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Subject: Re: Stress

Forum: Stress
Hey! Welcome back,

...and I'm totally with you. I feel like stress just drains me down. It's rare when I can handle it by myself, but trust me i TRY.

Honestly I don't know why stress even exist lol

Subject: Hey guys! It's good to be back

Forum: Hey guys! It's good to be back
Wow it's been so long since I've logged in here. Really glad that I'm back:') Anyways, well I hope you guys are doing great in your careers and reaching your goals. Today's forum consists of YOU, how's it going? Anything new in life? New job? Let me here some stories!

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Subject: Re: Are you a Planner?

Forum: Are you a Planner?
Hey Tera :)

So YES! I'm also a planner like you. I feel like for me it's a really huge roll in my life because I'm planning out a lot of stuff throughout the day. Every weekend I HAVE to have something planned, and if I don't oooh don't even ask what happens. I literally just eat all day or watch a whole Netflix series lol.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: What is your favorite Disney Movie?

Forum: What is your favorite Disney Movie?
Hey Cnet!

So todays forum consists of your favorite Disney Movie. That's IF you have one, and if you don't why not? or why is it your favorite?

I watched Moana today, and honestly I loved it! I think it's one of my top 5 now.

I hope everyone had a great day! :)


Subject: Re: Traveling anywhere this summer?

Forum: Traveling anywhere this summer?

and aww lucky! that sounds like fun I've never been to Chicago. For my summer I'm traveling to Laughlin, Arizona. This is a trip me and my family every year, and let me tell you it's AMAZING!!

Thanks for the forum!:)

Subject: Re: Mac vs HP?

Forum: Mac vs HP?
MAC all the way. I think it's less complicated!

thanks for the forum!


Subject: Re: Does size really matter? *winky face*

Forum: Does size really matter? *winky face*
Not sure how to answer this since I'm still a virgin. But I'd say that the size would matter because if I'm going to wait to loose my V at least it has to be with someone with a good size lol So yes hopefully that answers your question.

Thanks for the forum! ;D


Subject: Re: Preferred Airline

Forum: Preferred Airline
Hey Emma!

Interesting forum, I'm actually on the same page as you. I go for the cheapest one and bounce! lol
Although, I do check if it's a trustable airline and doesn't scale. I dislike it when it scales.

Thanks for the forum love!


Subject: Do you exercise?...

Forum: Do you exercise?...
What's up!
*the sky..

jk, okay so how many of you exercise?

simple as that. And if you do how many times a day?
Do you love exercising?

Have a wonderful day loved ones!

-Abbiey :D

Subject: Re: What is the ideal age to give kids a phone?

Forum: What is the ideal age to give kids a phone?

I had to wait till that age and so will my kids lol


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