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Subject: Re: Longest phone call

Forum: Longest phone call

My family pretty much lives all across the country, so phone calls are the main line of communication in my family.

I have talked to my oldest brother multiple times for over 2 hours. He now lives on the west coast. Now, we don't talk often but when we do we can talk for hours. I feel like we both are busy so when we find time for both to call and be free we take advantage of it. Our conversations cover so many topics and side topics that we lose track of where we started. I talk on the phone with my parents almost every day but not for too long usually.

Subject: Favorite thing to do on a hot day?

Forum: Favorite thing to do on a hot day?

Today in Baltimore it was 94 degrees that felt like 103. I went to the pool but could only be outside for an hour before even the pool could not cool me off.

The rest of my day was spent inside watching World Cup games!

How do you like to spend a very hot summer day?

Are you afraid of the heat or do you embrace the sweat and venture outside?

Subject: Re: What's your dream profession?

Forum: What's your dream profession?

Number 1 would definitely be a professional soccer player.

Besides that, I would say that becoming a Chief Financial Officer of a sports league or a sports team is my dream job. If I could find my way into the front office of FC Barcelona, I would be a very happy employee!

Subject: Re: What do you eat for breakfast ?

Forum: What do you eat for breakfast ?

I usually grab a granola bar on my way out of the door before work. If I have time, I will usually make a quick bowl of cereal.

On weekends, like tomorrow morning, I like to make a big breakfast with sausage, eggs, turkey bacon, and a glass of OJ !

Subject: Re: Beach or pool?

Forum: Beach or pool?

I think I am going to bend the rules here and say the best place possible is a pool right next to the beach. I just visited Puerto Rico where I walked on the beach passed a resort that had a large infinity pool that led to the beach!

Must be nice to be able to get the best of both worlds! Swim in the pool and take a nap on the beach.

Subject: Re: Board games or video games

Forum: Board games or video games

I guess I will go team video game! I like playing Xbox and have had one since I was 11. I don't mind board games but none of my friends ever wants to set up a board game. When we do get them set up though they are so much fun!

Subject: World Cup Viewers?

Forum: World Cup Viewers?

Is anyone here watching the FIFA World Cup?

The world's biggest tournament has been happening since June 14th and it has been filled with great games!

Today is the first day without games :(

Tomorrow morning the knockout Round of 16 begins!

Vamos Argentina!!!!

Subject: Morning Showers?

Forum: Morning Showers?
Quick easy question today!

Do you like to shower in the morning to start your day or just at night?

Or are you both?

Subject: Re: Energetic or Slow in the morning?

Forum: Energetic or Slow in the morning?

I swear I used to be a morning person! But now, as soon as I wake up I am ready to go back to sleep. I have been trying to exercise and shower in the morning in order to wake myself up and get ready for the workday!

Subject: Re: How loud do you listen to your car stereo?

Forum: How loud do you listen to your car stereo?

Yeah when I am in the car alone I have my speakers playing at concert level so that I can sing my heart out. So much in fact that my front speakers blew out and now all I have is rear speakers that make it very hard for my backseat passengers to hear me talking to them!

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