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Subject: Re: What makes someone good or bad?

Forum: What makes someone good or bad?
Hi, Marie.

I believe that what makes you a good person or not is definitely in how you treat people. All too often, I see people treating others in ways that would break them down had the shoe been on the other foot. And I find that to be sad.

As far as society goes, I think what makes you good or bad is your intention. Sometimes, things don't come across in the way that you want them to. And some people do good things for the wrong reasons. If you only do something for the benefit of yourself, I can't necessarily say that you're a good person. For example, I see people record themselves feeding homeless people and uploading it to social media for likes and attention. It's as if nobody wants to be decent unless they're sure someone is watching. That's not a good person... you're not a bad person, just a hot mess. Lol

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Mocking fads and then becoming a part of the fad

Forum: Mocking fads and then becoming a part of the fad
Hey, Dakine.

Don't you hate when that happens?! It's like that song on the radio that you find do terrible, but they keep playing it, so you have no choice but to learn it? Then, out of nowhere, you're singing along and drumming on your dashboard. Lol

The last thing I was suckered into was probably Harache shoes. I hated how they looked for so long, but I finally tried on a pair and they are so comfortable! Now I understand the hype. They don't look that great on the shelf, but they're okay on people's feet. Most importantly, they don't cost as much as other shoes!

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Are you a last minute person ?

Forum: Are you a last minute person ?
Hey, Allan.

Ditto! I tend to procrastinate on a number of things. It takes me about twenty minutes to get ready to go in the mornings, start to finish, so I will literally wake up twenty minutes before it's time for me to go! It's terrible. I don't leave myself room to do even the slightest variant of a thing. The worst part about it is I wake my son up and get him off to school, then go back to sleep until twenty minutes before I have to leave! Lol

Now, when it comes to homework, I try my best to stay ahead of the assignments, but that isn't always possible. It grinds my gears when teachers have assignments due on weekdays, and there is no weekend in between the day when the assignment is given and the day it's due! Thos are definitely handled the night of. It's like you said, even if I start it a little early, those last minutes are always spent tightening up something.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: When do you eat dinner?

Forum: When do you eat dinner?
Hi, Emma.

When my son is here, I'm pretty consistent with dinner time. It's at about 7:15p at my house. Because his bedtime is 8:30p, this gives him time to eat and digest his food before laying down. It's also close enough to bedtime to ensure I'm not hearing "im hungry" when it's time to lay down!

Now, when he was at grandma's for the summer, I ate dinner whenever I could. I worked from 7a-6p, then went straight to school from 7p-10p, so Id usually eat on my way home around 10:15p. It was horrible! That's way too late to be eating dinner. So I definitely need to regulate my eating habits in the summer. I skip many daytime meals as well, so I'll be doing better summer 2K17!!

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Scholarships

Forum: Scholarships
Hi, CynthiaKay.

I've been on all of the sites you've named and the only one that has ever truly worked for me is CollegeNET. This is why I never believed in scholarship sites. And, had this one not been suggested by my school, I never would have bothered. CollegeNET is literally the only reason I'm in school. Once this well runs dry, I'll no longer be going to school! I've never even known anybody to win scholarships on any other site, only sports scholarships.

Aside from the ones you've listed, I can think of scholarship owl. I've never won, though, as previously stated. I think your best bet would be to try to seek scholarships that come directly from the school you will be attending.

Good luck!


Subject: Re: Ever had an EMG test or get tazed?

Forum: Ever had an EMG test or get tazed?
Happy Birthday, MaryJP!

It kinda sucks that you have to do this on your birthday, but it has to be done. Lol It doesn't really sound fun at all. I've never had an EMG test done, but I have been tazed before. I was in middle school and there was a bomb threat, so everyone had to evacuate the building. Outside, everybody was in a frenzy and the weather was bad, so I tried to walk home (I lived directly across the street). The police tazed me. A few others were pepper sprayed and arrested, etc that day. It was a mess.

Anyway, what are your birthday plans? Whatever you do, do it twice as hard for us here on CNet! Lol I wish we could post emojis and pictures, so that I could throw you a little mini party right here!! But have fun.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Cash or plastic?

