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Subject: Donald Trump

Forum: Donald Trump
Hey everyone!

Recently Donald Trump was officially nominated as the republican nominee. What do you guys think of Donald Trump? I personally would vote for him over Hillary, but he was not my first choice to be the nominee.

Do you guys think he is too loud or arrogant? Would you prefer Hillary, Trump, or a third party? If he's so rich why doesn't he fix his hair?

Would love to hear your responses!

Subject: Re: What's your "Life Story" title?

Forum: What's your "Life Story" title?
Awesome forum Mary!

This is a really creative idea, and I love everyone's varied responses so far. It just shows how much varied we are, and how different our lives are. If I had to title my life, it would be " redeemed." Their are a couple reasons behind it, so I will just give a short summary of my life! I was saved by Jesus at a young age, and made a commitment to serve him.

I was an extremely shy kid, so making friends was hard for me. I had almost none and spent most of my time playing video games and watching tv. In middle school I started getting bullied, mostly because of my shyness. People would call me awkward all the time, and would have entire class discussions about me while I was sitting right their. This lasted for four years, all the way up into Junior year of high school. I valued human relationships over anything else, all I wanted was friends and a girlfriend. I longed for companionship, because I had almost none. I would try to make friends and not be shy, but everyone shot me down and just kept calling me awkward.

I cried out to God to end the pain and change my life, I had such a low self esteem. I didn't want to be known as the shy awkward kid, I hated myself and it didn't seem like it would ever change. I prayed and prayed, then I finally broke down. I told my parents what was happening and they switched me schools. I finally had a fresh start, at my new school no one knew who I was, so I had a chance to make a good impression. God completely changed my life. I am no longer the person I was, I have too many friends too count! I'm not shy at all anymore, I actually socialize more than most people I know! I've made so many friends at the new school and in everyday life. In just one year God has completely transformed me and my life, and I am redeemed from who I used to be.

Subject: Re: Forgiveness. Easy or hard?

Forum: Forgiveness. Easy or hard?
Great topic,

It's so hard to forgive, but I think that's its something everyone should do. Holding grudges can be bad for a person, and that bitterness will always be their in some way or another. Forgiveness helps eliminate some of that bitterness, and it feels so much better when you can get that weight off your shoulders.

I remember when I used to be bitter at so many people, all of them were complete jerks to me. They verbally put me down for years, when I was I never did anything to wrong them. In fact I always went out of my way to make them happy and befriend them, and they still put me down every time. It's been almost two years since I have seen any of them ( which I'm thankful for ).

I've finally forgiven them for what they have done to me, and I'm glad I did. Their is no point being mad over the past, because I know I have a bright future ahead of me. I said that I had forgave them before, but In my mind I would always think awful thoughts tword's them. Finally I have given them all my forgiveness, I still have bitterness come up once in a while, but I shove it away. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, and I think we should all get a little better at not holding grudges.

Subject: Re: Are You A Texter or Talker?

Forum: Are You A Texter or Talker?
Hey everybody,

I prefer talking over texting, but I tend to like doing both. I think texting is better in some situations and talking is more suited to others. Like if I make plans with someone I usually just text them. It's much easier to just text someone and ask when and where you want to meet up, rather than call and ask.

On the other hand if I want to have a deep conversation with someone or talk about something important, I usually call them. You can cover a lot more ground in a phone conversation, and you can't really get to know someone over text. I usually only text someone to get them to meet me in person so I can talk to them for real.

Subject: Re: What Is Your Relationship With Your Parents?

Forum: What Is Your Relationship With Your Parents?
Hey Selena and Tera,

you're responses have really moved me, Its just horrible that their are so many bad parents out their that abusive and beat their children. A child is meant to be loved, their is no reason to ever physically or verbally abuse a child. It's not neither of your faults for the way your parents treated you, sometimes their are just bad parents out their, and some kids get the unlucky draw of the stick.

Some parents are immature and have never really grown up on the inside, their life hasn't lived up to the way they expected it so they take it out on an innocent person, usually their spouse or children. I can't imagine being in you're situations, you both are very strong individuals for putting up with that.

My relationship with my parents is very good, and I'm blessed and lucky to have them. My dad left my mom for five years when I was around 12 but he came back and now we have a great family. My dad yells sometimes, but that's about it. I'm lucky that my parents discipline me, but in a loving way.

Just don't take what happened to you guys personally, this world is just full of bad people. Remember, Jesus loves you, and he would never leave you or forsake you, even if people have. If you accept him and believe he can be you're heavenly father, and he is much better than any earthly father could ever be :)

Subject: Re: Your Experience With Police...Good / Bad?

