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Subject: Re: D you eat enough ?

Forum: D you eat enough ?

I like to think I eat healthy, I eat a lot of vegetables except green vegetables. I am on coumadin so I cant.
, I eat some meat as in chicken, fish and very little steak and no pork. or hamburger. I do not eat fast food or do I fry food. This past March, I had gained a lot because of depression. My best friend had passed away in January. Anyway I couldn't get out of bed, go for a walk with my dog or too much of anything without my whole body hurting and I have asthma and it was really hard to breathe. I got up one morning and called my doctor, threw out all the unhealthy food in my house. I was a size 12 which many thought was great, to me, I was not healthy and as I said, I hurt all the time and had problems breathing. My doctor gave me an antidepressant. I bought exercise clothes and sneakers and I would walk my dog every morning and then by myself for 30 minutes every day 7 days a week. Today, I wear a size 6. I can actually run with my dog, I am not out of breath as much.


Subject: Re: do you play the lottery?

Forum: do you play the lottery?

I only played a couple of times but I will buy scratch tickets sometimes. I usually win what I paid for the ticket and my husband wins his amount as well. When we buy tickets we agree on a price to spend on them, usually only $1.00 to $3.00 max.


Subject: Re: Highlights of 2017?

Forum: Highlights of 2017?
Hi Morgan,

Congratulations on your baby daughter and I am happy she was born healthy.

This year my best friend of 32 years passed away from pneumonia, then in January something personal had happened which is heartbreaking and it is still going on. Then things were going good and then my husband kept sneaking outside and wandering around in our woods and we have a stream way in ( he has onset dementia), we have 21 acres of all woods. I happened to find an owner financing house on 7 acres of land with neighbors which is 4 1/2 miles from our land. I called the number, went and looked at it, fell in love with it. The house has a lot of what I wanted and in October it was ours. Between moving, my classes, losing power and the computer issues, it was a nightmare. I still have more stuff to unpack. Then the beginning of December my mother's cousin passed away and the next day my stepbrother had a massive heart attack, he was in the ICU and on life support and 1 week after that my other stepbrothers' aunt passed away. Hopefully, 2018 will be so much better.


Subject: Re: Are You A Planner?

Forum: Are You A Planner?
Hi Abby,

I try to be a planner but my husband has dementia so my plans always need or get changed constantly so that sometimes messes up my husbands daily routine and often his nightly routine.


Subject: Does Anyone Barbeque In The Winter ?

Forum: Does Anyone Barbeque In The Winter ?
Do you use a barbeque grill all year if you have one or do you only grill in the summer?

What is your favorite food you cook on the grill?
Is it meat or a vegetable or both?
Or something totally different?

I do not have a favorite because I like many things and I like to marinate my meat in different sauces.

I am looking for something different to cook on the grill, does anyone have something other than the usual?

I like to barbeque in all weather. We do not grill all the time but if we want a steak or something even if it is snowing or raining we still go outside and cook it.

We always try to keep a spare propane tank because we lost power not long ago and we have a side burner so not only did we have food to eat but I had hot water for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. I keep a box of coffee that looks like teabags for only when we lose power.

Nichole Johnston

Subject: Re: What’s Your Favorite Social Media?

Forum: What’s Your Favorite Social Media?
Hi Sammy,

I have a friend I went to school with who is a interior designer and has his own company. I thought you might be interested and his Instagram is : kyletimothyhome

His company website :

Below is his past work info I copied and pasted from his FB page : ( Kyle Timothy Blood)

Past Product Development Manager at Martha Stewart and the Managing Editor/Kmart Product Line; Product Development Manager/Martha Stewart Signature Furniture, Fabrics, Flooring, Paints and Articles Editor, Country Living for Hearst Corporation and Reporter for Forbes Magazine.


Subject: Re: Are you usually early, on time, or late?

