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Subject: Re: Major & Graduation date?

Forum: Major & Graduation date?
Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems this year. Woohooooo!!!!

Subject: Re: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?

Forum: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
There are so many great places I don't have just one. I can break it down to "type" of food and pick my favorite Italian place, BBQ place, etc. but yeah, don't have just one that I can call my fave. And now I'm hungry.

Subject: Re: Are you artistic?

Forum: Are you artistic?
I try real hard to be but I'm just okay. I love art though, wish I was good at everything. Although I went to a place called "Color Me Mine" last weekend with two of my close friends and we had such a fun time. It's a place where you pick a blank ceramic piece to paint and when you're done, they fire it up for you and glaze it and you pick it up the following week. I painted a dog and made a planter out of it and put succulents (cactus) in it and I think it turned out great. Wish I could show you but it turned out great.

Subject: Re: Marriage

Forum: Marriage
Congratulations, so happy for you!

Marriage is good if you find the right person to marry. Growing old with somebody I think is a beautiful thing if it's a healthy relationship. I say that because some folks get married for the sake of getting married but it's so much more than that. Good and bad you have to hang in there and work it out. It can be challenging.

So if you're ready, go for it! Again, congratulations.


Subject: How are your study habits?

Forum: How are your study habits?
Hi everybody. So how are your study habits because I have to change mine. I wait until the last minute and then I cram. I do okay but I could do so much more better. Reading makes me sleepy, I mean I'm a night person so my time is pretty much backwards. I had all weekend to study and do homework but it was such a beautiful weekend so I had to get out in the sun and take a drive and do some fun things. By the time I get home I'm tired. My fault, I know. I need help. Ah but I do have pretty spectacular weekends I must say.

Subject: Re: Do You Sleep With Your Cell Phone On/Off/Vibrate?

Forum: Do You Sleep With Your Cell Phone On/Off/Vibrate?
Cellphone on and always charged. I use it for my alarm but I'm always still late. Go figure

Subject: Re: How NOT to win the girl/guy of your dreams

Forum: How NOT to win the girl/guy of your dreams
Bad breath is a deal breaker.

Subject: Re: What do you put KETCHUP on?

Forum: What do you put KETCHUP on?
I like ketchup on my eggs, what???? But have you TRIED it? It's best with a runny egg or not all the way hardboiled egg, where you can see the wetness in there, yeah. Think I'll go fix that now. No but I like it on a lot of things, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, meatloaf, spaghetti to change it just a bit. Ooh try them on tacos, just try it. My nieces and nephews hipped me to it. I sqwinched my face up too until I tried it, and now that's how I'll eat it a lot of times.

Subject: Re: Do You Know How To Swim?

Forum: Do You Know How To Swim?
No I don't know how to swim but I sure do know how to run away from people trying to throw me in the water or force me to try and learn how to swim. I can float, I'm a good floater, tehehe. Just lay on my back and float on. Now that's in a pool, if I were out in the ocean you'd see me on the news the next day in a story of how a girl drowned in the ocean. And it's bad because I LOVE the water. If I have a life vest on it's golden, hey I'm a swimmer for the day, lets go jump in the lake. In fact I have gone white river rafting and have fallen in the river and have also jumped out into the lake because of this trusty old thing called a life vest. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

Subject: Are you an enabler?

Forum: Are you an enabler?
So I've been told in my personal life and recently at work, that i'm an "enabler". An enabler is someone who instead of helping somebody help themselves, you "enable them" to continue being the way they are by giving them what they want or do something for them they should be doing themselves to better themselves and their situations.

Enabler = Me. It's being bad at "tough love" and I'm all over that. I'm too nice and I know it. And people take advantage of kindness.

My mom used to tell my sister when we were young adults, to clean her room. She kept telling her and telling her until she couldn't stand the messiness anymore and cleaned it herself. Mom = Enabler. That was years ago. Today? Mom's gone and my sister is a slob, no, more than that, a hoarder. I would have kicked her out of the house (says the enabling other daughter)

Are you an enabler?

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