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Subject: Re: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?

Forum: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?
Hey Thankful,

Yep, I'm with your there. Snack prices are just too expensive. As Luke said, I don't think theaters really care if you bring in a small snack, they just would prefer if you bought from them instead! Just don't make a big deal about it.



Subject: Re: Unbelievable!!!

Forum: Unbelievable!!!
Hey Kasey,

Wow, what a terrible story! I cannot believe that someone in that position would do such a thing. I get that your having a bad day, but being a 911 operator is no simple job. People's lives are in danger; if you cannot remain professional at all times, you do not deserve to work there. 10 days is too light. From what I read, it seems that this operator has a history negligence. They should never be allowed to work as an operator again.

I've never called 911 personally, but my family has before when our house was robbed.



Subject: Re: Podcasts - do you listen?

Forum: Podcasts - do you listen?
Hey Kamrin,

I catch a few minutes of podcasts here and there, but rarely take the time to listen fully. I'd like to start listening to podcasts during my commute (getting tired of the radio). but I'd need to download them ahead of time, because otherwise, I'd eat up my data too quickly.

I like the H3 Podcast, CUPodcast, and a few other hobby podcasts. I should really look for some educational podcasts!



Subject: Re: Reporting On CNet

Forum: Reporting On CNet
Hey Anna,

I've used it once for obvious spam. It was posted by a new user (their only post) advertising some sort of homework completing cheating service if I remember correctly (may even be an old account from the person you reported today). I'd only report people for regular spam, indecent advertising (bots), or continued harassment and rudeness towards other forum members. Like you said, it's better to confront the person (if safe) before reporting them, so they can rectify their misbehavior.



Subject: Re: LinkedIn

Forum: LinkedIn
Hey Morgan,

I've only been using LinkedIn for the past few months, and my profile still needs a lot of work, but I think the service is very valuable. Networking is key to landing a new job, and LinkedIn is a great way to build your connection pool.

I'd recommend every college student and professional looking to further their career and build an internet presence to create an account!



Subject: Re: Attitude of Gratitude

Forum: Attitude of Gratitude
Hey slynch8686,

Excellent forum topic! I've been trying to focus on gratitude this week, and as a result, I found my stress level going down significantly and overall feeling more content with life.

A few things I am grateful for:
○ The ability to attend university in a developed country, studying in a field I am passionate about.
○ A loving family who has always been there for during the stresses of academia.
○ The opportunity to earn scholarship money by interacting with this amazing and supportive community on CollegeNET.
○ Food.
○ Sleep (especially sleep).

Thanks! :)


Subject: Do You Attend Office Hours?

Forum: Do You Attend Office Hours?
Hey everyone,

Do you attend office hours provided by your professors? Do you meet regularly, or only drop by when you have a specific question you need answered? Is there a stigma of students feeling "stupid" if they attend regularly?

I sometimes attend office my teacher's office hours when I have a specific question to ask, but not regularly. Most of the classes I've taken, I've never gone to office hours, but there have been a few that I'm there nearly once a week. I personally find that the motivated students are the ones attending office hours. I know some people find asking for help as a "crutch." However, I find that the more questions you ask, the better you understand the material.

Thank you for your responses!


Subject: Re: Second Guessing Yourself!

Forum: Second Guessing Yourself!
Hey Thankful,

I think we all second-guess ourselves at times. I know I'm not very good at making decisions in general, but once I've decided on something, I try not to look back. Don't rush decisions, but know that there's only so much you can do. If the decision turned out to be poor, make the best of your circumstances, and try to improve the situation.



Subject: Re: Spell your name by Naming States or Countries...

Forum: Spell your name by Naming States or Countries...
Hey Nancy,

Fun idea! At one point, I had all of the countries of the world memorized. I think I still remember most of them, but Africa can be a bit overwhelming.





Subject: When Should We Speak Up?

Forum: When Should We Speak Up?
Hey CollegeNET,

When is it appropriate to speak up in a classroom or call someone out for inappropriate behavior? Have you ever had to call someone out at the risk of your reputation or damaging a relationship?

I'm a pretty reserved guy and don't like to drawn unnecessary attention to myself or make a big deal about situations in general. I also value my reputation and that of others. There have been a few situations I've been in that have left me conflicted on whether or not I should've intervened. Whenever I catch a clip from What Would You Do? , I instinctively want to tell myself that I'd be the first person to speak out for the person being harassed. But is that really true?

Let me know what you think.


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