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Subject: Wow lol

Forum: Wow lol
I can't believe I graduated o.o

I was checking out the responses to my forum when somebody pointed out I graduated and I was like whattt? Oh man they're right I really have graduated lol XD

Thanks guys!!! So much!! For all this time being by my side and supporting me throughout my Cnet journey!! I'll miss some of you guys a lot and definitely the conversations that we share here on Cnet!! I'm so sad to leave honestly!! I was so ready to tackle another week of Cnet with different forum topics in my mind lmao!! It's going to be hard getting out of the habit of thinking up new topics for Cnet throughout my day because I used to do that a lot XD

Thanks guys once again!! I'll miss you guys a lot!! Good luck for everyone here on Cnet!! Maybe I'll come back one of these days to see what's good!!

Have a good one guys!!

Subject: Re: Take your stance!

Forum: Take your stance!
I'm that annoying person that jumps from one side to another if one side is making a sensible argument and then the next second the other side does too lol. I guess I could say I don't take sides then? I think taking sides gives the feeling of ganging up on the other person and I know how that feels so I try not to do it. But if i feel strongly about something then I would still try to make my argument, but I try not to make it seem like I'm defending one side in particular lol.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Top 3 favorite fruit & top 3 favorite vegetable?

Forum: Top 3 favorite fruit & top 3 favorite vegetable?
Hey there! Yummy forum! Fruits and vegetables are my favorites!

It's hard to choose, but if I must I would go with:

Top 3 fruits = pears, strawberries, lychee
Top 3 vegetables = bell peppers, mushrooms, beans (any kind lol)

And I also love avocado too, but I'm not sure to label it as a fruit or vegetable lmao..

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Messy or clean?

Forum: Messy or clean?
I would like to think I'm clean for the most part. I keep things organized and clean as I'm going along so I don't have to clean up big messes later. I don't mind people being messy as long as they're not invading into my personal space lol. This is also why I'm thankful that I don't dorm with another stranger lol x)

Have a good one!

Subject: PDA public display of affection?

Forum: PDA public display of affection?
How do you feel about it?
How much flaunting of one's love is too much in public's eyes? Should the couple even care?

I didn't think I care about other people's PDA until just the other day when I was hanging out with my friends. I picked up one friend first who had her boyfriend tagged along. It was very awkward for me as they were doing stuff in the back of my car lol. I was so thankful when I reached my other friend's house so I'm no longer suffering this PDA alone..

What about you? What are your experiences with other people's PDA? Do you partake in PDA?

Thanks! Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Backyard games

Forum: Backyard games
I love backyard games as well! I used to live together with my relatives who had a basketball hoop in their backyard and we used to dribble basketball all the time. I wasn't good at it but it didn't stop me from being competitive lol.
I also love playing badminton in my backyard nowadays whenever it's nice outside!

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Would you risk it all?

Forum: Would you risk it all?
Lol nah not at all. That's like basically going gambling with a huge buttload amount of money lol. I think I'm good. I like to be in control of my finances and because it's already so hard to earn every buck I don't want to just lose it all in a split of second by risking it like this x) It sounds tempting though not going to lie. But my chances of winning would have to be higher than just 10% to convince me to risk it all XD

Have a good one!

Subject: activities in nature?

Forum: activities in nature?
When was the last time you were doing something out in nature? What kind of activity did you do?

I've been feeling outdoorsy lately and I really want to go hiking some time soon with my friends. Fishing sounds pretty nice too, but I'm not sure if that would be feasible with all the snow and ice around x)

Any ideas on what would be a fun activity to do out in nature?

Thanks! Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

Forum: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present
My best class has always been something chemistry based. I like chemistry because you basically learn the concepts and then apply them into calculation. It's not just memorization and understanding concepts like in biology class, because in chemistry you get to be more hands on and put what you know into practice. I think I do better in Chemistry than other science classes because I get to practice what I learn..

My worst class has always been English as well lol. Sometimes I don't understand how English class works. The teacher basically grades your essay based on his own preferred style of writing, so I feel like that could get really biased at times.. I could never get more than a B in my English classes lol, no matter how hard I try or how much time and effort I put in T.T I'm super bitter about English classes lmao.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: How are you??

Forum: How are you??
I'm good too! Glad to know things are settling in for you guys!

I'm just excited today because it's snowing and my family basically gets a day off from work and school so we're all cozying up together hanging out for the entire day! It makes a nice break once in a while thanks to the winter storms lol!

Have a good one!

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