something for a long period of time. Depending on what the situation is, I'd probably give something a month max before giving up on it.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Day or Night Classes?

Forum: Day or Night Classes?
Hey Julia!

It depends on what my schedule is like for the day. If I don't have anything during the day, I prefer taking night classes. I like doing things at night in general, classes are not an exception. But if I have stuff to do in the evening, of course I'd prefer day classes to get things out of the way.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: What do you think happens after death?

Forum: What do you think happens after death?
Hey Karly!

I always think about what happens after death... and I think it's something that really scares me. Even though I am a practicing Catholic, I do have questions about heaven or hell. The moment you pass away, does everything automatically just go into darkness, or do you just magically appear in one of two places??? I guess we won't really know until the moment we die, but I'm so curious.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle

Forum: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle
Hey there Nichole!

My three wishes would be:

1. Have enough money to be financially stable, but also have some to use for personal enjoyment. Money is something that rules the world, and a lot of people say that money can't buy happiness, but I would have to disagree with that. While money can't buy the happiness of something like being with your family, I certainly believe it can help in facilitating that kind of happiness. With money, you wouldn't have to struggle with constantly working (resulting in not spending time with your family)! Like Karly, I'd use the money for family reasons she mentioned above.

2. Finishing up school. I value an education; no matter how successful or well off you may be, I think having an education is super important.

3. To become really proficient in something. Whether it's playing music, or making art, or doing math equations really quick in my head, I want to be a master in something!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: What makes you nervous?

Forum: What makes you nervous?
Hey Anna!

Public speaking makes me really nervous, as well as talking to strangers. Also something simple as asking someone on a date makes me really nervous haha. I guess all of those have the consequence of receiving a negative reaction, which is something that makes me anxious.

- Kyle

Subject: Longest amount of time you've slept?

Forum: Longest amount of time you've slept?
Hey CNET! Congrats to those who won the election!

What is the largest amount of time you have ever slept?

- Kyle

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