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Subject: Re: Do You Feel Bad For Eating Meat?

Forum: Do You Feel Bad For Eating Meat?
Hi Unique,

1. No.

2. No.

3. No. I like meat.



Subject: Re: Are you truly an introvert or extrovert?

Forum: Are you truly an introvert or extrovert?
Hey Kyle,

I'm definitely an introvert. Sure, I enjoy socializing with other people, but it slowly begins to drain my energy. It's a common misconception that all introverts are shy or dislike people, which is simply not true. However, when I do converse with others, it's usually about surface level topics. I'm not very great when it comes to opening up about my emotions or starting conversations. Okay, maybe I am a bit shy after all....

Relevant Song

Thanks for the discussion!


Subject: Re: Longest time you've stayed indoors?

Forum: Longest time you've stayed indoors?
Hey Kyle,

I'm indoors for most of the day usually, but I try to get outside at least for a short period of time everyday. It can be anything as simple as going for a short walk or heading over to the library. I honestly don't know what the longest period of time has been, but probably not more than a few days. I do enjoy the outdoors, but don't usually get much time to enjoy it.

Thanks for the discussion!


Subject: Re: Do you answer calls from unknown Number?

Forum: Do you answer calls from unknown Number?
Hi NjBr,

If I notice that someone is calling me, I usually answer. If I miss the call and find that it was from an unsaved number, I don't plan to return the call. Usually it ends up being a wrong number or telemarketer.



Subject: Re: Goals for Winter Break?

Forum: Goals for Winter Break?
Hi Matt,

My main priority is to rework my resume and begin applying for summer positions. In my industry, job experience is extremely important; most employers are looking for prior experience before you apply for your first job. Landing a summer internship while you are still a student will go a long way for your future career.

Additionally, I need to finish gathering my materials for my upcoming classes, perform routine maintenance on my laptops, and hopefully finish reading some of my books. That, and get back into the flow here on CollegeNET.

Thanks for the discussion. Wish you all the best with completing your goals!


Subject: Re: Being Political

Forum: Being Political

I'll have to disagree with you here. With all the political tension out and about, I can really appreciate someone who's content to stay out of the mess. I'm not arguing that it is okay to be uninformed, but too much of an obsession with politics can distract you from living your own life. It is perfectly reasonable to have your own well-reasoned opinions about various topics without being caught up in the political climate. I'd consider myself to be "not political", but under the right circumstances, I'd be happy to discuss and defend my beliefs (such as here on CollegeNET).

Thank you for the question!


Subject: Re: Are you a perfectionist ?

Forum: Are you a perfectionist ?
Hi Animal Lover,

It depends what the task is, but I lean towards perfectionism. It is both a blessing and a curse. Conscientiousness is a trait I value highly, but at extremes, it can cause me to stress over details I know I shouldn't. It's often tough for me to overcome the first hurdle of starting a task, because I know once I begin, I'll become consumed with completing it perfectly. I've been trying to get better at not stressing over the details, but it isn't natural for me. Even while writing my response now, I've already re-read it a few times to check for sentence flow and grammatical errors. (I've probably missed something, but who cares? Okay, maybe I do....)

Thanks for the discussion! :)


Subject: Re: Do u cover up your cameras?

Forum: Do u cover up your cameras?
Hello NjBr,

No, I do not cover up my camera. Sure, I care about my privacy, but putting a sticky note over your webcam won't accomplish much. I know there are stories of people had their cameras hacked and were secretly being monitored by predators, but the chances of it happening to a low-profile guy such as myself are very unlikely. I'm more concerned that my personal information is being stored on data centers, that my internet search history is being actively recorded by my ISP, and the ever present threat of computer viruses, keyloggers, ransomeware and the like.

Thanks for the discussion!


Subject: Re: Rate My Professors

Forum: Rate My Professors
Hello napajaja,

Yes, I'll casually browse RateMyProfessor, but I don't take the reviews too seriously. Many teachers with "mixed" reviews have been excellent. Like Riley said, the people who take the time to write a review probably either really liked or disliked the professor. I know some teachers specifically take down their pages for this reason. However, if you want to do a quick check to make sure you aren't signing up for a class you'll regret, it can be a good recourse. I find word of mouth to be a bit more reliable though.

Thanks for the discussion!


Subject: Re: Do you own a spiralizer?

Forum: Do you own a spiralizer?
Hi Shanz,

I'm with here; before reading this thread, I had never heard of this appliance before. It does seem pretty neat! I'm not sure how practical one of these actually is, but I'd love to get the chance to use one! The more I look at images of spiralized vegetables, the more I want one!



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