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Subject: Re: How do you limit social media usage?

Forum: How do you limit social media usage?
Hey Ryan, I'm Ryan too! Nice to meet you :) Social media is seriously my achilles heel. It constantly is a source of distraction. I feel like now that I'm back on CNet, this will be my new outlet for social media. I think it's somewhat comparable to that, and it's more fun to get to know new people and share opinions on things that matter (and some that don't).

One trick that worked for me, was by accident. I broke my phone and had to use my old phone (currently being used as an iPod for the car) and didn't have enough space to install Facebook and Snapchat. Without having the actual app installed on the phone, it seriously cut into my time spent there. It takes more effort to log on through a browser, and without the constant notifications popping up, distractions become a tad more limited. Try uninstalling the apps and see what happens!

Subject: Re: How much data do you use?

Forum: How much data do you use?
Hey Kyle!

I have been constantly battling this... Between my sister and I we now have shared total of 16GB, and it's already been used! I am baffled at this, and would love to know how this is actually possible. I only use my data for navigation and social media from time to time and my sister streams music when she's driving. Apart from that, we are both on wifi usually....This should not be getting eaten up every month! I wish someone could explain it to me!!!

Subject: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!

Forum: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!
Hello Everyone!

After quite the hiatus, I have rejoined the world of CNet! Last semester proved to be way too difficult to keep up with this, even though it was lucrative and fun. I am seeing lots of new names and faces, and hoping to see some familiar ones as well!

I would love to get to know all of you and would love it if you could all tell me a bit about yourselves. Tell me whatever you'd like!

I'm taking the last pre-requisite needed to get into a BSN program here in San Diego, California. My name is Ryan, and I love being at the beach. When I'm not there, I'm bartending next to it to put me through school. Can't wait to hear about you!

Subject: Re: Heatstroke Deaths in Cars: Time to Mandate Alarms?

Forum: Heatstroke Deaths in Cars: Time to Mandate Alarms?

To be completely blunt, I feel like if you have to be reminded that you have your child with you, you maybe shouldn't have a child. We all have our days where we maybe forget things like phones and wallets, but this is a CHILD! My car sets off an alarm if I'm driving and have anything in my passenger seat, such as my backpack. As many of you out there know, those little suckers can be heavy! I have to move my backpack into the backseat to make the alarm shut up. I imagine that any time you have anything in your back seat and take the keys out, a similar alarm would sound. My question is, how on earth do people get out of their cars and not see what is inside the car with them? I cannot wrap my head around this, especially when it comes to a living, breathing child. I feel like making this one mandatory is an over-reach. I'm looking forward to reading other opinions on this!


Subject: Re: One hobby you enjoy doing the most.

Forum: One hobby you enjoy doing the most.
Hey JM,

I'd have to say my biggest hobby is running. I live on the outskirts of beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego and it is one of the best areas to go running. There's this camaraderie there as so many people in this city are physically active and are out there at all times running or riding bikes. It's pretty motivating to know that no matter what time you go out there, there's always other people doing it too. I like to stay healthy and keep active!


Subject: Re: Ocean or Space?

Forum: Ocean or Space?
Hey Mariah!

What a cool question to ask. While I absolutely love the ocean, and being near it, on it, or in it as much as possible, I am gonna have to go with space on this one. I feel like we already know so much about the ocean and its depths already. I think it would be amazing to see the sights in space and see what other planets look like / explore outside of our galaxy, etc. Space frightens the hell out of me, but I still think it would be cool. What if we finally did encounter other intelligent life out there? How neat would that be?!


Subject: Re: Birthday Gifts

Forum: Birthday Gifts
Oh, how I miss the days of getting presents for my birthday! From time to time, my parents still get me a gift or just give me money, but it's probably because I'm single and have no children that I don't receive gifts for my birthday. Usually if you have a significant other, you continue to get them. At this point, I usually do things for myself, like take a trip somewhere or get a bunch of friends together for dinner and drinks. It's important to celebrate yourself!

Subject: Re: Has a bad grade ever discouraged you?

Forum: Has a bad grade ever discouraged you?
Hey there!

I am currently feeling discouraged also. My future is hanging in the balance because of one class, and one professor's style that I just don't click with. I received poor grades on the first two exams and I'm really doubting myself and feeling horrible because I know that I'm an above average student, and this is just unacceptable. But I will say this, we cannot let these poor grades discourage us. We must do what it takes to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and power through, better than ever. Meet with your professor, ask what you can do to improve your standing. I think with a little tenacity you and I can both pull through this difficult time!


Subject: Gas Prices

Forum: Gas Prices
Hey Everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start! It's that time again to go fill my car up with gas on the way to school today, and I've noticed lately that the gas prices are still relatively low, but are seemingly going up a little here in San Diego. Right now it's at about $3 a gallon ($2.89 if you pay in cash). I've seen people around the country post on Facebook about how low it is where they live and I can't help but be jealous!

How much does gas cost where you live? Do you fill up each time or put in small increments at a time? Do you use Regular, Mid Grade or Supreme? Diesel?

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday to me Tomorrow

Forum: Happy Birthday to me Tomorrow
Happy Birthday, Pike! What an awesome gift it must have been to have your son born on your birthday! That's really cool, actually. Hope you had a nice visit with your brother under the circumstances, and hope you celebrated yours and your son's birthday well! Have a good week :)

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