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Subject: Halloween costumes!!

Forum: Halloween costumes!!
Hey everyone, long time no see! I've missed you all! :)

How is everyone been doing?

I've been busy with the new school year and two jobs, but I've been doing great! And my favorite season is here - fall!

Do you guys like Halloween?
I dress up every year! It is so fun to see what everyone comes up with!

What are you planning to dress up as this year?

I might go as a bunny or a ballerina :)

Subject: Re: Peeve

Forum: Peeve
Hey everyone!

My biggest pet peeve is when someone is listening to the music without their headphones on in the public place.

Back in high school, some people used to walk around in hallways with their speakers blasting. It was so rude, especially if the music had very explicit lyrics!

I don't see it as much in college, but it still happens :(

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: If you could go anywhere in the world...

Forum: If you could go anywhere in the world...
Hey everyone!

I love traveling!

Actually, next quarter I am planning to study abroad in Italy! I am soon excited!

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Iceland or Switzerland.

Iceland would be amazing to hike and just explore, just get lost in the wilderness and isolation of the landscape. I think it would be a good country to go to "find yourself"

Switzerland has the best chocolate. I think that's pretty self-explanatory :)
But honestly, the quality of living there is one of the highest in the world, so I would love to see how they organized everything!

Have a great night! :)

Subject: Re: Your go to study snack

Forum: Your go to study snack
Hey everyone!

My favorite study snack is popcorn! It's so easy to make and there are so many flavors!

I also can't live without chocolate, so I always make sure to have a Snickers bar packed in my backpack when I head out to the library.

I'm not sure if it's considered a snack, but coffee is one thing I never study without. It keeps me from not feeling like I stepped out from The Walking dead :)

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: TV Series

Forum: TV Series
Hey Medha!

I am obsessed with TV shows! I like to watch them whenever I take a break from studying, but sometimes I just can't stop and end up procrastinating. It is very risky, but soooo worth it! :)

I recently started re-watching Friends, my all-time favorite. It is a very heartwarming show. Also, I just recently started to notice that everything the characters wear is in fashion right now, so I also use the show as an outfit inspiration! So convenient!

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Running Outside or on Treadmill?

Forum: Running Outside or on Treadmill?
Hello everyone!

I am actually the opposite. I love the treadmill!

I feel more comfortable running indoors. Also, it rains A LOT in Seattle so treadmill gives me no excuses to go running!

With treadmill I can go any pace without being judged!

Subject: Re: What do you like better?

Forum: What do you like better?
Hey Melinda!

I think my first choice would be Chinese food. I always order it with my parents and I love the variety of flavors!

My second choice is Italian because I love pasta and pizza. Those two are my ultimate comfort foods!

My third choice would be Mexican!

Subject: Re: What's your favorite Ice Cream?

Forum: What's your favorite Ice Cream?

In Seattle we have a local owned ice cream shop called Molly Moons. It is so good, there are lines even in the winter!

They also have the most unique flavors: Thai tea, balsamic strawberry, earl gray, honey lavender...

It is always tough to pick a flavor! My absolute two favorites are salted caramel and honey lavender.

Honey lavender flavor has actual lavender flowers in the ice cream and it is delicious!

Also, all of the ice cream is organic, which is a nice addition!

Subject: Re: Are you a dog or cat person

Forum: Are you a dog or cat person
Hey Niki!

I am definitely a dog person!
I have always thought I was a cat person until I got a dog. In my opinion, they are more loyal and do not scratch your face suddenly.

I love all dogs, no matter shape, size, or breed. I have a little fluff ball named Sasha. She is a Pomeranian and the cutest dog ever! She's afraid of dogs and heights, but to me, she's flawless!

Subject: Study environment

Forum: Study environment
Hey guys!

It's finals week here at my university... My brain is fried!

What about you guys?
When you study, what kind of environment do you prefer? Coffeeshop? Library? Quiet or loud?

I like coffeeshops, it creates a nice white noise to me, plus I can always fuel myself with coffee! I also like quiet environment sometimes, but not for a long period of time.

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