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Subject: Re: How big is the company you work for?

Forum: How big is the company you work for?
Good evening Sammy

I work as an engineer at a manufacturing firm. We have locations worldwide with thousands of employees. The oldest person I've worked with was in his early 60s. The youngest person I've worked with was 19. The culture is more conservative, which is pretty par for course with engineers, and is mostly men, which again is pretty par for course. I haven't been there long and I intend to bring my fire to update their processes and hopefully along the way, turn a few people on to some more modern ways of thinking.

Subject: Re: Dominant species besides humans?

Forum: Dominant species besides humans?
Good evening Bronx4,

Aside from humans, it would have to be sharks and alligators or crocodiles. Though we have evolved large brains and have learned how to manipulate our world, these creatures are almost unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. They are almost perfect hunters and for the most part, apex predators.

If you are ever walking through the wilds of southeast Asia or on the coast, be very careful when walking near or in the water. These creatures thrive in these habitats.

Subject: Re: Should Parents Charge Grown Adult Children Rent?

Forum: Should Parents Charge Grown Adult Children Rent?
Good evening HisChosen1,

I think it really depends on the situation and what the parents are attempting to accomplish.

For students, it doesn't make a lot of sense as the ability to focus on studies and perform well leads to internships, which lead to better job offers, which leads to more money in the family.

As for graduates, it can make economic sense for the people to live with their parents without paying rent. I speak from personal experience; I graduated from college the first time with a useless degree, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, in middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Even when I found full time work a year later, moving out was still out of the question. I offered to pay something, but in their words, their combined income was 4x my own, and that I should focus on getting my debts down ASAP. I don't think my situation was typical and I count my lucky stars for that.

Now, if the question is should the children contribute to the household, the answer is absolutely yes. Grocery runs, gas runs, yard work, maintaining the house hold, laundry, home repair, and car repair are all things people can do while looking for work.

Great question!

Subject: Moving

Forum: Moving
Good morning CNETers!

I am moving to a new place in the next month and I have mixed feelings about the whole affair. On one hand, I love new places and new experiences. This new place is also bigger than my current residence, so I’m really looking forward to that.

That being said, I don’t relish all the legwork that comes with moving: new lease, new renter’s insurance policy, packing boxes, getting a truck, the actual move, etc.

Do you like moving? Do you not like moving? What are your thoughts on the whole?

Subject: Re: Taxes, taxes, taxes...

Forum: Taxes, taxes, taxes...
Good evening Crimson,

I'm one of those who attempts to get it done as soon as my W-2 comes out. I normally get a refund and this year, I'll be looking into ways to reduce my withholding. If I'm getting a refund anyway, why not have the taxes in hand?

My taxes were not high last year as I was a student. Even now that I'm working full time, I'm putting away into a 401k, will begin contributing to an IRA, and will be paying down my student loans, all of which will reduce my taxable income. 2 or 3 years from now, I'll probably buy a house, and have more money in my pocket. If I can swing it, I'll try for the stock market, and if it doesn't work out, I'll write off the losses.

The tax code may be ridiculous and complex, but there is plenty of opportunity to pay less than the "standard" rate.

Hbee: There are a couple of avenues you could explore when it comes to taxes depending on your situation. Generally, I do my taxes via TurboTax. For most workplaces, you can import your W-2(s) and they'll find your deductions. If you have investments, contract work, own land, foreign accounts, etc., you can use this software. However, the more complex your situation, the more likely you're going to want at least a financial advisor, if not a full accountant. This will also depend on your income as accountants do cost more.

It's all about what makes the most financial sense for you. Good luck!

Subject: Re: How often do you wash your clothes?

Forum: How often do you wash your clothes?
Good evening eliab16,

It depends on the clothing. I generally wear my shirts, slacks, and jeans at least 4 times before putting them in the wash. On the other hand, socks, undershirts, and underwear are one and done. I could be better about towels and linens, but I don't have an washer and dryer in my apartment and going out to do it is a hassle.

Good question!

Subject: Jetpack Ski to Work, School, or Your Mom's House

Forum: Jetpack Ski to Work, School, or Your Mom's House
Good evening CNETers!

I'm in the mood for something light and fluffy today, so here you go:

Subject: Re: Why it is hard for me to be in the top candidate?

Forum: Why it is hard for me to be in the top candidate?
Good evening Skyvinsky,

The trick is to write something that elicits a response, to write often, and to create as much original content as possible. People online are the same in real life and want to read things that they find interesting or feel are important. Maximize the number of posts you make and maximize the number of people you engage with. All of this should help you climb the ranks.

Good luck!

Subject: Re: Does social media create self-obsession?

Forum: Does social media create self-obsession?
Good evening Ted,

I think that depends on the person, what social media they use, and why they use it. I'm on Facebook and LinkedIn, but only post things on my Facebook once every couple months. As for LinkedIn, I'll post or forward articles that are interesting or useful in my profession. Both are form of promotion with the expectation that people are going to look at what I'm posting and think a certain way about me.

I think it turns into self-obsession when the expectations on popularity become much bigger than are realistic given the content or the platform, or if the desire for attention is the sole reason for doing so. I promote myself because I want to offer a different point of view or because I want to use it to drive other parts of my life (e.g. better job prospects and career growth).

Good question!

Subject: Re: Folding Laundry

Forum: Folding Laundry
Good evening Emma,

I fold my laundry immediately after pulling it out of the dryer. The office I work in has a business casual dress code, so having everything looking good and not wrinkled is key. Also, I generally don't do laundry during the week, so it lets me take stock of what I have and plan for when I run out. Plus and in general, having a clean and neat appearance can do wonders for a career when the competition is tight.

Fun question! Thanks!

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