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Subject: Re: How do you handle death?

Forum: How do you handle death?
Hey Tobias,
Hope you are doing better, and I wish you all the best.
My dog died about a month ago and I did not know what to do. He was a 15 year old husky named Tyson and he had the softest fur and beautiful blue eyes . . Enough said, loved him to death. I was back from vacation one day and was really happy to see him again, but he seemed to be sick so I took him to vet . . . . . .Sadly my dog died the Following day. My dog had a kidney hemorrhage and internally bled to death. I was really depressed for a couple days had no idea what to do then I got advice from friends, family, heck! even college NET friends and got a new dog that made me bury past memories and start new ones.

Subject: Re: Are you allergic to anything?

Forum: Are you allergic to anything?
Hey Sammy !
I hope your feeling better now I know how it is to be allergic. . .
Having discovered my multiple allergies from a very young age, I grew up knowing that I was unable to eat eggs, dairy, shellfish and all nuts. My parents would be very careful with the food I was eating and making my friends parents aware of my allergy when I was younger.

I have only suffered the one anaphylactic reaction, which was when I was about 3 to eggs and since then, partly due to being careful and reading ingredients I have only had two small reactions since, but did not require my EpiPen.

Becoming older I have taken more responsibility for my allergies. When I was younger my parents had to help me but when I became a teenager, I attended an anaphylaxis allergy youth work shop. I met other people my age who also had allergies and this workshop gave me confidence and guided me to how I could be responsible for my own allergies which I now successfully do.

Travelling has never restricted our family holidays, our annual break abroad to exotic locations are always memorable experiences. I would take travel translation cards and use them when eating in restaurants and I have never had a reaction abroad. This year I visited Cuba with my family for two weeks, and experienced Cuban life and culture whilst safely managing my allergies.

Subject: Do you work to live? or live to work?

Forum: Do you work to live? or live to work?
Step back for a moment. Do you ever wonder if you work so much that you’ve barely got time to live? In today’s fast-paced, high-demand world, it can be difficult to find time to pursue the things you love in your ever-vanishing free time.
What happens when you’re the head of a successful company and need more time away from your desk? And are there ways we can learn to work to live, rather than live to work?

Subject: Why Do You Need This Scholarship?

Forum: Why Do You Need This Scholarship?
Hey guys Mr.Bean here, I just thought allot of new memebers have joined and this question would provide us insight into all the CNET memebers. We all read eachothers posts but knowing them can give us a better perspective of thier thoughts so this is the question:

Why do you need this scholarship and if you got the money how would you use it?

I have never won a scholarship, but I am still curious as to how you reedem the scholarship. So for those of you who won could you please share that.

and BTW here is my story:
Why is my screen name Entelechy Bean?
Let me explain. For a majority of my childhood my family continuously relocated to places around the globe. My parents were pursuing their career while I had to switch schools every single year. Thus, for a majority of my childhood I have held myself back from activities, competitions and hobbies, because I did not realize the value if I cannot sustain something for more than one year. thus, I have always sheltered my true personality to stay under the radar unknowingly smothering my own potential and success. I failed to see my talents and unknowingly passed upon several opportunities. Well getting back to the topic of my screen name, Entelechy means to realize one's full potential achieving self actualization and success. Which brings me to the conclusion of my story, as time passed I realized my opportunities and slowly transformed from an introvert life style to a versatile and extrovertial lifestyle. I also took inspiration from Mr. Bean the comedian because he really expresses himself through his work and gives all his best to sell his character. That is why my name is EntlechyBean! Thank you for your interest in me and your support and allowing me to share opinions, beliefs and facts to this public forum!

I need this scholarship because I am trying to transfer to my dream school.

Subject: Is college really easier than 'real life'?

Forum: Is college really easier than 'real life'?
Just to stick with the education theme - I've heard many adults say to cherish your college years, because once you get out in the 'real world' you have to deal with all the responsibilities of adulthood -- that being in college is a breeze compared to the burdens of getting a job, ensuring you have a good home, paying bills, etc.

I have to say, I'm finding this incredibly hard to believe at the moment. I can only imagine that once I graduate, things will be easier. Am I crazy?

