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Subject: Sleep

Forum: Sleep
"Don't love sleep or you will become poor; open your eyes, and you'll have enough to eat." - Proverbs 20:13
Right now all I want to do is go back to bed. I'm so stressed out with the looming upcoming finals that I just want to avoid it and go back to bed. But if I avoid studying for classes, I will fail and never graduate! I was contemplating taking a nap when I came across this quote and my entire attitude changed. Instead I am studying for finals and checking in with all my cnet friends! I wonder if there is anybody else who struggles with this and how they cope with it if they do? I know that sleep is essential for the body but isn't too much sleep just as detrimental?

Subject: Re: Ever experience another religion?

Forum: Ever experience another religion?
Now that I am older I remember how I reacted and I am ashamed of it! I grew up Lutheran and then converted to Catholicism when I was 13 so I had no idea what speaking in tongues was all about. I remember in 9th grade my best friend invited me on a snowboarding trip with her church, it was a weekend event and I was so very excited to attend. However, during their service I remember feeling very uncomfortable and scared because there was a lot of people making weird movements with their arms and flailing about while mumbling in what I can only describe as gibberish. My friend pushed me to the front of the congregation and the leader placed his hand on my head and then violently shook me screaming "devil come out! Holy spirit invade!" I was dumbfounded and frankly scared of how different I considered my friend to be now. l know because of priddyb98's post that this religion is called holy rollers. In the end I lost a great friendship over it because I didn't handle it well with her and I defended Catholicism saying it was the only real religion and that hers was basically wrong. I now look back at that experience and I am horrified at how I acted, I now know a lot better! There is no real or right religion. Just because it's different doesn't make it wrong or right. Reading priddyb98's post made me realize that yes I was soooooo used to a very quiet and structured environment (Catholic mass) that I was thrown into the exact opposite environment and it really freaked me out! I know that I wont be a holy roller anytime soon, but I would like to learn about and experience other religions. Yes, I believe Jesus is the son on God and died for our sins but there are so many things in religion (especially Catholicism) that I just flat out don't agree with or believe to be true. Now in my late 20's I don't consider myself Catholic or even Christian, rather I consider myself spiritual and very open minded. Kristinutee mentioned Buddhism and that is one religion that I would like to learn more about and even attend "temple". Thanks for reading and responding!!!

Subject: Re: Patience

Forum: Patience
Madonna your post touched me deeply. I love the fact that you now appreciate the train because it gives your son so much joy and in turn you too! It brought a tear to my eye! That is a perfect example of how patience can be a virtue, isn't it? Miamichelle, I have a two year old and wow my patience has been tested to the max so I know exactly how you feel. My son is making me a more patient person for sure!

Subject: Patience

Forum: Patience
"Patience is the companion of wisdom" - St. Augustine
Affirmation: I don't expect everything to happen right this moment, even though sometimes I wish it would.
I struggle with patience, I want instant gratification especially when it comes to getting my degree. I try to make things fit into my own plans but sometimes you have to be ready to change and adapt if you want to be successful. If you aren't patient with you endeavors than you will sabotage yourself! What does the above quote and affirmation mean for you?

Subject: Re: Should Wild Animals be Kept in Captivity?

Forum: Should Wild Animals be Kept in Captivity?
I believe strongly that zoos and aquariums are very important to wild life conservation. It is also a great way to educate the public on how conservation efforts are helping the planet rather than hindering it. For example, Sea World has decided to stop their Orca breeding program! I was devastated when I heard this, even though these animals probably thrive in the ocean better than the ones who are being protected in the park in regards to physical exercise (swimming) and social interaction, these whales are very important to study up close and personal rather than in the ocean itself. It provides 24/7 interaction and observation while this is just not possible in the wild. The breeding program has provided a lot of insight into the how these creatures procreate which provides fundamental insight into how it happens in the wild. The ocean is acidifying! Being able to study how the animals adapt the the decreasing pH of the ocean is crucial! Stopping the breeding program can have devastating consequences because without these animals we may never learn how to save them when we finally calcify all the corals and the wild life in our oceans starts dying. If the ocean dies, the animals on land will surely follow!

Subject: I am grateful

Forum: I am grateful
I have too many flaws to be perfect but I have too many blessings to be ungrateful. What are you grateful for?

Subject: Re: Do you call or text more?

Forum: Do you call or text more?
I am constantly texting! However, there is sometimes where I feel in the mood to talk on the phone but most of the time I am texting!

Subject: Re: What Forces of Nature/Natural Disaster Scare You?

Forum: What Forces of Nature/Natural Disaster Scare You?
I'm afraid of the ring of fire erupting! The earthquakes will cause tsunamis and wipe out the entire world!

Subject: Re: Do you care what people think of you ?

Forum: Do you care what people think of you ?
Well I must admit, I am constantly worried about what people think of me! It is a very bad habit that I learned at a very young age. It affected the friendships and relationships I built. I have always been so self conscious of my weight. I am always worried when I don't wear makeup! Yes, I think you should look the part when you are at school, for example it cool to look casual but if you show up in your pajamas I find it a little unprofessional?

Subject: Re: Sexual assault on campus

Forum: Sexual assault on campus
Okay so I understand that sexual assault happens more on campus with athletes and fraternities but it also happens to women who know their attackers either as an acquaintance or a friend. The buddy system in this case is an excellent idea. As a women you shouldn't walk alone with a man. However, what if you trust this man? You never can be too sure, especially if drugs or alcohol is involved. I think all women should carry a rape whistle, cell phone and their keys when walking alone at night. This way they can have a weapon, a way to call for help and a way to make a scene. Okay okay, so all this is common sense right? Well there are some women on my campus who think they are model and on the runway. I think women in college need to dress down when attending classes. Why should they be in a fashion show, why so much makeup and perfume. To me, these women are have a neon sign saying please attack me.

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