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Subject: Something you can't leave the house without?

Forum: Something you can't leave the house without?
Happy July 4th!

What is an item that you can't leave the house without? Or I guess items in most people's cases!

I can't leave the house without my: keys, phone, and wallet!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: social network: how met partner/friends

Forum: social network: how met partner/friends
Hey Katherine!

Like you, I have met many good friends through mutual friends, but I think the places where I meet the most people are at school. University is a place where I can mingle with all sorts of people, no matter how old or young they may be. All sorts of different majors intertwine to make a very interesting community that never gets old!

I have met some friends through social media... well more like gaming back in the day. I used to play a lot of MMORPGs when I was younger, like Maplestory, that require a lot of time playing with others in order to expedite some processes.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Passing away

Forum: Passing away
Hey ewikaleeang!

I think it hurts less when someone passes sooner than later. It's hard to empathize or feel extreme sorrow for someone that you may not know so well on a personal level. When I read some news articles about people passing away, yes it's a sad event, but I don't feel pain or have sadness on the same level as someone that might've been close to that person. The least I could do is feel empathy and understand what it's like to go through that, but may not experience the same level of emotion that person close to them may feel.

- Kyle

Subject: Always ordering the same thing at a restaurant?

Forum: Always ordering the same thing at a restaurant?

Whenever you go to a restaurant again, do you order the same thing, or do you get something different?

If the thing I had before was REALLY good, I'd order it again. But if it was okay, and not mind-blowingly good, then I'd order something else.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: All or Nothing

Forum: All or Nothing
Hey Jon!

If there was something I'd give up in order to obtain everything... I guess it wouldn't really matter since I would be getting the same thing back right?

If I gave up a pencil for everything, surely a pencil would be in that group of "everything." Or am I misunderstanding your question? Looking forward to reading the other posts!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Favorite thing to do on a hot day?

Forum: Favorite thing to do on a hot day?
Hey Mustang!

My favorite thing to do on a hot day is any indoor activity that has A/C haha! Being outside in that temperature would probably give me heatstroke.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: What your favorite board/ card games?

Forum: What your favorite board/ card games?
Hey Keidreanna!

My favorite board game is Catan. It's very similar to Monopoly in the aspect that you build properties and accumulate "funds" but it comes without all of the negativity that Monopoly can come with. People get pissed off easily in Monopoly, and it's so hard to come back in the game if you're left too far behind.

Catan eliminates all of that by making it fair for each player each round. You never really have to worry about your "funds" being lost except whenever you need to build your properties or if you need to trade with someone.

- Kyle

Subject: Re: Favorite color

Forum: Favorite color
Hihi Madieoos!

My favorite color is blue. I like the color blue because it's a calming color, and I realize that I have a lot of blue in my closet. It just makes me happier than the other colors when I see it; I can't explain why, but that feeling makes me think blue is my favorite!

- Kyle

Subject: Most unbelievable experience at a job?

Forum: Most unbelievable experience at a job?

Have you guys ever experienced a moment at your workplace that was unbelievable?

I've recently watched videos of people giving waiters and waitresses large tip amounts at restaurants and thought it was a really generous thing to do. I've also seen videos of people at fast food restaurants have major tantrums, and it makes me scared for whoever has to deal with those customers lol.

I haven't had a super extreme experience in all my years of working, but there is a person I will always remember when I used to work for a frozen yogurt store. We called her the "Mango Lady" because she would come in weekly and buy at least 30 ,16 oz. cups of mango frozen yogurt!

- Kyle

Subject: Re: What do you do with your cravings?

Forum: What do you do with your cravings?
Hey Bella!

Whenever I have a craving for something, I just think about what else I could have as an alternative. But whenever I think about the alternative, I try to make it healthy.

Sometimes I tell myself I can hold it off for another day, and just try to keep my mind off of it. When "another day" comes, I'll have forgotten about the craving.

- Kyle

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