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Subject: Re: What is posted on your refrigerator?

Forum: What is posted on your refrigerator?
There's a lot of babies in our family right now, so they're all on the refrigerator!
And because we don't have those sometimes blurry/out of focus cameras of the eighties and nineties anymore, these babies/toddlers are practically going to photoshoots! Backgrounds and outfits.
One girl dressed as a flapper girl, and another dressed like she was going to the beach.

Subject: Re: cumulative gpa

Forum: cumulative gpa
I think for high school mine was around the 3.6 range.

Subject: Re: How many piercings and/or tatts do you have?

Forum: How many piercings and/or tatts do you have?
Someone recently told me I could pull off diamond earrings, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of getting my ears pierced for 'em.
Do fake diamond earrings come in clip ons?? lol
I've honestly never been fascinated with getting tattoos or piercings, but i think they can look really cool on others!

Subject: Re: Book or Movie

Forum: Book or Movie
How is it going?
This is honestly.... a hard question for me!
I wanted to answer because they're both important to me.
I'm a cinematic person more though I have a passion for writing books, and collecting them, ironically though I only seem to read a full book every few years, I just don't have the time anymore. Not to mention, when I write, a lot of it reads like a script going back and forth to what the characters say in dialogue and some of the material I write I realize only works when heard. For example a phrase only being funny if someone says it out loud a certain way.

TL:DR, movies the most for me though I have an affection for the written word.

Subject: Re: Selfies!

Forum: Selfies!
It's harmless, and fun for sure!
I don't do it too too often because I'm kind of camera shy, and I tend to be repelled by a lot of fads and they become silly to me. I'm still not entirely aware of what the purpose is...

Subject: Re: Name Something you’re passionate about

Forum: Name Something you’re passionate about
Hi, TGIF, Joeycaggz

A very good question!
I'm very passionate about many things in life, I guess you could say I fall in love easily! :P

But to answer your question, last night I experimented with drawing things I never tried to before and body types and positions that I could feel myself growing as an illustrator in those six hours alone.

I also pursue music and writing!


Subject: Re: Un-Common Knowledge

Forum: Un-Common Knowledge
Welcome, Run Florist!

I've heard of these expressions before, though I don't think most people my age would have. Yet again it could be more of a church-going family life experience, like you said. I have not had that experience.

Theres a fairly new phrase that i hear; "common sense is NOT so common." I think of them usually being public social behavior like not talking about politics, politeness to your friend's parents, don't talk about certain things near a child etc. I've seen all three of these things be done, and I feel awkward when it happens, so it might be something to do with a certain type of upbringing. Why we think our common sense is universal, I'm not sure.

Great topic!

Subject: Re: How does childhood education affect one's life?

Forum: How does childhood education affect one's life?
Hi, samanthawood!

I feel childhood education is most influential than other ages if only because kids soak up everything and are more impressionable.

My folks had me move to a completely different town purely because the education before was terrible and they didn't know how to handle everything right. I'm glad I did move because we got the extra help we needed and the resources to be successful!
Schools should be careful to stimulate the kids all they can without pushing them too hard!

Subject: Re: How tall are you?

Forum: How tall are you?
I'm around 5, 4." I like my height. I don't know exactly why, but I always thought I'd hate it if I were taller, even average height! I'm weird.

Subject: Shoveling!

Forum: Shoveling!
Judging from the weather from where i live, I'm going to be shoveling tomorrow...The first time this year. I live in new england so we get a lot, and we're supposed to be getting slammed this year with snow.

How much do you have to plow through in the winters where you live?
Do you hate it, or somehow make it fun?

I enjoy reading your comments!


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