Forum: Cash or plastic?
Hey, bluebella.

I agree with you about using a card. I very rarely have cash. And, if I do, it's because somebody specifically asked for cash as payment, so I had to go pull it out of the ATM. I don't like using cash bc it's not as easy to keep up with. Nowadays, you can simply check the balance and verify your transactions online or from an app. With cash, you have to think back and/or keep all of your receipts to try and sort out where all your money is going. It's just too much of a hassle for me. Plus, it's easier for a thief to steal money than actually take any more from you if you only have cards. At the ATM, there are security measures in place that assure you will be protected. If you put your PIN number in backwards, it allegedly alerts the police and they come to your location (maybe). And even if they get off with the cards, all you have to do is cancel them once the person takes off. Everything has theft insurance/protection on it these days. Lol But with money, they can take it and spend it right away! Actual money can't be traced back to you.

The one downside to NOT carrying cash is when you're at work hungry/thirsty (or anywhere really) and you don't have any change for the vending machines! I hate the fact that my job doesn't have an ATM, but we are a nonprofit so money is not exchanged. We now have these machines that take cards, but they charge you double for using the card! It's insane. I'd rather die of starvation than pay somebody double for $.50 bag of chips that already costs $.85 in the snack machine! I hate to feel like somebody has gotten over on me.. Lol Anyway, rant over.

Have a good day.


Subject: Re: How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

Forum: How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Hello, Sammy94.

I lay down about 10p and fall asleep. Then, I wake up about 2a and look crazy until about 5a, when I drift back off to sleep until my alarm goes off at 6a. Soo... that's 5 hours. I try my best to nap on lunch, though. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot sleep all the way through the night. On the rare occasion that I don't fall asleep until about midnight, I can sleep all the way until my alarm goes off. That doesn't happen often.

Have a good day!


Subject: Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

Forum: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?
Hi, Riley.

As a full day time employee, I prefer evening classes. Maybe prefer is the wrong word bc I don't really have a choice. The good thing about evening classes is that even the instructors are tired. They try to move things along as quickly as possible so that we don't actually have to stay there until 10pm. That's been my experience for most classes, but that Geology class last semester.. OMG!! That teacher would talk until about 10:15pm, and I would be so irritated. LET ME FREE!! Lol

If I didn't work, I'd prefer morning classes, so that I could get them out of the way. I'm fresh and well-rested, so I can put up with a few hours of lecture before I decide I need a break. Plus, that gives me time to plan out my homework for that day. If I know about an assignment that's due soon, I know to get started on it that day, as opposed to waiting until a weekend, like I do now with evening classes. There's no way I'm coming home at 11pm and starting on an assignment! I've don't it before, but I suffered greatly at work that next day! All in all, morning classes are the best!

Thanks for reading. Good luck this semester.


Subject: Re: What's your first memory?

Forum: What's your first memory?
Hi, Regina.

Wow! Not only did you remember the incident, but the story was quite detailed. I wonder if anyone has an earliest story that doesn't end in tragedy.

As far as my story goes... well, I was 6 years old. I had left my brother at school (he was 8) bc he wanted to walk home with his friends and I desperately had to pee. I quickly shuffled home and tried to get the key in the hole, but I had to pee soooo badly that I just couldn't get it in! Then, there were two Siamese cats at the end of the porch. I stomped my foot towards them in an effort to "shoo" them away so that they wouldn't run into the house once I finally got the door opened. Well, that didn't work. They attacked me!!! I climbed up one of the pillars on my porch and held on for dear life as they scratched and clawed at the bottom of the pole. I cried and cried as I peed on myself.

I stayed up there until they finally scurried off bc a woman came down the street walking her dog. I finally got in the house. But, so I wouldn't get into trouble for peeing on myself, I threw my clothes in the dryer and hopped in the shower. Then I put the clothes back on. Who would have thought that my mother would STILL know I had peed on myself when she got home!? Lol Good times...

Thanks for reading..


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