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Subject: Re: GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!!

Hey Abby!!!

That's awesome news! I'm so happy for you and your friend!

I don't think I've gotten any super good or outstanding news recently. I made a good grade on one of my exams this past week so that's good to hear!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Age and Loans or Tuition

Forum: Age and Loans or Tuition
Hey Anna!

I'm 21 years old and I use the money on here to pay off my tuition. It's also been a lifesaver!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: What present/gift do you want??

Forum: What present/gift do you want??
Hey James!

Having something that's homemade as a gift would be really nice. I'm trying to take ceramic classes and get good at it so I can start making things for my friends and family. It shows that you put time and effort into your product and were thinking about that person while making it :)

Subject: What's the worst thing that can happen on a date?

Forum: What's the worst thing that can happen on a date?
Hey CNET! Been studying for some major exams this past week or so, so I couldn't be on CNET for a bit :(

BUT I'M BACK!!! It feels pretty good to be back because I need to take a step outside my normal environment.

I've never really been on a date so I can't really answer this question haha!

I think the worst thing to happen on a date is having nothing to talk about.

- Kyle

Subject: Pulling all-nighters?

Forum: Pulling all-nighters?
How many of you guys pull all-nighters? Is it something you do often, or is it something you do when you need to cram?

My co-worker mentioned to me that he pulled 3 all-nighters this week and I thought he was pretty crazy. Right now I'm pulling an all-nighter because I have two exams tomorrow!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: How I accidentally ran 3 miles

Forum: How I accidentally ran 3 miles
Hey Jess!

I don't really have a way to overcome these challenges, but I just DO whatever the task is at hand. I think once I started doing whatever task it is, I just tell myself that I have to get through this until it's over. The fears and doubts eventually go away once I start making progress because it's evidence that I'm doing the work and pushing through the task!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Which high school clique were/are you apart of?

Forum: Which high school clique were/are you apart of?
Hey there!

I wouldn't necessarily call myself popular, but I got along with everyone I met in high school. Whatever the name of that "clique" is, I guess I was a part of it! I never wanted to start any sort of trouble with anyone in high school because it was such a waste of time and energy if that ever happened.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Ony 5 winners this week?

Forum: Ony 5 winners this week?
Hey fiveRoses!

Interesting... I noticed that too when I logged in. Maybe it's some sort of glitch in the system? I've NEVER seen only the top 5 winners win in a week, unless they have some kind of special pool they're giving away? This week definitely states that "11 winners are going to be selected" so I think it was just a glitch in the system!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Last meal?

Forum: Last meal?
Hey wheninroma!

My last meal... would probably be my mom's home-made Pho! I grew up eating the dish and it holds a special place in my heart. Every time I eat it, whether I'm at a restaurant, or it's someone else's pho, I always think back to my mom's.

- Kyle

Subject: If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

Forum: If you were a Disney character, who would you be?
If I were a Disney character..... I'd choose to be Tarzan! He seems to be living a fun, simple life (with the exception of the occasional invader) and he doesn't really have to worry about things that people in society worry about.

Also, he can "ride" vines. It looks like he's gliding on just skating on them. It's so cool lol.

- Kyle

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