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Subject: Re: How often do you take a bath?

Forum: How often do you take a bath?
I take a lot of baths in the middle of the winter! After a long work day and a long drive home in the freezing cold, all I want is a hot bath with some salts and oils. It makes me so relaxed I can get right into bed afterward and sleep for hours. Maybe one day I'll get a jacuzzi...

Subject: Re: Does weather affect your mood?

Forum: Does weather affect your mood?
Hi Mariah!

I can't stand cold weather! It makes me feel like I can't do anything. I have both Norwegian and French heritage, and for some reason the Norwegian in me doesn't give me any resistance to the cold. I prefer the temperament of weather in places like where my dad grew up in the south of France, warm, sometimes hot, never freezing cold, never humid. Eventually I will definitely get off the East Coast and live somewhere more pleasant...I feel like I can do anything when it's sunny and warm.

Subject: Re: Do you work on the weekends?

Forum: Do you work on the weekends?

I go to school full time, five days a week, and I work on weekend nights! I usually work two nights on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I like my job so it isn't too stressful, but there are times when I have a lot of schoolwork to do and I wish I had a night off. The money is good though, and I have loans to pay off! haha.

Subject: Re: Where do you work?

Forum: Where do you work?
Hi laj0010,

I started off working with children in high school and the beginning of college. I definitely enjoyed it, especially when the kids were well behaved. There were a few families I regularly helped. I also worked as a graphic design assistant, designing tshirts and posters for a local grocery.

The summer after graduating high school I got my carriage drivers license from the City of Philadelphia and worked at a company that gave people horse drawn carriage tour rides. I've always loved horses but couldn't afford to ride in the last few years, so it was great to work with them. I eventually left because I believed that overall the treatment of the horses was inhumane...they were either in their stable or pulling carriages on the street, there was no green space for them to graze or stretch. The owner obviously didn't care about them besides to make money off them, and she was very demanding of them and of the workers. The communication was very unhealthy. So I left but I try to visit and bring carrots!

Now I work as a hostess in one of the top steakhouses in the United States, and I love it. The staff is fun and friendly, and I like the service industry, though I hopefully won't be in it forever. I hope to work in the arts.

Subject: Re: Right Now!

Forum: Right Now!
Hi Wonder Woman :)

I am currently sitting in the cafeteria at my school. I just had a meeting with my professor who teaches my class called the Art of Death in the Ancient World. I'm behind on my writings, so I met with her to talk about catching up, but she's so cool she told me that as long as I do the work and get them done eventually she doesn't really believe in the deadlines anyway. She's so cool haha, and I'm way less stressed now.
Earlier I went to a panel discussion lead by professionals who have careers in the the arts, or started out going to an arts university. It gave me some hope for my future talking to artists who aren't starving!

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Are You Artistic?

Forum: Are You Artistic?
The arts are my field of work and study! Many people I come across are skeptical of the choice to pursue as a career, but as long as you work really hard, it's possible. I fit better and contribute more in an artistic or creative setting than I do in a strictly academic setting. This means that I and fellow art students have to push ourselves at times a bit more than a lot of people at my university, staying up most nights in the studio and working long days as well. But it's worth it, because I'm doing what my mind and body do best. There are also more job options that people expect...if you look around, there are visuals everywhere, whether for a website, on a billboard, a public sculpture, a movie, the cover of a book, a poster, an album cover, the design of a bag of chips...artists are more common and necessary than we seem!
Overall I think the arts are a way of seeing and thinking. You are trained to notice color and shape and words and voices around you in a different way, and it gives an entirely different meaning to life.

Subject: Re: Ladies and Gents do you shave?

Forum: Ladies and Gents do you shave?
Hi everyone,

In the winter I rarely shave my legs or under my arms, just once every few weeks or if I'm going out. In the summer I have always shaved, pretty much every time or every other time I shower. However this year I have let my hair grow out a bit - I have very light, slow growing hair - and it feels good. Mostly because I'm tired of seeing so many guys' leg and pit hair while being criticized for my own. My outlook has definitely changed. I think it's sexy to let your body do what it's supposed to do naturally. It feels good not to pluck and shave and wax, because hair grows for a reason on both males and females. Why do my eyebrows need to be an exact, perfect shape for me to be an acceptable, attractive member of society? Why should people be grossed out by my leg hair because I'm female, when hair grows on girl and guy legs, and guys aren't expected to get rid of it? I like letting my body be the way it's supposed to, and that shouldn't be offensive to anyone. As long as I stay clean, I feel good.

Subject: Re: Thrift Store or New Items?

Forum: Thrift Store or New Items?
I prefer thift shopping way more than retail. I love going through racks of old clothing and finding weird old things that have character or are more vintage. Thrift items tend to have more character. Also I feel much more satisfied when I find a lot of clothing I love for cheap than when I spend a ton of money. Finding something amazing and then realizing it only costs four dollars makes it that much more fun. I make pretty regular trips to Plato's Closet and a bunch of other thrift stores in NY and PA.

Subject: Re: Computer Preference

Forum: Computer Preference
Hi Logan,

It definitely depends on what your uses will be. If you don't need to do much on your computer besides creating simple documents, using a few basic programs and the internet, then something like an HP would be inexpensive and probably ideal. However if you have a specialized area of work then the type of computer you use could drastically help or hinder you. I do a lot of graphic design, visual, and sound work, so I have a MacBook because the display is good and it generally supports the Adobe programs very well. A lot of people are using macs because they're so visually pleasing...sleek, clean and lightweight. You don't need to get pulled into that trap though.
Good luck!

Subject: Re: Materials, Insecurities & Social Statuses

Forum: Materials, Insecurities & Social Statuses
Congrats on your year so far! I hope the positivity continues in your life.

I think people who assume others are better or worse than them based on their car are thinking in a close-minded way. Personally I don't judge anyone based on what vehicle they operate. I can't afford a new car and I drive an old mini van (which has lasted 20 years very faithfully) and if I had money to choose any car I wouldn't blow thousands of dollars on one - probably something small and functional. I like used cars and things with character or a story behind them.
What kind of cars people choose might reflect somewhat on their wealth, and their preferences or priorities - whether they want to show off a bit, whether they just want something that works - but it reflects less on their personalities. If anything I might be a bit critical of someone driving a 200,000 dollar convertible recklessly with shades on and music blasting...but maybe that person is going on the only joy ride opportunity of their life. Maybe they are truly passionate about cars. Maybe they're an obnoxious showoff...but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

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