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Subject: When do you do your best Work

Forum: When do you do your best Work
Hey Cnet!

So, today I was thinking about the odd times that I get all of my work done. I'm a super late night person and a lot of the time I'll get my leisurely activities and what not out of the way during the afternoon so that I can work at night. I feel like I'm the total opposite of most people.

So when do you guys do your best work? Or study? Do you have a time that you think you work best?

Subject: Re: Is Life Easier for Attractive People?

Forum: Is Life Easier for Attractive People?
I think life is easier for people who are viewed as sort of universally attractive and it's pretty odd.

I always refer to Louis C.K.'s bit about how every musician is attractive, he says he'd figure that there'd be one ugly guy with a guitar by now, but there's not. It's interesting isn't it? Like, does every celebrity have to be some flawless person? There isn't a few profoundly talented people who aren't models that deserve a shot?

Subject: Re: Date Nights In or Out???

Forum: Date Nights In or Out???
I think date nights in are the absolute best.

My lady and I have pretty busy schedules and we go to different schools so seeing each other is a little bit tough when the semester gets into full swing and we end up pretty stressed. So, that being said, when we do get our occasional date nights we love to stay in a just be super lazy! We go out on occasion and it's nice when we do but absolutely nothing beats just staying in and being a bunch of a lazy loafs.

Subject: Re: Does the Teacher Influence what Classes you Take?

Forum: Does the Teacher Influence what Classes you Take?
I think that the professors absolutely influence the classes I sign up for, mostly in my major.

I think as we go through college and we kind of get to know our major's department in starts to shape the classes we select, at least it does for me. When if first started college I was pretty open about my professors and giving everyone a shot but at this point in my education I am SUPER selective about my professors, I know who I get along with and who I work well with. Outside of my major I'm still pretty open because I don't know what the class is going to be like so no point in me judging them. I think I just became more selective with time in my program because I just know what I want by now.

Subject: Re: Are pit bulls really that scary?

Forum: Are pit bulls really that scary?
This is an amazing topic and it definitely needs to be addressed more!

I absolutely adore pit bulls, they are without a doubt my favorite breed! I grew up with a gorgeous brown pit bull named Stanley and he was the absolute best companion that I ever could have asked for. It pains me to see the horrible stigma that these dogs get because it's not the dogs, it's the people. Dogs love unconditionally and are the most caring creatures and when they are put in an aggressive environment they become naturally defensive and aggressive and it's not their faults. Pit bulls, when raised correctly, are amazing creatures and so lovable! They just need to be raised right so rather than shunning a whole breed of dogs we should be shunning the people who make such sweet things into timid, scared monsters. It's so sad.

Subject: Re: Music Videos!

Forum: Music Videos!
I love music that bares a story, but I'm not a huge fan of music videos because they sometimes take away from the essence of those songs. I know that some songs are amazing and their stories have incredible depth but sometimes the music videos are just too drawn out and end up taking away from things that the song carries. I'm a huge fan of simplistic music videos where the band plays in a barren setting and a story plays out to correlate. One that I currently recommend is Love, Robot "Light" I just love a song being immersed in a setting and not even focusing on the song's story because that can often take away from it or even make it too literal.

Subject: Re: Favorite movie franchise?

Forum: Favorite movie franchise?
Star Wars, without a doubt.

I've had the pleasure of being raised in a Star Wars family and I absolutely adore the movies and the connections I have with the characters. I must say that the prequels were a bit disappointing comparatively to the original trilogy but they are still the movies that my generation got to experience at an early age and I still love them. So if I love the lesser of the six, then it's tough to describe my admiration of the originals. Now they are expanding the series and I must say The Force Awakens was just ok, but Rogue One was one of the best movies I've seen in recent years and they really provided to the Fans' requests so I have high hopes for The Last Jedi. I only think Star Wars can get better from here. The series is truly incredible and only getting deeper and more amazing.

Subject: Re: If you could invite anyone back from the deceased?

Forum: If you could invite anyone back from the deceased?
Avoiding the cliche of my relatives or loved ones, whom I've already had the pleasure of living beside and experiencing, I would absolutely love to bring back the painter Caravaggio. I just want to pick his brain and figure out how he became such a master in his artistic styling and influential techniques.

Subject: Re: First thing on your mind when you wake up?

Forum: First thing on your mind when you wake up?
I often have a million and a half thoughts flowing through my head so the first thing in my head when I wake up hasto be my day. I often have works or things I'm going to be doing in the coming day in my head and as soon as I wake up I'm immediately thinking of things I need to do and how I'm going to execute them. It's a little frustrating sometime because I like to wake up relaxed but in a mass of confusion of things I have to do, my thoughts get a bit confusing.

Subject: Re: Road rage anyone???

Forum: Road rage anyone???
I like to think that I'm the calmest drive but I'm super not.

I always feel cool, calm and collected when I'm driving but apparently the smallest thing sets me off. My girlfriend is the biggest pointer outer in this case as she always reminds me how insane it is when I'm suddenly losing my mind behind the wheel. I don't know what it is, but people are just dumb and it frustrates me!

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