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Subject: Re: When do you do your best Work

Forum: When do you do your best Work
I study during the day/ morning when no one is home so that I am not distracted. Plus all my friends are busy or working so I am not tempted to go out and see them. Usually once I have dinner my brain shuts off and and no matter how hard I try I cant bring myself to study anymore.
I do my best work on assignments last minute. I am a productive procrastinator.

Subject: Re: What is always coming, but never arrives?

Forum: What is always coming, but never arrives?
Answer to Mistervancleef's riddle is Mailbox!


Subject: Re: Do you pee with the door open?

Forum: Do you pee with the door open?
I never close the bathroom door. Mainly because my bathroom is in the back of the house where nobody can see in, but also because I just don't care. I live with my mom at the moment so obviously I don't mind if she walks in on me, before that I lived with my long term boyfriend and we both left the door open 24/7. It never bothers me but sometimes I have to go back and shut it when friends are over so they don't think I'm weird. After leaving the door open for so long its hard to remember to close it.

Subject: Re: Are pit bulls really that scary?

Forum: Are pit bulls really that scary?
Its not about the dog its about how you train them.
I have a pit bull and she is the most loving and smart animal I have ever encountered. However, she is very fearful of strangers and tends to bark and growl at them when she is approached. Once she warms up to people though she wants to lick and cuddle and play ball all day long.
Pit bulls do look very tough. I can see why people are scared of them because of how my dog acts around strangers. However, people never think about the dogs emotions and that maybe they only act tough because they are scared of you!
That being said, I understand the stigma, but I wish there was a way to change it.


Hey everyone!
It has been a while since I have been on collegenet but I am happy to be back! There are lots of new faces and I would love to get to know everyone.
What's your name and what state are you from? What is your college major and how much progress have you made towards your degree? Lastly, what are your interests and how do you spend your free time?

I am Julie :) I am a nursing student in Arizona and I will be half way through the program this fall! I am obtaining my RN from a community college while simultaneously working for a bachelors degree in nursing with Northern Arizona University. I have been so busy with school lately that I barely have free time to myself, but when I do have time, I love to paint and sew. Art is my way of escaping the stress of reality.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

Subject: Re: Current Song Addiction!?

Forum: Current Song Addiction!?
I'm stuck on a Pierce the Veil cycle. Any song by them will do. I own 3 of their albums and I'm buying tickets to their show on friday. I love the band and all of their music.

YouTube them and you will find all kinds of good music.

Carephenelia, bulletproof love, I don't care if your contagious, bestitos, the list goes on and on...

Subject: Re: Top 3 things for the beach!

Forum: Top 3 things for the beach!
A towel, a stereo and boogie board!! I love riding the water back to shore it's so much fun! And you have to have music while you build a sand castle!!

Subject: Re: Do you prefer to donate time, items, or money?

Forum: Do you prefer to donate time, items, or money?
I donate things that I don't use. Struggling college students don't have the funds to donate their money :) I try to give cash to the homeless here and there but with 3 people begging on every corner it is hard to differentiate those who are in need from those who are trying to scam you. This is why I try to donate clothing items or household items to organizations instead.

Subject: Re: Do you overpack or underpack?

Forum: Do you overpack or underpack?
I used to over pack all the time! Because of that I have made efforts to pack lighter... and now I am an underpacker. It's a vicious cycle!

Subject: Beat the heat!

Forum: Beat the heat!
What do you do to stay cool in the hot summer months? Is this your favorite time of the year or are you ready for the cool down?

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