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Subject: First kid: boy or girl

Forum: First kid: boy or girl
Hey guys

Good luck tomorrow.

Would you prefer your first kid to be a boy or a girl? Why?

Subject: Re: Do you like to draw? Paint?

Forum: Do you like to draw? Paint?
Hey Lauren

I’m not artistic in anyway. When I was younger I could draw, but even then I could only copy what I saw not draw something from my imagination.

Subject: Re: Vegetarian /Meat eater / Vegan/Pescatarian

Forum: Vegetarian /Meat eater / Vegan/Pescatarian
Hey Julia

I am a meat eater. I don’t really have an opinion on it. I think humans are natural meat eaters. Before vitamins and other things were made meat was almost a necessity to a healthy diet. With that being said not everyone can afford to live without meat financially or physically.

Subject: Re: Make Your Own Sandwich

Forum: Make Your Own Sandwich
Hi Wames

I’d go plane Jane. I love subs with ham extra cheese melted, mustard, mayo, lettuce, jalapeño peppers, onions, Parmesan, salt and pepper.

Subject: Re: How tall are you?

Forum: How tall are you?
Hi dymphie

I’m 5’4. My mom is 5’3. My dad is 5’10. I would say I’m average height.

Subject: Re: How many countries have you been to? Favorite?

Forum: How many countries have you been to? Favorite?
Hi Karen

We're in the same boat. I have only ever traveled to Canada. I went to Toronto. I liked the scenery but did not enjoy myself as I was very sick.

Subject: Re: What Is Your Major?

Forum: What Is Your Major?
Hey Anna

My majors are Social Relations & Policy and Criminal Justice. I'm also minoring in Peace and Justice studies.

Subject: Re: Do you use an alarm to wake up?

Forum: Do you use an alarm to wake up?
Hey Madieo

I use an alarm clock for surety, but I'm usually up before the alarm clock. It really just tells me that soon I should actually get up not wake up.

Subject: Re: Do you get scared during horror movies?

Forum: Do you get scared during horror movies?
Hi Emily

I do not get scared during scary movies unfortunately. I say unfortunately because it takes away the fun of watching. I’m a realist, so subconsciously I think about the fact that it’s only actors faking everything. That’s how I ruined my love for walking dead.

Subject: Re: If you won the lottery, how would you use that mon

Forum: If you won the lottery, how would you use that mon
Hello Julesy

I’m not sure how to answer this without a dollar amount but I’ll answer based off your own answer. I would pay off my student debt. Pay for law school in full. Go to school (pay bills) and quit my job for at least 4 years. I’m pregnant and frustrated trying to make ends meet while still chasing my degree. I don’t like daycares especially with infants so I’d stay home from delivery (April) till law school starts (August). Have dad stay home with baby while I’m in school then come back home to baby. I’d stick with that until he’s old enough to go to prek. If there was enough money left I’d buy a house or at least put the down payment on it after law school. Otherwise I was spoiled enough. I would use my degrees to work toward buying my own house.

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