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Subject: Re: Are you on the organic hype train?

Forum: Are you on the organic hype train?
I think the organic label has become more trustworthy in the past few years with stricter regulations and such. There are certain types of foods like leafy greens and stuff that I try to buy organic, but price is a big factor in what I can buy organic and not. There are some foods, like tomatoes and beef, where there is an obvious taste difference to me between organic and non-organic, which is why I try to buy them organic if I can. I am a big supporter of buying local!! Even if I can't make it to my local farmers market, theres still a local section at the market that I buy from as much as possible - its really important to me.

Subject: Re: Be honest, do you skip the doctor? Or go yearly?

Forum: Be honest, do you skip the doctor? Or go yearly?
I think I go through phases where I try to be really good about making appointments as often as I should, but then I go through other phases where I don't make any appointments for months. For example, you're supposed to go to the dentist every 6 months, but for the past couple years I have been really bad about that! I will definitely be making an effort to go as often as I should now!

Subject: Watching an Olympic Event In Person

Forum: Watching an Olympic Event In Person
If you were able to go and watch the Olympics in person, which event would you most like to see? I think for me it would be beach volleyball! I used to play volleyball and know a lot about the game, so I get really into it. I love the atmosphere when you're watching a game in person! It can get so intense!! Plus you have a pretty good view to see all aspects of the game unlike in other sports at the Olympics. Let me know what you guys think!

Subject: Re: Ever suffer from acne?

Forum: Ever suffer from acne?
I've had a similar experience with acne as far as having it fluctuate so much throughout the years. It seems that currently I struggle with it differently than I used to - now the acne I get is deeper and sticks around a lot longer than it used to unfortunately. I can't wait until I don't have acne anymore!!

Subject: Re: Favorite foods while traveling

Forum: Favorite foods while traveling

I try to grab new foods or at least new combinations of foods when I travel. I definitely like to try things that the area/country may be known for because that's part of traveling and getting to know the culture - through the food!

Subject: Re: How Expensive Was Your College Tuition?

Forum: How Expensive Was Your College Tuition?
My undergrad tuition was about $10,000 a year but my grad school tuition is going to jump way up to almost $30,000 per year!! It's so crazy how expensive it gets!!!

Subject: Re: How to stay healthy while in college?

Forum: How to stay healthy while in college?
In college I really got into cooking, trying to make relatively healthy food, prepping good snacks to keep me going while studying. I definitely became too dependent on caffeine at times, so during breaks from school I would try to not have any caffeine. Getting adequate sleep - at least most nights - became super important for me to function at the level I wanted too. As far as exercise, my campus was pretty big so I walked far enough to classes to make it a work out - plus you can always take a longer route to get a bit more cardio in!

Subject: Re: How Often Do You Get Your Hair Cut?

Forum: How Often Do You Get Your Hair Cut?
I have fairly long hair and right now I'm trying to grow it out - I usually let it get almost 2 feet long before then chopping it off and giving it to Locks for Love or some similar charity. While I'm really growing it out I wait probably 6 months between cuts - whereas if I want to keep my hair a certain length for a while, I will only wait maybe 4 months between cuts. I love my hair at all lengths though :)

Subject: Re: Are you excited to go back to school?

Forum: Are you excited to go back to school?

I'm really excited to be starting school in a few weeks! I took a few years off after undergrad but I'm pumped to get back for grad school. I definitely will be missing the income from working full time though! I'm going into a 5 year program so it's a big undertaking, but I look forward to the challenge.

Subject: Re: do you wear a watch?

Forum: do you wear a watch?
I own 2 watches and I alternate between them. I never used to wear a watch until my friend bought me one about 3 years ago. Now it feels really weird whenever I don't wear one for the day! I like being able to check the time without having to check my phone, especially at work.

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