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Subject: Re: Subject that comes easier?

Forum: Subject that comes easier?
I think I'm stronger in the subjects that I can relate myself to, such as nutrition classes and biology or chemistry classes. I think that I learn best when I associate my life with the new learning materials so that's why when I can relate how science and nutrition incorporates into my life then I just learn a lot better.
I don't think there's any class that comes easier or naturally for me though. It's all about hard work and luck for me!

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!!

Hey there that really is great news!!! Congratulations for your friend and yourself who's been by her side this entire time! Your hope and prayers and well wishes had made it!!

I personally don't have any great of a news to share, since nothing can beat your super great news right now!

But congratulations once again!! Sending my blessings and well wishes over!!

Subject: Re: What do you do when you're mad at someone?

Forum: What do you do when you're mad at someone?
I give them the cold shoulders lol. I know it's very childish of me, but if I already tried to explain myself to them and they insist on their side of the story without so much an ounce of sympathy for mine then I don't think it's worth it associating myself with them anymore. I think that when I get mad at someone (generally it takes a lot to get me mad though) I get really mad. I would probably resort to cutting ties with them altogether, at least until they realize what they done wrong and come to me and beg for forgiveness muahaha. Lol just kidding, except not really x) I'm too childish when I'm mad though, so I try not to be mad easily.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: What's the worst thing that can happen on a date?

Forum: What's the worst thing that can happen on a date?
Well on a first date I agree that having nothing in common to talk about, or not being able to expand on a conversation starter by the other person because you have no idea what they're talking about would be awkward too. I think conversations though should come easy if two people have things in common and are just open minded and willing to share. I also think what would be awkward on a first date is if they look like they're not enjoying their time with you and their eyes begin wandering around lol possibly to ogle at other people or to find more interesting things to entertain themselves with. I can't imagine how that would feel..

Have a good one!

Subject: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?
Have you ever dyed your hair? Would you consider doing it if you haven't already done so? What color would you go for?

I don't think I want to ever dye my hair. I currently really like my long black hair as is and I feel like dyeing my hair would require special work and maintenance lol and I'm not ready for that XD

What about you? Would you want to dye your hair if you haven't already done so?

Thanks! Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Do you answer the door for strangers?

Forum: Do you answer the door for strangers?
I don't really open the door for strangers either. I used to but nowadays I just don't bother to do it because most of the time they would end up being door-to-door salesmen and I don't want to waste their time or my own, plus I would just feel bad afterwards because essentially I'm never interested in buying their products lol. I would probably check with my family members first though before ignoring the stranger because I wouldn't know if they were maybe like a utility guy scheduled for a house fixing or something. But other wise I don't open the door for strangers x) Better safe than sorry I guess.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Study Abroad-Yes or No?

Forum: Study Abroad-Yes or No?
I think it would be super cool if I could study abroad. But the biggest things holding me back would be trying to fit it in my program schedule, as I want to graduate as soon as possible and on time, and also the money that comes to traveling abroad. I also haven't really lived by myself before, I mean I think I could do it, especially because you're technically not by yourself anyway, but I feel like I would experience quite some difficulty and emotional roller coasters being away from home in a strange environment with not really anybody close to talk to.
There was this medical program at my university a while ago, but I let it slipped. I was so sad that I did because the program would allow me the opportunity to go to China and learn about medicinal herbs, which was one of my biggest passions when it comes to the medicinal field. I decided not to go because of the lack of scholarship and funding for the program, and also because none of my friends would want to come along, so I didn't have the balls to go there by myself lol.

But yeah, in the future when another opportunity arises I would consider it more seriously.

Have a good one!

Subject: how long do you sit for per day

Forum: how long do you sit for per day
I just realized that my lifestyle is pretty unhealthy right now, as I would just be going to class for half the day sitting on my toosie and being sedentary for like couple of hours straight. Then I go home and do some homework assignments while continuing to sit on my toosie..

How many hours in a day do you spend sitting? Do you think that it is unhealthy to be sitting for that long? How many hours maximum should you think is appropriate for sitting every day?

Thanks! Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Did You Had Lockers In High School?

Forum: Did You Had Lockers In High School?
I remember the first time I saw lockers I was so mesmerized by them too, just because I keep seeing them in American movies and finally got to see and use them in person lol, and it made me feel like I was living that movie myself. My bubble with lockers busted soon enough however because my particular lock kept getting stuck and I had to ask a friend to help constantly. The lock was quite a maze to figure out lol, although I suppose that should be good because it gives more security to your belongings in the locker.
Overall I appreciated having lockers in high school, especially because I can just leave my textbooks there at school instead of bringing them back and forth to school and home. On days when I need to use my textbook for homework assignments I just take pictures of the textbook pages x)

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Do greener places do anything for you?

Forum: Do greener places do anything for you?
I enjoy being in places with plants around as well. My first experience with trying out my green thumb was a fail. My elementary school gave away forget-me-nots during our graduation day. I came to love it so much because it was the first plant that I had the responsibility to take care of, not to mention the flower was really pretty too. With that said I didn't know the proper way to take care of it, and kind of just went with my basic knowledge with taking care of plants aka water them everyday and let them see some sun. I don't know what went wrong but they withered in a couple of days. I was devastated.
Anyway, from then on I became more interested in growing plants, especially the pocket size ones that you can keep around in your room. Right now I'm taking care of my little aloe vera plant lol. I love staring at it and water it every day and seeing it grow. I also can't wait to use some of the aloe vera that it made x)

Have a good one!

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