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Subject: Between a rock and a hard place

Forum: Between a rock and a hard place
Perceiving the difference between ethical and nonethical values can be difficult. This situation often occurs when people perceive a clash between what they want or "need" and ethical principles that might deny these desires. If some rationalization begins to occur, this situation is probably present.

So my questions are: How, exactly, should we think through an ethical issue? What questions should we ask? What factors should we consider? Have you come across a situation or heard of one that had an ethical issue?

Remember, however, that having the facts is not enough. Facts by themselves only tell us what is; they do not tell us what ought to be. In addition to getting the facts, resolving an ethical issue also requires an appeal to values.

Subject: Re: Waitlist/Crashing classes

Forum: Waitlist/Crashing classes
I just on a waitlist for my Financial Management course recently for this semester. I wanted to take 12 credits this time and when I thought I wasn't going to have this class, I was disappointed. I was placed at number 6 for a week before being bumped up to number 3. A week before school started, the spot finally opened and I registered immediately. While I may be impatient at times, this time, I stayed on the waiting list and it paid off. I printed out my Excel courses needed form that shows the classes, credits, completed credits, and remaining credits. I have completed 34 credits with 12 in-progress so far. I need both 62 credits (Entrepreneurship Emphasis in Business Administration) and 65 credits (Management Emphasis in Business Administration) for my undergraduate B.S. business degree. More work, yes, but it will be well-rewarding when I graduate.

Subject: Re: What's your ideal house?

Forum: What's your ideal house?
This is rather funny, but I have created some homes on Facebook's YoWorld of what I would like have someday. Also, I would be switching in going green; solar panels, geothermal heating, tankless water heater, LED bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, and nontoxic building materials. I would also be installing a sensory deprivation tank for my husband who is a Navy veteran who suffers from PTSD, PNES (Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures), anxiety disorder (nonspecified), agoraphobia, night terrors, and chronic migraines. This would give him some reprieve from the overstimulation of the world outside the home (he doesn't go out much unless he really has to).

Subject: Re: What do you do to relax ?

Forum: What do you do to relax ?
I listen to music every day for various reasons. It helps me relax and motivates me to get things done, aside from my coffee. It is proven that music influence our daily lives. Have you noticed the different types of music that plays wherever you may be shopping or eating? Take a casual restaurant for instance, or a bar. Both establishments choose the right type, i.e. oldies or easy listening to faster upbeat genres, to accompany and enhance the food; to create ambiance and atmosphere; and/or to influence menu choices. Happy music creates happy customers or patrons. So, the next time you are at a grocery store, take a moment to listen to what type of music the organization is playing and how it makes you feel.

Subject: Re: Do you like long drives?

Forum: Do you like long drives?
I love going on long drives. The only downer is having the financial means for gas. If money wasn't an issue, I would be driving everywhere, haha. I will travel 4 hours from home to visit my biological mom for a weekend or an hour to see my adopted dad for the day. I load up on coffee and music before heading out. I only stop once to fill up when I am on my way to see my mom. I haven't visited her in a while because I need to change out my tires soon. They're still in decent shape, I just would like to have new ones. I usually head out in the morning for my long drives. I also make sure I am well-prepared for anything unexpected.

Subject: Re: What is your major? what classes will U be taking?

Forum: What is your major? what classes will U be taking?
I am pursuing my first online undergraduate business degree (B.S.) in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Management. This semester's courses are Small Business Case Analysis, Risk Management and Insurance, Financial Management, and Human Resources Management. Yes, it will be more work, but I am 2-3 semesters from graduating. I have to wait until February 27th to register for the summer session. The courses are basically the same for both emphases with a 3-credit difference. Translates as two birds and one stone. I have not had a summer break since 2015, haha. Just keeping my nose to the grind. More work, but I find it rewarding. I love soaking up knowledge.

Entrepreneurship (62 credits) focuses on the rewards and challenges of small business ownership, managing a small business and starting new business ventures through courses including entrepreneurship, small business case analysis, strategic management and marketing.

Management (65 credits) delivers advanced courses in human resources management, organizational behavior, strategic management, quality control and operations management. Students develop skills in leadership, motivation and organizational design and development.

Subject: Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

Forum: Why did you choose your program of study?
I am currently pursuing a business degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Management. I want to own my business some day and I also had promised my mom (who passed away last October) that I would continue on with my education. All of my classes are online. This semester I am taking Human Resources Management, Small Business Case Analysis, Risk Management and Insurance, and Financial Management. I have 2-3 semesters remaining before I graduate.

Subject: Re: Do you like sports?

Forum: Do you like sports?
I spent most of my youth, even now as an adult, watching WWE, Smackdown, and Raw. I like the stories and drama that unfolds in the ring. The entertainment today is a bit different than it was 15-20 years ago. I had attended an event with my dad and I had a blast. Some of the wrestlers up close were awe-inspiring such as the Undertaker, Chyna, Triple H, and the Dudley Boyz. Some of the maneuvers were awesome! I really enjoyed the leaps off of the ropes and the commentary by J. Lawler. Most of the old school wrestlers are done, but a few are still active. There were a few tragedies over the years. While Moolah and Mae Young were a bit older, but the gals still had spunk to whip a few of the divas, haha. Some of the wrestlers and divas even came from Minnesota. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a diva. Eventually, I grew out of the diva stage. I decided to enjoy from the sidelines. I wasn't disappointed with that decision. Not too interested in other sports.

Subject: Re: What is your current wallpaper?

Forum: What is your current wallpaper?
My current backdrop on my laptop is a family portrait of Kirito, Asuna, and Yui holding hands and smiling. Characters from Sword Art Online. To me, it is the greatest love story to watch and tissues close by. Their lives are filled with tragedy, hope, and strength in the face of adversity. While Yui may not be their true daughter in a sense because she is an AI, Kirito and Asuna adopted her as their daughter. She even looks like them. Asuna's looks but Kirito's black hair and an appetite for spicy food. The moment when she was supposed to be deleted from the program, she said her goodbyes to "mommy" and "daddy" before giving a sweet smile. Kirito's and Asuna's reactions after she disappeared just killed me. I sat there bawling. Kirito immediately ran to the console table to save Yui. The blue teardrop jewel became known as Yui's Heart. I recommend this anime to everyone.

Subject: Re: Meat Eater or No

Forum: Meat Eater or No
My husband and I are definitely meat and potato eaters. We live in Northern Minnesota, so meat (everything from deer to fish and in between) and potatoes are the main meal staple here. We don't eat it on a daily basis, though. Fish and poultry on warmer days, beef and pork on colder days. However, we seldom eat pork. Lamb is hard to come by around here unless we have to special order from our butcher shop. Rabbit and bear are even rarer. I have to talk to my relatives about getting some rabbit, haha. Fowl such as duck, grouse, and pheasant are usually seasonal unless family have their freezers stocked up. Hunted meat is much more preferable (because I am also an American Indian) over store-bought.

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