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Subject: Re: How do you manage a lot at a time?

Forum: How do you manage a lot at a time?
Awww thanks Madonna and Mary for your warm support I really appreciate it. I tend to not depend on others to do whatever I have to do and end up being burnt out sometimes, thanks Maggiemay04. I really need to learn how to set goals and prioritize in order to find myself a smoother path through life.
I like your suggestion Mary when it comes to take one entire day for errands because when I don't I always forget to buy one thing or another and have to run back to the store. I definitely have to take steps and create a plan that will work for me.

Thanks a bunch guys and have a great night!

Subject: Re: This or that?

Forum: This or that?
Fun game, I am in! Definitely science because I like to do research and always into discovering what's next for us to invent or conquer.
My question: Music or Movies?

Have a great night!


Subject: Re: Relationship

Forum: Relationship
Hey everyone,

Like a poster here mentioned, age definitely matters at certain stages in life because between an 18 and a 35 year old, there can be a huge emotional and mental gap. Although people, especially men choose those kinds to be in those kinds of relationships anyway, the chances for them to survive can be slim to none, unless one partner depends totally on the other one for survival. However, I believe it could be much workable being with someone with approximately the same age because there's a chance for you to be more emotionally available for each other.
Have a great one!

Subject: Re: biggest fear

Forum: biggest fear
Hi Melinda,

I don't think I have a big fear moving towards life because deep down inside I know that everything is working out for me because I am putting the efforts out there. On the other hand, when it comes to the environment, I have the fear of anything that can crawl, especially snakes. Also, I went on a cruise recently and I realized that I have a fear of the open sea when I imagine everything that is in there, and able to eat one alive.

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Do You Smoke?

Forum: Do You Smoke?
Hi Eddy,

I do not smoke but I have been around people who smoke all my life. I think now I have come to develop an allergic reaction to it because every time someone smokes whether close or not too far from me, it becomes difficult for me to breathe. So, I believe second-hand smoke can be harmful to others but I don't think people care too much when it comes other's health, definitely unfortunate.


Subject: How do you manage a lot at a time?

Forum: How do you manage a lot at a time?
Hi guys,

Hope all is well with you guys! I took a week off since I had a mid-term going on while doing internship and starting a new job. It has been for me a lot to handle at once while doing collegenet.
My question for you today is how do you manage your life when you find yourself handling so much at a time?

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Disneyland or Six Flags?

Forum: Disneyland or Six Flags?
Hi everyone,

Give me Disney rides all the way, they are so much fun and and not too fast. Although I have not visited the the Six Flags yet, however, I believe there can not be any other places more beautiful and more amazing than Disney. I used to live in Orlando and enjoyed being there from time to time with my daughter, we could not get enough of it.


Subject: What is one of your most cherished memories?

Forum: What is one of your most cherished memories?
Hi everyone,

In our busy day to day living, we forget sometimes to look back and appreciate the beautiful memories which contributed to taking us where we are today. My most cherished memory is when I first came here to America to finally reunite my mother who was absent in our life for more at least 10 years. I was 10 when she left while my 3 other siblings were younger. So, there were a lot of mixed emotions at the time, however when we finally met, it was bliss. Hence, when I think back, this happens to be one of my happiest memory so far.
So guys, what is one of your happiest memories so far? Does it come to mind often or just once in a blue moon? Please share with us below.


Subject: Re: summer or winter?

Forum: summer or winter?
Hey Julie,

I am definitely a summer girl, I was born and raised in the tropics, then, I came to Florida, the sunshine state where I enjoy it all along. I remember wanting to go experience New York for a while because of some personal issues at the time. Well, when I first settled there it was summer time and everything went smooth, however, came the winter with the snow and the cold, it became more and more difficult for me to adjust everyday; I just could not stand it. I muster some courage to tell my cousin whom I agreed to live with, "sorry dear, I don't think I can make it here". So, I packed myself back to Florida, and I've been there since, feeling at home and happy,

Have a great one

Subject: Re: Do you eat pork or chicken?

Forum: Do you eat pork or chicken?
Hey everyone,heal

It seem as everybody just loves chicken and I am among them if I had to choose it against pork for a whole year. I think chicken is the healthiest meat one can eat and as one of the poster mentioned, it is so versatile, and can be prepared in so many delicious ways. I believe I eat chicken, especially chicken wings three times a week, it seems as we can never get tired of it.
On the other hand, I never liked pork even though in my country (Haiti), it gets prepared so nicely; I don't know if you have heard of our famous "grillot" made out of pork, it is delicious with hot sauce. However, I try to stay away from it because I know that pork is not that healthy for the body.


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