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Subject: Whats your favorite song?

Forum: Whats your favorite song?
Good morning everyone

I listen to music all the time. I use it to de stress and think. But, I find myself listening to Hilary Duff's "Fly" all the time. I love the message it sends and I think its very calming.

How about you? Whats your favorite song? Why?

Subject: Re: Pizza

Forum: Pizza
Hi hi

I love this topic, I just love pizza in general. Okay, well, I love deep dish pizza, from Chicago, with all meat. If not that, then I also love stuffed crust, meatlovers pizza from Pizzahut.

Subject: Re: What sport did U played in high school or college

Forum: What sport did U played in high school or college
Hi hi

Some sports that I'm in, for high school, are basketball, soccer, track, cross country, and judo. I try to keep as active as I can because I know once I grow up I'm probably going to be busy with tons of homework from college.


Hi hi

I relieve stress by just not doing anything about it. I know that sounds bad, but it was worst when I did do something about it. Back when I was younger, I used to get into fights because I would confront the one starting up my stress head on. Then later on, I started to do things that Im not proud of now, just relieve stress. But, now I tend to try to keep a clear mind. If I get stressed about school, then I work harder. If I get stressed because of someone, then I let it go 'cause its probably not important.

Subject: Re: water or soda ?

Forum: water or soda ?
Hi hi

Im not a big fan of soda. There was a point where I used to drink it all the time, like most people. But later, I realized that it weakens your bones. Being an athlete, I didnt want that to happen, so so far I havent drank a soda in about nine years. Considering that I'm only eighteen. But, I also dont like drinking water too much because it has no taste. I only drink it because its the only drink we have in my house and the only "healthy" choice.

Subject: Re: Air Condition or Heat During Sleep

Forum: Air Condition or Heat During Sleep
Hi hi

When it comes to sleeping, I would have to say that I rather be cold than hot, no matter what season. I dont really have an AC, but I do have a fan. So when its hot I put that on to keep me cool. But, as I said, I rather be cold than hot, no matter what season. This is because when your cold, you can always cover yourself with blankets, as for if your hot, then you basically have to deal with it.

Subject: Re: Calling All Book-Worms:Share Your Fave Books

Forum: Calling All Book-Worms:Share Your Fave Books
I like reading mystery and drama books because they tend to intrigue my interest and keeps me drawn into the book to keep reading. Other than that, I dont really like reading.

Subject: What do you like most about yourself?

Forum: What do you like most about yourself?
I personally think that I am full of flaws, but the one thing that I like about myself is that I'm stubborn. I like this because it makes me less susceptible to peer pressure. I can care less about how many people try to make me do anything or try to stay within the trend of many others. I usually just stick to being who I truly am and stay with things that I'm comfortable doing and make me happy.

Subject: Re: Friends?

Forum: Friends?
I believe it is very possible. Im very close to guys where we could basically do anything, yet never feel attracted to each other on a romantic level. It depends on the people and how each of them are presenting themselves. For me, many people think my friend and I are dating, but when we hear that all we do is look at each other and laugh at the idea. It just depends on the people, but it is totally possible.

Subject: Re: Do you like the way you look?

Forum: Do you like the way you look?
Hi hi

I would have to say that Im not so happy with the way I look. My acne isnt all that bad anymore, but I do feel I'm a little on the chubby side. Which I also am working on, but seems like there is no change.

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