Forum: Are you usually early, on time, or late?
Hi Nelikya ,

I like to be early for everything, I hate being late for anything and I hate early morning appointments because I dont always want to get up so I try to keep all my appointments in the late morning or in the afternoon. If I have any type of appointment or a special event , birthday party , wedding ect..
I write it on my calender and put it in my cell phone 1/2 hour earlier than it is. Sometimes I will make it 1-2 hours earlier because I need do my hair ,make up and usually I end up changing my clothes , shoes and jewelry a dozen times. The weather and distance and traffic are other reasons I like to get where I am going early.


Subject: Re: Choosing a major

Forum: Choosing a major
Hi NWest,

When I first went to college I thought I knew what I wanted but everything was so overwhelming so I chose Business Adminstration because thats what I took in high school. I found it boring , so I took another major and another . Overall I think I took 5. Today, I actually feel slightly embarrassed but then again I do not because I learned a little from each of the classes I took and also I found that they were not for me.
I transferred to another school and thats where I found what I consider my "calling". I was speaking to my advisor and she asked me a million questions and asked me if I thought about taking psychology and I said no way, I could never do that ,she asked me why and I told her that I honestly thought I was not smart enough . This was at a BA level and she asked me if I was willing to take Intro to Psych 101 , I was not really thrilled but I said yes. I took it and it was easy and interesting and she asked if I would like to take a more challenging class so I agreed . I loved my next class and I did not find it hard . I had found my calling. So thats what I majored in with a concentration in addictions , mental health and a minor in sociology.

Sometimes it takes trying a class to see if you like it or see if you can find a free online course and try it.

Good luck and I hope you find yours


Subject: Re: Do you exercise?

Forum: Do you exercise?
Hi Gleb,

I recently joined a fitness center last weeks , I went 3 days and couldnt move. Monday I had an appointment with trainer which was free and he set me up with a training program to go 3 days a week. The days I was suppose to go, we had a snow storm so I didnt go so I go tomorrow.
I was walking every morning for 45 minutes but now its real cold and the cold bothers my asthma and I was also doing an online excerise program but the videos skipped in the middle of the routine so I cancelled.

Subject: Re: Are you "Hooked on a Feeling"?

Forum: Are you "Hooked on a Feeling"?
Hi jdunlap ,

Its good that your friend confided in you and that you listened, not many people actually talk about it or admit to being abused. I am happy your friend got out safe and now is happy.

As a past domestic abuse advocate I have heard this story a million times from all the women and men .. yes men , I had men who also were in abusive relationships. They all would say "this is the last time , I am leaving for good " and some would leave for a couple of hours to a couple of weeks..some longer, many never. There is absolutley nothing anyone can say to the victim of abuse to get them to leave. They will leave on their own when and if they are ready. I was in an abusive relationship many years ago and the more people pushed me to get out the more scared I got and the longer I stayed in it. I had to do it on my own which is something no one understands.

Those who did leave always returned , because they are scared to death of 1) being found by the abuser and getting beat worse than before and of being killed 2) being alone 3) no where to go . The list goes on . All of those who are being abused are also being controlled and the control is either one or more of the following :

Physical abuse - punch, kick , hit ,slap, pull hair, push ect..

Financial abuse - Make the person dependant on the abuser for money, most of the time the abuser, not allow them access to atm, bank account, credit cards.

Spiritual abuse : The abuser will keep them away from place of worship, force them into a cult .

Emotional abuse - The abuser will make threats, yell, name calling, public shaming ,humiliate , tell them they are worthless.

Sexual abuse- unwanted touching / forced sex (rape) relationshion , married ect..

Verbal abuse- a form of psychological abuse,the abuser uses words and body language - they are worthless, no good , stupid ,no one loves except abuser, lucky to have the abuser , they cannot cook, clean house.

Elder abuse- The elderly get abused mostly by their children and other younger family members , they are physically abused,emotionally abused and financially abuse.

Today, I will listen to anyone and only suggest. Depending on the situation ,I might say more .


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