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Subject: Trump Countdown

Forum: Trump Countdown
Hey everyone!

Do you think Trump will last all four years?

If not, when do you think he will resign or be impeached?

Happy Politics!

Subject: Re: Chewing gum helps with focus

Forum: Chewing gum helps with focus

I am not sure if it helps with focus, but when I am at work and sitting at my desk, I find myself always with gum in my mouth. Maybe I don't even notice that I am focusing more but this in an interesting forum because it makes me think about my workplace and school habits.

Subject: Re: What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Forum: What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Winning the lottery now would be perfect timing. As I am about to finish college I would pay off all of my student debt immediately and I would also buy myself a new car. I would help my family out in whatever they would need and I would start to look for a modest home to buy. As I start my "adult" life an influx of lottery money would let me start my career with a nice vacation and I would be set with many everyday things and would have no loans to repay.

It would be perfect!

Subject: Re: Wearing socks to sleep?

Forum: Wearing socks to sleep?

I have NEVER worn socks to bed. I feel trapped and even if I am cold I would rather cover my feet with my blanket. I hate the feeling of socks on my feet rubbing on my bed.

Subject: Re: What is your major?

Forum: What is your major?

I am an Accounting Major. I came into school as a Business Administration Major but changed my major about 3 weeks into school. I like Accounting and currently have my third accounting internship. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a Master's in Sports Management from either Georgetown or Florida.

Subject: Packing Strategy

Forum: Packing Strategy
What is your strategy for packing?

Are you a list person? Do you just throw everything into a bag? Are you last minute or are you packed a week before you leave?

I am going on vacation on Saturday and I have not started my packing yet. Oh well!

Subject: Re: Favorite Books as a Child!

Forum: Favorite Books as a Child!

HARRY POTTER! No doubt Harry Potter were my favorite books to read. As a kid I read all seven and kept up as the movies were being released. I will admit I had to skip towards the end of the last book because of the length and the timeline for when the movie was being released!

Subject: Re: Sleep With Windows Open or Close?

Forum: Sleep With Windows Open or Close?

I am not the biggest fan of sleeping with the windows open. I also live on the first floor of an apartment and I would rather be safe than sorry. I like having the air on at night and covering myself with a blanket but pretty much for peace of mind I sleep with my windows closed.

Subject: Re: Transgender Service in the Military

Forum: Transgender Service in the Military

There used to be a time when African Americans were not allowed to serve in the military. We grew as a country and barriers to serving were removed. Now, with Trump, we as a country are consistently taking steps back. This open discrimination of Transgender people is an attack that I am sure older African Americans and Hispanics will feel is a close resemblance to America in the 50's, 60's, and before. The excuses of $$ are a lie since the medical costs for a transgender person to be in the military are a tiny percentage of total costs.

This is a clear move by Trump to distract the American people from his other troubles by creating more. He does not want people to look more into Russia or his excuse of a Healthcare bill.

My biggest issue with all of this is the fact that Trump announced this via Twitter. He doesn't even have the RESPECT to announce this SEGREGATION in person and say it looking into a camera. He hides behind his phone and tweets out his outrageous philosophy.


Subject: Re: How do you fuel your car...fill up, half or other?

Forum: How do you fuel your car...fill up, half or other?

I change my gas filling method from time to time and recently I got a Bank of America Credit Card that gives me 5% rewards back when I am at a gas station. So now, I let my tank get as low as possible and fill it up with that credit card. I try to not use that card for anything other than gas.

I actually need to get gas today and sadly... I left my gas credit card at home. Looks like I will not be getting that full tank today and since I am almost on empty I will probably get $10 at the station here at work and go home to get my card and then fill up with my credit card.

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