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Subject: Re: What was the latest you stayed up this last week?

Forum: What was the latest you stayed up this last week?
Hello Karen,

The latest I stayed up was maybe midnight? I was watching a film pretty late, which kept me up. These past couple nights I have been tying to go to bed at a decent time so I can wake up early (~5:00 am). I need to start getting in a good routine to complete some of the things I need to this summer, and get myself ready for school again.




Hey Ariyan,

Personally, I love music videos. It is an extra layer of artistic expression to compliment the music, and while I may not watch them often, I really appreciate when an artist takes the time to create something memorable. I especially love animated music videos.



Subject: Re: How many of the 50 states have you been to?

Forum: How many of the 50 states have you been to?
Hey Jon,

That's an impressive list!

I've been to around 20 states, which includes most the western states and much of the east coast, though a couple of them were mostly just driving through. I've lived in four states, thanks to the military: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and Washington. Hoping to visit more in the future, and actually spend some quality time visiting the states.



Subject: Re: Do you read nutrition labels?

Forum: Do you read nutrition labels?
Hello Wanderer,

I rarely read nutrition labels. When I do, it's usually just to quickly check the calories or serving sizes. At the store, I'm more worried about what looks good and what's on sale. I try to eat a relatively balanced diet and am in pretty good shape, so I don't worry about these things too much.



Subject: Do You Have Any Nicknames?

Forum: Do You Have Any Nicknames?
Hello CollegeNET,

Do you have any nicknames? Who were they given by, or did you create one yourself? How do you feel about people calling you a nickname?

Pretty much everyone I know either calls me 'Nathan' or 'Nate', and I don't mind either one. I will correct someone if they call me 'Nathaniel', because 'Nathan' is the full name on my birth certificate. Other than a couple 'cutesy' names my mom said as a child, or being called a name of famous person I look (sort of?) alike, I haven't had any real nicknames.

Hope everyone is having a great week and staying productive!


Subject: Re: Do you kill bugs?

Forum: Do you kill bugs?
Hey Katherine,

I try not to kill bugs whenever possible (to the point where I watch the sidewalk when it's wet outside so I don't step on worms). Usually if they are in the house, I'll unfortunately kill them. I'm more inclined to save a bug if it's not a spider (which I know isn't technically a "bug"), but it's usually more of a hassle than I'd like. I never feel happy killing a bug, but I need to protect the abode.



Subject: Re: Time to WAKE UP!

Forum: Time to WAKE UP!
Hey Savann,

It's a daily struggle for me to wake up, and stay up, but putting my alarm across the room has helped significantly. Additionally, scheduling your day is a good idea, because if you stay in bed for too long, you will throw it all off.

Showers are the best for waking me up, and is the first thing I do in the morning. Coffee isn't bad either. ;)



Subject: Re: What's on your "Anti-Bucket List"?

Forum: What's on your "Anti-Bucket List"?
Hey Auntiec,

Great forum!

Something I have done, that I hope to never do again, is lock my keys in the car. This happened about twice in one week, because I would throw my keys on the chair next to me once I parked. From now on, I make sure to immediately put them in my pocket once I turn off the ignition, and lock the doors from the car.

One thing I have never done and never plan to do is shoot fireworks. Fireworks themselves are kind of cool, but I've heard of too many stories of people getting injured from faulty ones. They cost money, are very loud, and are a source of litter, so I would much rather just watch them from a distance.

Thanks for the interesting discussion! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Subject: Re: Who taught you how to drive?

Forum: Who taught you how to drive?
Hello Regiknee,

I learned from my parents and diver's ed when I was 16. My mom was more patient with me, but my dad was better with the technical aspects (i.e. parallel parking, which mom hasn't done since she took her test). The driver's ed classes I was enrolled it were really good, and I think they prepared me well for the road.



Subject: Taking Naps?

Forum: Taking Naps?
Hello CollegeNET,

Do you take naps? How often do you take them and do you find they help boost your energy?

I do not take naps, thought sometimes I think they might be a good idea. Whenever I take a nap, it is usually accidental and I wake up feeling terrible. I know it would be better to take purposeful naps, but I've yet to find a good way to go about doing so.

Thank you,


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