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Subject: Re: Have you ever had a falling-out?

Forum: Have you ever had a falling-out?
Hi Amanda.

Oh yeah, I didn’t talk to my sister over 10 years over a childish fight and in the end I said life is too short and promised myself that I’d never do that again with any of my siblings. We’re very close now and it’s as if we’re making up for lost time. What brought us together sadly was my youngest sister’s death. Vicky was on one side of Anita holding her hand and I was on the other side holding Anita’s hand (Anita had down syndrome so we weren’t quite sure how much she could comprehend in the end), but her mind was still there because she put our hands together and that’s when we made amends. Life is too short…

Subject: Re: Seasons!

Forum: Seasons!
Hi smreese37!

I love the fall, with all the beautiful colors and warmth and leaves changing colors and falling.. It’s so picturesque and I really love it. But truth be told, I love the winter too because I prefer the cold and then who doesn’t love spring? Summers in California are too hot but I take advantage of it and head to the beach and bike along the coast. Guess I love all seasons, lol.

Have a good one.

Subject: Can you remember your first crush?

Forum: Can you remember your first crush?
I was 14 years old when I first had a crush on someone. When he’d talk to me, he made me feel so nervous and I couldn’t make eye contact with him. Because of that I think he thought I wasn’t interested in him but I so was. Now years later, I catch up with him on facebook and it’s crazy weird because he still makes me kind of feel that way. He lives in another country now, so we go back and forth chatting and I thought, man, if this guy ever comes out this way, my boyfriend better watch out, lol.

Who would have thought that after all these years, we still have that spark?

Subject: Re: Wrong Name

Forum: Wrong Name
I had a boyfriend years ago and we fought and called it quits. Weeks later, he wanted to give us another try, but I started dating someone else already. It was Christmastime and I was out to dinner with my cousins and invited the new boyfriend to join us. We were waiting for him when this ex shows up. Long story short, I called him Chris which was the new guy and when he looked at me like, wth, I said, "mas".. what do you want for Christmas?

Subject: Re: Most Cliche Name For a Pet you can think of?

Forum: Most Cliche Name For a Pet you can think of?
Spot.. Rover.. Kingston!

We had several dogs and their names were Casper, Princess, Stinker, Mochi, Blackie.. too many to name.. but not all at one time, thoughout the years. I like friendly dogs, not chasers or barkers..

Subject: Re: Hot Chocolate. Coffee or Tea

Forum: Hot Chocolate. Coffee or Tea
Hi Imperfect_Vessel,

I have to choose? Then coffee it is! There's so many varieties of coffee you really can't go wrong, There's also decaf for the non-caffeiners. But I enjoy all of them.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Fun Game!

Forum: Fun Game!
Hey Gleb,

The Constitution because it protects our freedom...

Subject: Anger

Forum: Anger
That ugly thing called anger, does it come a knockin’ sometimes and do you easily open the door to it?

I hung out with my niece after work today and she starts telling me about the fight she had with her boyfriend. As she’s talking she starts getting heated and talking fast and starts cursing. She was really angry at him. I just listened as she talked and then reasoned with her and gave her my feedback from the outside looking in and she calmed down. She’s a good girl, but I thought it was strange how easily angered she got. I’ve never seen that side of her.

Do you get easily angered, is it easy to set you off? Be honest.

Subject: Re: How do U like your egg to be cooked @ breakfast ?

Forum: How do U like your egg to be cooked @ breakfast ?
Yeah, hey ditto on Rivika84's post, I'm just like her. I love eggs and will eat em up just like she said. You know what sounds good right now, is some authentic ramen soup with nice veggies, chicken and a half cooked egg, omg?!!!!

Subject: Re: Would you want to start a business?

Forum: Would you want to start a business?
Hi pgittens!

Yep, definitely would if I had the capital to start one. I love coffee, so I'd probably do a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchise. I'd get my family to help out. Or, I'd love to flip houses, you know, buy fixer upper houses and then renovate them and put it out on the market for sale. I always wanted to do something like that. And of course get my family into it too.

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