Forum: Your Experience With Police...Good / Bad?
Police officers have a tough job, and some situations they encounter are very stressful. But I think that it really all depends on the specific police officer, just like anyone, some are bad and some are good. My experience with police has overall been good so far, they were just doing their job when I was doing things I shouldn't have been doing. the first time I was going 8 miles over the speed limit, and I got a warning on speeding. the second I was out talking to someone I knew on the phone at 12 at night. The person was suicidal, and the police officers came and talked to me. they probably thought I was up to no good, and was participating in a drug deal. The officers sent a dispatch to the girls house, and probably saved her life that night.

The next time I was stopping by to text someone at my school late at night, and the officer told me about how it wasn't ok to be on the property late at night, which is understandable. The third I got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign which I deserved. My cousin and uncle however has had a bad rep with the police.

One time she was driving and a car came at her that should have been in the opposite lane, she swerved right off the road to avoid the head on collision. The police officer gave her a ticket and a citation for swerving right, and he told my cousin that she should have hit the truck head on. My cousin then said she had children in the car and said, " so I should have hit the car head on and killed my children and me to avoid going off the road,?" The officer replied " yes."

Another time my uncle has had a bad past with drugs, but he changed and doesn't use them any more. He was in a bad car wreck and they hand cuffed him to the bed in the hospital, even though he didn't do anything. Cops with huge egos are the worst kind.

Subject: Re: Cnet Burnout

Forum: Cnet Burnout
Hey everyone!

I actually don't mind writing on college net, and I haven't got burnt out on it yet. The only thing that my prevent me from doing College Net is the time factor. It's hard to find that extra forty five minutes a day to do college net. With church, school, work, and exercise, College Net can almost be a burden, just because it's hard to find time to post. But besides that, I love College Net. I think posting can be fun, and I love typing so it doesn't seem so bad to me.

Subject: Re: Professional Massage...Would You Get One?

Forum: Professional Massage...Would You Get One?
Hey everyone!

I have had one professional massage before and I have mixed feeling about it. I personally love massages, I used to have my mom give them to me all the time, and have even had girlfriends give them to me. I don't know why I liked them so much, but they are so relaxing to me, and I always feel great afterward.

Freshman year my wrestling coach took us to a massage place and bought us all massages. But this wasn't the type of massage you would go just to be relaxed, and I think that's why I didn't like it. It was a massage to get rid of the tension in your muscles, which is why our coach took us to get it. It was extremely painful, it felt like they were just pushing on pressure points the whole time.

Afterwards I felt great, but while it was happening I couldn't wait for it to be over. Now I would definantly get a relaxation massage, but I won't get one of those again. One day I'm going to get a professional massage, and I can't wait until I do!

Subject: Re: I Hate Blood Test!!

Forum: I Hate Blood Test!!
Hi Tera!

It sucks that you can't give blood, I can't imagine going through all that! Giving blood isn't a fun thing to do, and I think that everyone here can all agree on that. I don't really mind giving blood, but it usually depends on the person giving my blood.

The first time that I gave blood it hurt like crazy. Once she stuck the needle into my arm it felt like she was constantly sticking it in for over 3 minutes. The pain wouldn't go away, and it felt like I was getting a shot that would never end. The next year when the blood drive came to our school I was dreading giving blood.

Because of my past experience I was really scared to feel the pain that I did a year ago. I went into the blood truck and got my blood drawn, and it was no problem! It didn't even hurt, in fact I barely felt it. I think the biggest thing is what nurse you get, some know how to do it painlessly and some do not. The only other thing I don't like about giving blood is weird feeling you get. I think that it mostly is just in your head, but just knowing that a fourth of my blood is being sucked out of my body makes me feel strange to say the least.

Subject: Re: Pokémon (a-No) Go?

Forum: Pokémon (a-No) Go?
Hey Andy,

I personally love the game, I'm actually going out to play it tonight. The game has caused some serious problems, and my heart goes out to those who have died playing it. It really makes me sad that people died playing a game that barely has any significance to their lives, and I'm sure they would not have downloaded it if they knew what was going to happen.

I don't think that it is the games fault or people not paying attention to their surroundings. People die all the time from texting and driving, so I feel like this is a similar situation. People die all the time from looking at their smart phones and wandering into traffic and crashing into other people and I think this is no different.

The game is dangerous but I think smart phones are in general. The only thing that the games creators should be responsible for is trespassing. If their is a pokestop on some one else's property, than I think the creator of the game should get in trouble for it, because it is encouraging people to trespass. I for one have only seen pokestops in public places, but I have heard of them being on private properties also.

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