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Subject: Re: android vs iphone

Forum: android vs iphone
Hello Emily,

I prefer Android phones, for a variety of reasons, including affordability (phones running Andoird are usually cheaper than iPhones), functionality (come load with more features), and variety (more phones to chose from). iOS is a fine operating system, but not worth the price and restrictiveness of buying an iPhone (for me). I am very pleased with my OnePlus phone, and plan to continue buying from the company until I have the incentive to look elsewhere.

Thank you,


Subject: Card or Cash

Forum: Card or Cash
Hello everyone,

Do you pay with card (credit/debit) or cash?

I use a debit card for the majority of my purchases. In fact, I do not even own a credit card yet, seeing that I've yet to make any significant purchase in my life (I am borrowing one of my parents vehicles to commute). I used to carry cash, but nowadays, it is very rare. Online, I try to use PayPal whenever I can.



Subject: Re: Do you whiten your teeth?

Forum: Do you whiten your teeth?
Hi Jess,

Besides brushing (using toothpaste with whitening properties), I have not used special products or had any procedures. My teeth are moderately white, so it's not of huge importance to me. Eventually I may try an over the counter product, but I have other things I would like to focus on first (like my acne).



Subject: Re: How long can you stay talking on the phone?

Forum: How long can you stay talking on the phone?
Hello Romeo,

If it's more than an hour, I get pretty tired, though I do prefer it over texting, since I am still a terrible typist on my phone. It all depends who I'm talking with; I need someone to keep the conversation active, because I'm not exactly the most talkative person there is.



Subject: Re: Do you participate in class?

Forum: Do you participate in class?

I try to contribute a bit, but not to the point where I'm constantly the center of attention. I'll occasionally ask or answer questions, but only if I feel they are beneficial to the class as a whole. Private questions can be asked later, and I want to give other students opportunities to answer (and depending on the class, I often have nothing to contribute at all). My personality is more reserved, but I feel pretty relaxed during lectures.



Subject: Re: Do you attend church regularly?

Forum: Do you attend church regularly?

I attend church weekly, and regularly participate/help out with extra events. I believe it is important for Christians (or any religious individuals) to get involved at a place of worship. It is not a matter of salvation, but it is an important responsibility, edifying to the soul, and good to meet people.



Subject: Re: Headaches?

Forum: Headaches?
Hey Matt,

I've been getting headaches quite frequently lately. I think they are a result of poor sleep and moderate stress. Caffeine helps, but I am trying to limit myself to one or two cups a day maximum. Ibuprofen is my go-to, but in the long run, I think prioritizing sleep will show the best results.

Thanks for the discussion,


Subject: Re: How long is your commute to school/work?

Forum: How long is your commute to school/work?
Hello dymphie,

It's about 20-30 minutes for me, depending on traffic (construction, lights, stopping for school buses, ect.). I honestly can't complain too much (living at home is great), but I'm not exactly a huge fan of driving. The max I'd be willing to commute is probably an hour each way, and even still, I could probably only do that for a short while before I began to hate it.



Subject: Re: If you were arrested, what would it be for?

Forum: If you were arrested, what would it be for?
Hey Tiffany,

It would likely be speeding for me too. I've had a bad habit of signing up for classes early in the morning and waking up late. The only way I'll get there on time is speeding, which I know isn't an excuse, but my convoluted brain doesn't think very well under stress. I've been trying to be more aware of my driving habits though because I have already gotten a ticket.

Thanks for the discussion!


Subject: Re: Do You Brush Your Teeth before or After Breakfast?

Forum: Do You Brush Your Teeth before or After Breakfast?
Hello Unique,

After breakfast for me. I like to feel fresh after a meal, and bushing/flossing helps me to get all of the gunk out. It gives me an incentive to not snack on anything until lunch.

Interesting responses here; I was assuming most people brushed after breakfast. I shower immediately after I wake up, but I couldn't imagine brushing so soon as well.



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