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Subject: Re: Is Common Sense or Intelligence More Important?

Forum: Is Common Sense or Intelligence More Important?
Hi Everyone!

Common sense wins out. I've know a lot of people that are incredibly book smart, but have zero common sense or street smarts. Books can only get you so far, sometimes you just need to go with your gut or pull from past experience. The best would be a mix of both, but I would take common sense anytime over intelligence.

Subject: Re: What made you pursue a higher education?

Forum: What made you pursue a higher education?
Hi Everyone!

My parents really wanted me to get a college degree so that I could find a better job then theirs. I wanted to pursue it so that I could learn more about being in the animal science field. There's a lot of opportunities in college that I wouldn't be able to get not in school.

Subject: Re: What is your favorite color?

Forum: What is your favorite color?
Hi Everyone!

I love coral/red colors. There's something about how those colors pop but are still warm. All the furniture in my room is that color, and I LOVE it! I'm surrounded by bright colors and always makes me more cheerful. I don't know if I would buy a car in a red color, I think that might be a little tooooo much.

Subject: Re: What's your Favorite Position?!

Forum: What's your Favorite Position?!
Hi Everyone!

I am a roller. I love falling asleep while on my side, but during the night I move so much that I end up in a belly flop position. Nothing is better than curling up under my big fluffy comforter and curled up. I remember watching a Buzzfeed video about how your sleep position can tell you what your personality is like. They say a side sleeper is a very anxious and insecure person. I'm not sure how true that is, I'm going to keep side sleeping!

Subject: Re: How Much Personal Space do You Need?

Forum: How Much Personal Space do You Need?
Hi Everyone!

I don't mind sharing my personal space with people. I used to commute on the train to school, and during rush hour your pretty much squished together for 30 minutes until the main stop comes up. After dealing with that for a year not much phases me when it comes to personal space. However, at the end of the day I'm ready to have my space and chill out in my room and take up as much room as I want. My family likes to have their personal space at the end of the day, however it's not the end of the world if we have to be close with strangers.

Subject: Re: Do you (really) read the terms of agreement?

Forum: Do you (really) read the terms of agreement?
Hi Everyone!

I always wonder this too. I never read them, but I do make sure that if I download anything that I don't download any extra junk! I probably should skim it over to make sure I'm not signing up for anything I don't want...

Subject: Re: Who is the strongest person you know?

Forum: Who is the strongest person you know?
Hi Everyone!

My mom is the definitely the strongest person I know. She has taken care of her parents for 8 years, giving them almost 24/7 care, helping feed them, get them out of bed, taking them to the bathroom, etc.. Now that they have passed away she has had to go through many major changes in her life. By that I mean she has her life back, her whole world doesn't revolve around taking care of her parents. However, even at the hardest part of her life she still didn't complain.

Subject: Re: Do you have a mentor or admire someone?

Forum: Do you have a mentor or admire someone?
Hi Everyone!

My mentor was my art teacher Mark in high school. His class was the reason I continued with high school and graduated with a solid idea on where I wanted to go next. He taught me a lot of different art skills (he got me into glass art which is AMAZING!), but he taught me how to be a better person. I remember every Christmas he would make little glass plates for all the facility workers at our school. I asked him why he did so, and he told me to also think of the people that everyone forgets about. He never turned a student away. He would stay from 7 in the morning to 6 at night anytime a student needed his help and he never complained to them. I could tell he was exhausted a lot, but he always put his students first.

My grandparents had been very sick throughout my high school years, and during my junior and senior year they both passed away. Mark let me stay in his room during those really hard times. I didn't want to upset my mom since she was the one who lost her parents, so his room turned into a place where I didn't have to keep everything in.

I still keep in touch with him by email, but I can't thank Mark enough for everything he was done for me :)

Subject: Re: What age do you FEEL you are?

Forum: What age do you FEEL you are?
Hi Everyone!

If I had a nickel for every time someone though I was older than I am I could pay for college. I have had juvenile diabetes since I was 6, so I had to mature really quickly to take care of myself. Currently I am 19, but I feel like I'm in my later 20's. I recognized going into college that I really didn't know anything, and I have learned to listen first and not come across cocky.

Subject: Re: What role does music play in your life?

Forum: What role does music play in your life?
Hi Everyone!

I use music to get me through my daily commute. It's also a way for me to destress. I can rock out to my jams on the ride home and by the time I get home I feel way more relaxed. It would be a very quiet world without music. I really like bands like Lumineers and Twenty One Pilots, lots of alternative and indie bands. Although, I'm not ashamed to jam to Taylor Swift or other pop stars :)

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