With 20 credits on top of an internship, I am staying up till 3, 4 or 5 a.m. regularly just to get my work done. I don't have time for socializing...it's a little sad. With one semester to go after this one, I know it's temporary. But I feel that once I graduate and don't have the constant grind of homework outside of the other things I'm pursuing, life won't be as stressful.

So what do you think? Is it really true that real life is harder than college? If you are out of college, what has your experience been? Why do people say that?

Subject: What is More Important Talent or Hardwork?

Forum: What is More Important Talent or Hardwork?
“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work...”― Albert Einstein

The above quote coming from one of the geniuses of all time, I have to agree that hard work is much more important than talent. Some people are naturally gifted and talented, while others are working hard to be as good as those individuals. I feel as though with a good work ethic, you can achieve anything. For example, I’m way better at maths than I am at history/sociology class, but with hard work, I am able to maintain the same grade in both classes.

If somebody has a talent, it doesn't mean that they don’t have to work hard to be successful. Nobody is perfect, and there is always something that people have to work hard at to succeed. However, does talent make life easier? Yes, but whether you are willing to work at something determines if your talent is useful. In conclusion, talent and hard work together can get any person to success, but working hard and putting extra effort can lead you to success and that success could actually be more durable because "Practice makes man perfect."

We’ve all heard that hard work is the key to success. It is said that the “profoundly gifted” still have an edge over peers who have less natural talent but are perhaps more dedicated to improving their skills.

If you've got the inspiration but you don't work hard, it's not possible to get very far. It's much better to rely on hard work than to rely on talent. You might have talent in some fields but if you do not practice it for a long time, you may not be able to perform well. This is why even naturally talented athletes put hours and hours of effort in practice to better themselves.

Have you experienced the power of talent over hard work?

Or have you found that success comes to the person willing to put in the most time and effort to achieve it?

Subject: What Is Your Favorite Subject In School?

Forum: What Is Your Favorite Subject In School?
Hey guys whats up! this is Bean I hope you are having a good day. I haven't been posting lately because I was getting over my dogs death. Thank you for all the votes last week,Thanks!.

The question I have for you today is What Is Your Favorite Subject In School?

Mine is Science because I really love the scientific process. Science helps the world develop and whatever we learn in biology and chemistry can be used in all aspects of life. For example the scientific method and problem solving skills.

Thank you for your responses have a good day!

Subject: Why Should I Vote For You?

Forum: Why Should I Vote For You?
Hey guys happy Sunday!
We have all heard the term Elevator Speech, and I was wondering why don't we try that. I was applying for a summer job the other day and they asked the question, "why should we pick you?". I thought this would be a great question for CNET!

So Why Should I Vote For You?
(Needless to say, but, top 2 responses get my vote)

Here is my Answer:

My Name is Sam and I am 1/2 Chinese 1/4 American and 1/4 Mexican. My family was really poor and my grandpa's farm did not raise enough money for my mom to go to college. Luckily, My mom got a study abroad scholarship and was able to come to the US. I am really thankful for that scholarship because it enabled my mom and dad to meet and gave me the opportunity to live in the states.
Currently, I am going to school but I am deeply concerned for my debt because I am ineligible for any other scholarship except this one because of my citizenship status. I am really thankful for College Net for allowing me to have a place to share my opinions and helping me make better decisions (i.e. my dogs euthanization). I believe you should vote for me if you enjoy the content I post.


Subject: My Dog Died

Forum: My Dog Died
Hey Guys!
First of all thank you for the support, thanks to your awesome responses and votes I won the Open Award Rookie Scholarship. Thanks so much to all voters I really appreciate your votes. Thank you for your support.

That said I recently posted a forum called ¨Should I kill my Dog? Sadly my dog died the Following day. My dog had a kidney hemorrhage and internally bled to death. I was about to consider euthanization the following day but decided not to, and let nature take its route.

Now I am really depressed, and I donot know what to do to recover.
My options are:

1)Go on vacation
2)Get a new dog
3)Take break from school
4) Please suggest alternatives

Thanks for support!

Subject: DO NOT VOTE FOR ME : Reverse Psychology

Forum: DO NOT VOTE FOR ME : Reverse Psychology
DO NOT VOTE FOR ME, catchy title right? I am actually discussing the topic of reverse psychology.
Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against. The one being manipulated is usually unaware of what is really going on.

Do you think it is effective to use reverse psychology with kids?
When have you used it?

This candidate's