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Subject: Goodbye Everybody!

Forum: Goodbye Everybody!
Hello everyone!

After about 8 months on this site, I have just graduated! I am extremely thankful for what this site has provided for me, and I will miss all of you! I'll check back in from time to time, but now I must go on and seek new opportunities.

For those of you just starting out, remember to be consistent and thoughtful with your posts on this site, and you will graduate in no time! For those of you have been around for a while, I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and keep up the great work!

Goodbye Everybody, and thank you CollegeNET!!


Subject: Re: Would you move to another country for a job?

Forum: Would you move to another country for a job?
Hey Sammy!

I would love to move to another country for a job, but I suppose it depends on what point in life I am at. If it were now, I probably wouldn't go, because I want to finish my education where I am at. If it were an extraordinary opportunity though, I might consider it. If it were right after college, I would definitely be willing to go. I would still be young, and I wouldn't have much holding me back. It would be an awesome experience.

Have a lovely day!


Subject: Which room in your house do you spend most time in

Forum: Which room in your house do you spend most time in
Hello everyone!

Even if there are several rooms in my house where I could hang out, I tend to stay in my bedroom or in the living room. If not counting sleeping time, I would say I am in the living room most often, because I like to talk to people as they walk through or come to sit with me. There are times when I spend the entire day in my room watching movies, but I try not to do that very often.

So, not counting sleeping time, which room do you spend most time in? Why?

Have a great night everyone!


Subject: Re: ~America and Medicine~

Forum: ~America and Medicine~
Hey Tera!

I want to be doctor, and I do believe in medicine, but I have never been a fan of taking it myself. If I were to be extremely sick I would take it, but for pain, allergies, or colds, I would rather just stick it out. I think it is better to learn to deal with pain and minor sickness rather than give up and take a pill that is supposed to take it away. I have been prescribed pain medication when I got my wisdom teeth out, but I ended up never taking it. I think this was the best decision, considering it never ended up hurting very bad anyway.

I think many Americans will take so much medication because they just want an easy way to deal with pain or discomfort. I imagine it is great to get relief sometimes, but something just doesn't seem right to me about seeking savior from every minor issue. I would much rather just deal with things and use the experience to build strength.

Have an awesome night!


Subject: Re: I'm back! How's Everyone's Semester Went??!

Forum: I'm back! How's Everyone's Semester Went??!
Hey Selina!

Welcome back! I know how you feel, I also had a rough semester. It was my first semester in college, and I definitely do as well as I hoped. I learned a lot though, and I think I will do much better next semester.

It's awesome that you were able to push through and get a 4.0! Great job!

Again, welcome back!


Subject: Re: Saving a Life

Forum: Saving a Life
Hey Cheyenne!

Welcome to Collegenet!!

I think it would be a good thing for everyone to at least get exposed to ways of providing basic life support. It wouldn't be very difficult or expensive for schools to provide quick one-day courses showing students how to save a life. I don't think they should spend too much time on it, considering how much needs to be done, but basic instruction would be great.

Of course, it takes much more than more than 1 day of instruction for many people to be ready to save a life when the time comes, but at least the chances are increased when so many people are exposed to it.

Have an awesome day!


Subject: Re: Do you read enough?

Forum: Do you read enough?
Hey Sammy!

I hardly ever read books. It isn't good, but I just find reading so boring. If I am to read a book, I would be much more interested if I were to read a non-fiction book about some sort of scientific principle. I can't get into the stories of fictional books, mainly because I don't imagine the characters well enough as I am reading.

While I don't read books very often, I definitely do a lot of reading online. I hardly notice that I am doing it, but I will often google something I am curious about, and then spend a long time reading different articles and pages that explain it.

Have an awesome day!


Subject: If you were an inventor?

Forum: If you were an inventor?
Hello everyone!

I have always spent time thinking up little inventions. For me, it is so much fun to think of creative ways to solve a problem or make something cool. Although I have never actually created any of my "inventions" I am pretty sure some of them would work.

So, I am wondering, do you ever come up with inventions in your head? Do you think they would work, or have you ever tried to make them work? If you have thought up an invention, what was it and how did it work?

I promise I won't steal any ideas :)

Have a great one everybody!


Subject: Re: How many Finals do you have?

Forum: How many Finals do you have?
Hello Alexis!

I have already finished my finals, which is such a relief! I had three in class finals, and one out of class essay final. I was definitely nervous when it came time to take them. I feared I wouldn't do as well as I hoped, and that fear ended up coming true. However, I now realize that this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Now I know what I have to change in order to succeed, and a little failure will only help me grow.

Have an awesome night! Good Luck everybody!


Subject: Re: Is This Your Dream?

Forum: Is This Your Dream?
Hey Kendra!

I am currently working towards my dream career of being a doctor. Although I have hit a few bumps on the way, I will continue to work for it and find ways to accomplish my dreams. As far as sacrifices go, I suppose I have sacrificed taking classes in some of the other areas that interest me. There are several things that i would really like to learn about, but in order to accomplish my goals, I have to set those things aside. I wish I could do it all, but that is not how things work. Despite this, I know I will be happy, because I will have the one thing that really interests me.

I hope you had a great day!


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