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Subject: Re: Would You Rather...

Forum: Would You Rather...

I see where you could be indecisive; however, I would easily choose my family even though the money would go to the opposite political party. It may be easier for me given that I don't like our two party system anyway but I still label myself a Democrat. Also $1,000,000 isn't much when it comes to politics. Presidential candidates can easily raise that. A cause that I'm greatly against is investing into creating more prisons instead of investing in the prisons already running in order to better the citizens within those walls. But once again a million dollars is not much and they already prey on the down fall of "criminals".

Anyway I would definitely choose my family because while I care a lot about the greater good, I also need my sanity to help make a change. And 1,000,000 is not enough to make a big change in America as a whole.

Subject: Re: LinkedIn

Forum: LinkedIn
Hi Morgan

I do have a linkedIn. I am not sure if it helps my career given I have not applied to many internships/jobs since I've had one. I am sure though that it is more beneficial than not. Resumes are moving away from addresses and toward linkedin, while linkedIn is also a resume in itself.

Subject: Re: Shower Gel or Bar Soap?

Forum: Shower Gel or Bar Soap?
Hey Julia

I prefer liquid soap. It gets foamy faster, and I don't like the thought of bar soap sitting out and catching bacteria.

Subject: Re: Do You Attend Office Hours?

Forum: Do You Attend Office Hours?
Hey Nathan

I do not attend office hours regularly. I don't have time at all. I wish that I did. I've never heard of that stigma, and I don't believe that it's true. I do think that people go to form connections with professors. Some are kiss ups others are just smart.

Subject: Re: In two words...

Forum: In two words...
Hey Kamila

In 5 years I see myself as a career-oriented mom

Subject: Favorite fruit drink

Forum: Favorite fruit drink
Hey guys

Congrats to the winners yesterday.

Between orange juice and apple juice which do you prefer?

I prefer apple juice over orange juice especially because I don’t like pulp. I do like sunny D though.

What is your favorite fruit juice?

Grape is my favorite. I would like to say strawberry or raspberry lemonade but those aren’t really all that healthy.

Subject: Hard science vs social science

Forum: Hard science vs social science
Hey guys

Happy Election Day

My question for today is do you prefer hard sciences or social sciences? If you have the time and/or a particular reason why please explain. Are you better at one but think the other is more important?

I will give you my preference tomorrow.

This may be a toss up for those with majors like nursing given both the sciences are really important to the career compared to a lawyer has little hard sciences that directly relate to their work.

Subject: Re: What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Forum: What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
Hey Kamila

I liked that show. But my favorite was Teletubbies. That was my first favorite like as a baby. When I think of the show now, it was kind of creepy. Then courage the cowardly dog was my favorite.

Subject: Re: Body Image: What's your view of yourself?

Forum: Body Image: What's your view of yourself?
Hi Laura

I think different body types look better on different people. However, I am big on shapely bodies. I never shame others for not having the body type that I find ideal though. Within the body types that I find ideal, there is variance. Mostly I'm into shapely/ coke body shapes with little emphasis on how thin or wide a person is as long, she has curves and a flat stomach - preferably with a shapely butt but it's not more important than the latter to me.

Currently I am not happy with my own body shape. I am too skinny and I currently have a pudge. I feel like it contradicts itself. If I am going to be skinny I expect to have a flat belly granted I don't intentionally exercise or eat healthy. I kind of just go with the flow. My body does whatever it wants.

About two months ago, I had my ideal shape. I don't care much about weight if the look doesn't coincide but I am 5'4 and I was 130 pounds. Small but not too skinny. I had the curve to my waist, nice sized hips, and a flat tummy. My butt wasn't big or flat.

I should do more to influence my own shape. I take for granted the genes my mom passed down. My granny influences my thought about shapes the most. She used to talk about being your ideal image at all times and she would get down on the floor and do sit ups. Haha. Oh how I miss her.

Subject: Re: Are you a fast typer?

Forum: Are you a fast typer?
Hi Jon

I believe I am an average typer. I type 65 words per minute with 95% accuracy. I would like to type closer to 80 words per minute. As of now, I don't really need to type any faster because my brain doesn't think of sentences too write much faster than my hands type.

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